Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Learning how to say "No" again

Well almost a week has past since my last blog ( hey i am doing better at least it isn't months hehe) And my plan for last week... AGAIN... FAIL :(

But brand new week brand new attitude : )

*This week I WILL stick to my macros
*This week I WILL do all my sessions planned
*This week I WILL be happy
...... WHY????......

Because this is what i want and i chose to be this way : )

Right now all that is important is my happiness and by achieving what i want will bring my happiness... Santa i hope your listening hehe.
I am a person who likes structure, plans and deadlines this is why when i am prepping i feel right at home. I tend to go a little off track afterwards because i don't really have a so called plan in place ( I do but i don't realize it at the time) I really want my "on season" and "offseason" to be close i love how i feel when i eat clean, exercise regularly and make sure i get sufficient rest. For some reason i talk myself into eating junk to feel "normal" Well if that's normal i don't want to be normal :( I am already mentally preparing for my next show now i just got to get myself physically to where i would like to be sitting and tada the show rolls on!

Anyhow my Monday has started off the week great, 6am start 2 clients, step class, train, another client, work and a shbam class i think sometimes being busy is the key its the days i have a lil too much time to myself i turn to the panty or the closest 7 eleven, This week it's not going to be the case this week no matter what i WILL stick to the plan : ) I am going to keep you guys updated via Facebook and Twitter just so i feel accountable to anyone who wants to whip my ass if i fall off the wagon again lol! I do plan to have a treat meal come the weekend but that is it!
Time for me to get ready to start work....Day 2... BRING IT ON!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I've been in hiding...

So it's been quite sometime since i blogged last ...
I'm going to be open and honest... I haven't been in the most pleasant headspace since prep finished some may say "post comp blues" but to be honest i think it was more then just that, i think life just happened and i was not ready to face the real world and all i had been putting aside over the past few months because my main focus for was getting to that stage!

Hmm where to start...

Well Training, i have missed a few sessions here and there not many though other then that i have been going great with that keeping it up, mixing it up and trying to focus on putting on some nice thick muscle in a few areas that i'd really like to develop more (Upper Back & Shoulders). Training is not only great for my health and fitness goals of competing but i love my training for mental purposes as well, when i don't train i get angry.

Nutrition on the other hand :( I have really let myself down in this area! You know how they say "Abs are made in the Kitchen" well apparently so can the disappearance of abs too! I really thought i would have handled these so called binges better but i haven't and i have noone but my silly little headspace to blame. But i am no longer going to beat myself up about it this what i have done over the past few weeks which has lead to spiraling out and guess what??? BINGEING again. im not happy with where my weight is sitting so i have set myself some mini goals and i am determined to achieve these. I don't want to be one of those offseason competitors that have to lose 10 plus kg every season i don't want to treat my body like a dumping ground, i feel like shit i look like shit so why do it right??? No more excuses this is not the way i want to live!!!

Xmas is round the corner and honestly i am a little nervous but really is it a reason to go silly in the food department??? Those foods are and will always be a round so no need to eat like i'll never see it again hehe! It's all about smart choices.

My focus at the moment is to just take each day as it comes don't worry bout yesterday or the days to come just do what i can do in the moment right here, right now! So far this week has been off to a great start ( a lil tired and stressed) I'm just doing my best each and every day to be happy cause at the end of the day that is what matters. I'm hoping to blog a lil more regularly ( i know i know i have said this before) .

I really want to thank everyone out there that has been extremely supportive this year a few i would like to mention Mick, Sarah , Mum & Dad, Layne & Isabel, Jodie & Shane, Lou & Marley, Tracey, Sue,Val, Stu, Dan & Fairly, Shannon, Skye, Nicky,Vic, Kristin, Tiarna, My M'bah Gym buddies, my new friends from World Gym Ashmore and everyone out there who has helped me achieve what i have ( sorry if i missed you but i know there is so many out there i would like to thank). Also a special mention to my amazing sponsor Nutrition Warehouse.
Until next time... Train Hard, Eat clean and Believe!!!
With or without my mojo the time is NOW!!!

Monday, October 31, 2011

The journey has been, the storm has come and now I'm riding the waves!

Since my last post lots has happened.....
I competed in my very first IFBB show WOOHOO a major goal i was wanting to achieve this year. It took a lot in my head to stay committed to this show as i was extremely scared to go into a non tested show as a natural i constantly worried i just wasn't going to be good enough and that i would not look right up on that stage. Well i had a ball and i am so glad i did this show what a great experience :) To make it up on the stage was just amazing but to even be in quite a number of call outs i left this show feeling satisfied and proud of myself : ) i am told that i came 4th out of a pretty big line up so im pretty pumped about that as well.

So what was the next plan...... I had booked in a photo shoot and was planning to also do the INBA Universe but in the end cancelled photo shoot and decided that my heart was not in it to do the Universe as it was not really in "the plan" anyway it was just a "what's 2 more weeks dieting? heck i'll do it" well in the end my head just didn't want to go there again and i was more then satisfied with what i had achieved in the 2 shows i had planned to do : ) In total 2 x 1st places a 4th and a 5th. Not only that i have also scored an amazing sponsorship with a fantastic company Nutrition Warehouse which i am extremely overwhelmed by : )

Here comes the bit that i was scared of the most... The aftermath.... FOOD.... FOOD and more FOOD!!! As you may know i work with macro nutrients and after my comps my coach gave me my new macros & cardio plan to work with which basically doubled my intake.... was that enough apparently NOT!!! For the past 3 weeks i have been battling hard with the constant head games of gorging myself :( I really thought i would have handled this much better and some days i am totally feeling in control and stick to the plan other days i just lose it and find myself alone eating like there is about to become a famine :( No seriously the average person would think yeah what ever Hannah i literally eat until i hurt :( I eat food i don't even like, i hate how it makes me feel, i hate how i look and the spiral continues and guess what more food!!! I was even so embarrassed to tell my coach but finally decided it was best i brought it up he told me more people go through this then you think! I remember after my last comp i felt like one day i woke up and i was 10kg heavier ( which was only week after my comp) Not only that with my first comp my starting weight was 62kg stage weight 52kg i tipped the scales at 67kg at the beginning of 2010 and i promised myself i would never do that again. 2011 my starting weight was 64kg i got as low as 51kg for stage and now i am sitting between 54-57kg depending on obviously if i have had a gorging session or not!
After my first comp i planned to do another comp a year later in 2010 i couldn't i had smashed my metabolism so much that my body just would not respond when trying to drop weight this was when i started working with my coach and for the rest of 2010 to pre comp prep we worked on getting my metabolism fired up again! I do not want to go down that path again. I know that stage weight is not maintainable i do know you need to put on a little bit of weight my aim is to keep it minimal as possible. If i do not take control of these binges ASAP this will not happen. I am the only one that can make this happen. I have some had amazing support from some special guys and girls and i want to thank them all so much! Today is a brand new day and i am ready to take action! Winners are made in the offseason... I want to live a healthy, happy lifestyle. And at the end of the day what i want is all that matters. My life... My choices! Today is the day WITH OR WITHOUT MY MOJO i start preparing the stepping stones to my next goal. No one can prepare you for post comp blues and it was something that was on the back of my mind through prep.
I can't thank Mick enough for supporting me through all these highs and lows he has been amazing the belief he has in me is just utterly amazing! I would not achieved what i have without his encouragement, love and passion for this sport as well. THANK YOU MICK :)
Well the show must go on... Time to slog out another weights session... new program... new mindset... NEW ME : )

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Recap of show...2011 Qld Inba State Titles

Wow well it's been and gone!
And this is the first chance i have had since the show to sit down and write about it.
Lets back track.....
Things were really starting to sink in that the show was coming up, i worked that morning and the vibe at work was great cause everyone has been counting down and getting excited with me : ) After work i had weights session to do then it was off with my lil sis to go shopping for all that girly stuff i'm not good at hehe! We got makeup, hair ext, jewelry and it was really nice getting to spend time with her. After hours of walking round grabbing this stuff was time to head home and jump on the bike for a cardio.
I usually have an open shift getting up at 4:00am so it was nice to have a little sleep in! But as per usual i get lost when i am home by myself hehe so i headed off and got my nails done after spending some time trying to put in my hair extensions lol! Then back home organised food and procrastinated (something i have down to a fine art lol) That afternoon i headed into work where i did some circuit training!
Now the nerves were really starting to kick in.. Butterflies in my tummy !! That morning i got up and to a point was dreading my meals for he day they were basically Chicken, Sweet Potato and Peanut butter mmm what a combo lol! First lot of Tan was applied then was time to go do a light circuit and pick my sis and get ready to head to Brisvegas!
Got up there registered then off to where we were staying, while Mick headed off to train at our old favorite gym in Mt Gravatt - Club Bjs, my sister and i had a lil play with hair and how we were going to do it for the day... My idea = Curls... Hmm didn't happen lol but happy with what we did with it i really like to keep it simple anyway! Saturday flew by! I forced myself to try go to sleep at decent time but i just kept waking up!
Show day! Surprisingly i think i got my best sleep early hours of the morning and when my alarm went off i did not really want to get up! First up was a meal Mmm steak and sweet potato :) , Shower... Tan.... Hair... Makeup! Time to roll!
All i remember when we were driving there that i can't believe that it was time i had been wanting to a comp for such a long time and this time i finally got here again WOOHOO... GO ME! I was so glad to have Mick and Sarah with me they were such a great help leading up and supporting me though this journey!
I competed in two categories... Figure International Short class and Figure Intermediate. First up was Figure International which is only judged on symmetry poses. There was 18 girls in this lineup and to be honest i was quite hesitant to do this category but at last minute decided why not more time on stage :) I came 1st!!! Which put me in the lineup for Overall Figure International where i had to go up against the winner of the 40+ Figure International and Figure International Tall class this was bout 10 mins later and still is a lil foggy LOL but i won OVERALL OMG!!!! You should see my trophy it's bloody HUGE i remember nearly falling over with it on stage hehe!
After showing my trophy off to my wonderful supporters it was time to start getting ready again for the next line up. By this stage i was feeling rather flat and exhausted i really wished i had of put my feet up a lil more by the time i stepped on stage for figure intermediate (the category i was mainly doing) i was popped i struggled with posing and just was tired i got 5th out of 12 girls it was a really tough line up and from pics i think i was out muscled and not as lean as the others. I'm still happy with how i placed being my second show... I can't believe how fast the day came and went.
Afterwards i just couldn't wait for a shower. Mick and i headed home and decided to go out for a dinner date it's been a very long year the first half Mick prepped for his show in May and second half its been me, so it was lovely to go out and have a meal together.
So what's next??? Currently prepping for the next show that i am aiming to do in 5 days this will be my first IFBB comp which i am super excited about doing but at the same time scared. After this show i will evaluate on what's next my aim is to take each show as it comes and see how i feel after.. Possibly doing the Universe as well but like i said we will see. One thing at a time!
Well that's it for me started peak weak this week which always makes me a lil nervous... Now time to enjoy the journey... Watch this space... THE TIME IS NOW!

( I tried uploading more pics but i have very little patience lol)

Thursday, September 22, 2011

And then there was 3 : )

Seriously i have not been this excited in a LONG time : )
The last time i think i counted down for something hmm was Phat camp last year lol. This week is flying by woohoo!
Still feel a lil funny about the food i am having at the moment but just trying my best to trust the process, my body seems to be responding well let's hope it stays that way. Yesterday i didn't get around to blogging i had a stinking headache think possibly due to the departure of my good friend Pepsi Max lol but by the time i got home after my split shift day at work i was seriously pooped it was a struggle to get everything organised for the day but made it to be by 9 to be up nice and early this morning!
Today is my last day at work till next Tuesday i finish at Midday have a training session to do then it's off to pick up my sis and do some girly shoping YAY!!
May report in later about how day has been and where i am at!

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

5 sleeps :)

It's just like counting down till xmas lol!
Today started off with a refreshing walk along the beach front as the sun came up omg it was just a stunning morning i couldn't sleep each day i am getting more and more excited, the vibe on the footpath was great everyone was cheery and welcoming the day!
I then came home and started on the carbs OMG how full do i feel after today! My staple carb sources today was oats and banana and what a simple but yummy combination it was!
All fueled up i had an early morning Weights session on the cards as i had to be home for house inspection... First weights session for the week... Legs!!! Now let's just say even though i didn't go to my usual all out, kick ass, lift heavy shit typical leg day what i did do bloody burnt hehe i love training legs! A nice solid hour in the gym then it was home to prep rest of food for the day and back to the gym to work!
My lunch box had not looked so full in such a long time hehe not only that my poor lil belly by the end of the day is looking rather full too hehe!
I had a few testing moments arise through the day where meltdown mode nearly kicked in but with my amazing support crew i have i kept it together and all is sorted pheww!
So ready to bring on hump day, two more days of work then its time to get things all organised woohoo!
I see there is close to 200 people(and im sure there will be a more to register) competing this weekend it's going to be HUGE!
Well time to hit the sack thats if i contain my excitement hehe.... THE TIME IS NOW!!!

Monday, September 19, 2011

6 Days... (and counting)

So peak week has begun... i don't follow a traditional peak week which sometimes plays with my head a bit but i just got to stick to the plan and trust coach : )
Started my day off with my first cardio for the week and final HIIT session smashed it out on the spin bike. My quads are a lil sore from posing and the cardio sessions as of late but all is good.
Energy for today was great funny what a few extra carbs does lol! ( oh and hello veins) It's starting to really sink in not only am i excited but the excitement from people around me is so cool... Thanks guys!
Was really weird not teaching my Step and Jam class today but the break will be great it's been awhile since i have had a lil rest from them. I am working up until midday Thursday then its just organizing final bits and pieces, accessories, nails etc.
Wow how motivating was the Olympia those girls are just incredible and so are the guys! Oh i love getting goosebumps watching what i love! One day i will make it there and i will be like a kid in a candy store lol ; )
Well the sooner i head to bed another day is gone WOOHOO! Tomorrow is 5 Days BOOYA!
................Stay tuned for 5 days out : )

Enjoying the simple things Mmmmm.......

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I'm almost there!

Not 7 Months... Not 7 Weeks...ONLY 7 DAYS! : )

I seriously can not believe how fast this has all gone. I remember which feels not that long ago counting down from 20 Weeks wow it has gone so quick.

So the question is... Am i ready???
Well let's just say the past week has been a whopper of an emotional roller coaster ride. One minute i feel on top of the world and ready as ever and the next i question everything and don't feel ready at all. I pick myself to pieces like i wanted to be leaner and i want to be musclier but if i put my pics together from 2009 to now there is a pretty big change... a good change i guess no matter what you always want better! And i know with time, discipline and dedication i will get to where i wanna be gosh this is only my second ever show! I am just over the moon to be getting back up on that stage!

I have sat down this morning and worked out my meals for the final week after coach gave me my macros and exercise he wants me doing! I'm pretty excited although as normal a lil nervous, don't do that typical water load or deplete like a lot of others do so i just got to keep in the right mind frame and focus just on me and my journey!
I am really looking forward to all the girly bits that comes with the day... Hair, Make up, heels etc i guess cos on any other day i wear gym attire and feel like a tomboy lol! My sis is also coming along and helping me with some final shopping and helping me with stuff which is going to be great she has only just moved back home from WA and it's just so great to have her home again!
Not only am i getting myself excited but my support network is too i have some really amazing friends that have done nothing but encourage and been there no matter along the way and they are just as excited as me hehe! We have done this journey together and i am forever thankful to have them in my life ( You know ho you are my darlings).
And yes another MAJOR shout out to my Mickles who has been my ROCK this prep i could not have done this with out him THANK YOU!!!

Well 7 days hmm what a journey i have learnt so much about myself, I am so proud that i have done this again and coped a lot better then last time.

A lil inspiration from Yesterdays Olympia 2011 Figure Girls Pre Judging... Who do you want to win?? Im thinking:
1st - Nicole Wilkins
2nd - Erin Stern
3rd - Ava Cowan (Would love to see her win though)

Peak week..... Here we go : )

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The countdown continues!

I just checked out my last post which the title was "6 weeks" .... it is now 2.5 weeks WOW it's speeding by now and approaching fast!
I have started putting together lists of things i need to do, complete or even achieve in the given day lol I'm starting just these last few days to feel a little foggy and tired. But with 18 days till i step on that stage for the 2nd time i will give each and every session my everything.
What i have been up to.... Between work, prep and general living there has not been much room for socializing, and or getting any of my study done. I have been very lucky that Mick has been a HUGE help every night i get home from work (anywhere between 7-9pm) he has prepped most or all my food for the next day and all i have to do is cook it! What an angel right!!!! Not only that his support has been incredible and somedays i know he doesn't feel as though i appreciate what he has done but my god i do... Thank you Mickles MWAH! I love that i get to share this experience with him and i hope that i have and continue to support him in the same ways he has supported me!
I am loving my training and surprisingly I'm still not losing much strength somedays i may walk into a session feeling a lil tired and fatigued but by the time i have finished i am feeling de-stressed and happy with what effort i have been able to put in. Cardio on the other hand can be a lil bit of a struggle sometimes, i teach 4 classes a week and i don't really count them as my body is so used to them if i do extra one week i take them into consideration as a moderate session and i am now currently doing 4 HIIT sessions and 4 Moderate sessions a week! I am lucky enough to have a bike at home that when i am stuck for time i can jump on and bang out one of these sessions. But all in all i have been happy with my consistency with my sessions.
Nutrition is going great it has only been the last 5 days or so that i have been a little noticeably hungrier then normal which at 3 weeks out i am guessing is a pretty good sign. I have had many comments of people saying stuff like " i bet you can't wait to see the end of those egg whites" to be quite honest i really enjoy the food i eat and i look at food a lot different to what i may have say 18mths ago i try and see food more as fuel for my workouts and to get me through the day. Don't get me wrong today i could so go something sweet and creamy hehe but i know these feelings come and go! I'm hoping once comp season is over i can still manage to look at my approach to food the same and not fall into old habits.
Sleep.... this prep i have experienced quit a lot of restless nights some with very little sleep and wow i do not function well with out my sleep as you could imagine hehe i have never experienced in the past bad sleeping patterns i am a pretty strong sleeper if i had too i could see myself as being able to sleep comfortable at a rock concert lol. I'm sure these will pass maybe it's nerves it could be a lot of different things causing this. I am just taking each day as it comes.
Well it's time for me to head off and continue on with my day i have a HIIT session to do and teaching a Jam class tonight.
2.5 Weeks.... 18days...
Time to bring it home strong....

Sunday, August 14, 2011

6 Weeks..... SIX WEEKS!!!

The count down continues and wow is it flying by! I am now, like the title says 6 Weeks out from the QLD INBA show and to be honest i am starting to shit myself, hehe! It seems one week I'm kicking ass mentally and then the next week i hit rock bottom, and this week has been one of those struggle street weeks! For no reason the scales decided to play tricks on me this week out of no where... we were pretty tight for a while and then bang they bloody turned against me lol! But in all honestly i feel a lil less stressed this prep i kind of know what to expect and I'm just going along with it all, this week i think things will be stepped up another notch, this is to be expected though i have been cruising along the last few weeks and I'm ready to turn it up! 6 more weeks of blood sweat and tears is nothing hehe just got to take each day as it comes i guess!
I've been asked quite a bit what it is i am craving for after show etc and to be honest there is nothing much that i REALLY want. I'm hopping to do possibly another show or 2 (If i qualify) so i don't want to gorge myself silly and this would be the case whether i do more shows or not! I have really tried to look at me struggle with over indulging over the past 2 years and i try and see food as fuel and not just comfort and im feeling good about it all... YAY! We will see what happens though!
Well just a lil post today time to get ready to head off and sprint my lil heart out! I hope everyone is enjoying there weekend!

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Single Digits... OMG 8 Weeks!

What can i say but the weeks are seriously flying by! I am now, today 8 weeks out from first show i plan to do. I'm feeling in a great headspace (currently hehe), And ready to bring this home strong.
Weekends are now mostly focused on relaxing and catching up on sleep a lil more then socializing i found over the past week that my energy levels have started to drop and sleep is extremely important for growth and recovery right! : ) i haven't been sleeping too well at night, some nights are better then others.
This weekend i did some posing practice OMG i am SO glad that you don't have to be on stage for an hour posing today i feel like someone has whacked me in the back with a metal bar lol, thanks Skye : )
Today it's all about cardio i have a LISS session and a HIIT, LISS done and now gearing up for my HIIT which i will end this week with sprints (my favourite).
This week is a short week for me work wise having Friday off woohoo! It's been ages since i took a day off just because : ) Hmmm what to do lol?!
Nothing much to report in on... Nutrition still going strong, Weight sessions are still full of intensity, Cardios are well.... Cardios (Love hate relationship there hehe) and results wise i am rather happy with where i am at : ) One thing i get asked a lot is am i on track? Hmm i don't really know lol i think i am i feel ahead of where i was at my last show i feel more muscular yet leaner then where i was at in 2009. All i know is no matter what i will do what it takes to get up on that stage I'm so excited, i have an amazing support network backing me all the way plenty of people to chat to and share my goals with. Here is to another week of Great eating, awesome workouts and a fully focused mind!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The good, the bad and the ugly.

Time to update you all again we are a lil under 9 weeks to go till the INBA QLD show and I'm feeling like WOW time is flying by AHHHH! Where i am at i am pretty happy but as you all know with in 24hours that can change LOL.

What i am getting at couple of weekends ago i was ready to throw in the towel out of know where and i mean KNOW WHERE i woke up and i just didn't want to do it anymore LOL! No matter how hard i tried to snap out of this "mood" it seemed the more i fought it the more i got worse! I went about my day headed to the Gym to train Back and Arms Hyper and the whole time i just wanted to leave and cry but i did what i had to and got to the car thats when i let out a tear or a million. Not only was i feeling emotional to add to this we had a lil car incident on the way home from the gym went round a corner, up and over medium strip doing a 180 into on coming traffic LUCKLY there was no one coming which is a first cos this strip of road is usually busy! Anyway cut a long boring story short this mood lasted all weekend. It wasn't until i stopped and asked my self what the hell i am doing over and over again that i realised i was the only one that was going to get me out of this mood. I had good chats with Mick ( who mind you was extremely amazing all weekend - THANK YOU) and eventually got my positive, motivated self back and have been going great guns since! First major meltdown this prep!!!

Since then the scales have been nice, food is great but could be a lil tighter in some areas, training is going well and the hard work is starting to become more visible WOOHOO!
I am so ready to dig deep and work my butt off 9 weeks is going to go by fast i want to get to the stage knowing i have put in my all! Even though now i can look back on a day here and there where i could have put in more but those days are done and i am ready to take on each day like a chance to out do the last

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Update on the travels of prep

Well as of today marks 10.5 weeks out till i get up on that stage, and i WILL be getting up there : ). I have been crazy busy so therefore blogging has been put a little to the side. But here i am with a spare hmm 15 minutes (lets see how this goes).
So what have i been up too??? Besides Sleep, Eat, Work, Train, Prep food there hasn't been enough hours in the day to do much else. Prep is going great guns at the moment and there are somedays i still feel like i am not really prepping : ) But in saying that there are those days that pop up every now and then when my energy levels drop, my hungry inner bitch surfaces and i ask myself why the hell am i doing this again hehe. Once that moment passes I'm back on like a freight train! Bout 2 weeks ago i felt really scared that i wasn't going to make it my body was not budging and it was doing my head in :( But this, i want BAD i kept sticking to the plan and just like that the lil whoosh fairy granted my wish HOORAY and we are rolling along again.
On the food front i have been on the same macros for a lil while now and i am really loving the vegetables i have started incorporating in my meals and with this cold weather we have been having mmm it is just heaven my diet pretty much consists mostly of Chicken, Eggs, Oats, Vegetables and good ol peanut butter : ) these foods are of great volume and keep me feeling fuller for longer.
My exercise plan is still going strong 5 days of weights Power/Hyper split, 3 HIIT sessions, i teach 4 classes and now i have 2 LISS sessions added in, all very manageable.

I tend to find with prepping my socializing cops a bit of a sheltering but i am doing what i can to get out and about when i can, i have been bowling with a great group of friends, caught up for a quick chat with friends here and there, which i am also aiming to try squeeze in more of this, i went to the movies twice now and survived with out any chocolate LOL, and went to to watch WWE wrestling with Mick and his mate i must say the smell of fish and chips drove me crazy but looking at it was another story... talk about a grease box hehe! Maybe adding in this bit of social events has made my prep feel less preppy, i am happy to pack my food and take with me :) it seems that sometimes its more the company that has the problem.
Well thats my life in a nut shell at the moment, each day just focusing on the tasks ahead speaking of tasks it's time i had a date with the good ol cross trainer.
Happy Training everyone :)

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Self Doubt

WOW what a week of painful head games and to be quite honest I'm not really sure what made them come about :( I have been battling all week really doubting myself about being ready for comp, not being the standard i want to be. I feel like i am working hard and getting no where. I also forget that how slow this process is and i am not the most patient person around. I just want to see changes faster :( I do tend to get a little caught up on what the scales say. And i do compare myself to where i have been at this point in the past. I would love to hear how others battle along when they hit sticky head games and feel like throwing it all in.
Currently 13 Weeks out and i do know a LOT can happen in 13 weeks i just feel like the weeks are flying by and Im playing catch up : ( I guess all i can do is give it my best and push on. I love what i do and i really want to get back up that stage this year i just have to do whatever it takes to get there.
Training this week has been pretty good I thought my first session of the week which was Lower Power, i could of possibly gone a little harder but 5 days later i was still bloody sore in the hammys from that session i was walking like i had steel rods in my legs hehe! I am really enjoying my Cardio's which are currently 3 HIIT sessions which i tend to mix up with Sprints, Cross trainer and sometimes recumbent bike, i still have one of these left for the week which i will do this evening and it will be a Sprint session.
Nutrition... well my macros are starting to drop now to get this body moving a long a little quicker. I tend to be filling my meals up with a lot of vegetables and in this cold weather they are quite nice to have : ) My new favorite Carb meal is Oats and strawberries with cinnamon and quite a runny texture hehe Mmm.

This weeks focus is just being positive with everything in my life a quote i came across this week i really liked is:

‎"If my mind can conceive it, and my heart can believe it - then I can achieve it."
— Muhammad Ali

Well i will leave you with that. Happy Training and continue to follow your goals and dreams : )

Monday, June 13, 2011

The weeks a rolling by!

Wow it has been quite some time since i last blogged i think about doing it all the time but seriously it has been pushed to the side a lil as there has been lots on my plate at the moment!
Hmm... where to start???
15 Weeks out wow i have been prepping for now 7 weeks and all is going well weight is slowly moving, body slowly changing and head games a slowly creeping in hehe.
The past couple of weeks have been sooooo busy getting up at anywhere between 4-6am and not getting home till 8-9pm with days that have been GO GO GO! Which has now resulted in a run down Hanni : ( a nice whopper of a cold sore and a bit of a tummy bug YAY! Over this long weekend i have mainly been resting and training and spending time with my Mickey : ) which i am really enjoying it was also nice to catch up with my parents which i haven't in a while.

About 2 weeks ago i went to the INBA Brisbane Titles nothing like a comp to give you goosebumps and desire to get back up on that stage. Was great catching up with friends, cheering on others and be SO proud of Mick getting up there after the most roughest prep ever. He did not make top 3 but he is a winner in my eyes, the discipline, dedication and desire to be up there is amazing he truly inspires me to chase my dreams too : )

I mentioned the head games have started and i think going to this show made me question a few things... What if i put in all this hard work and don't place : ( I know this is probably a normal thought but coming into my last show i didn't even consider placing until the night before when i was chatting with Mick about doing other shows. It freaked me out for a moment till i just stopped thought about it a bit and come to the conclusion as long as i put in all the hard work and bring what i am happy with to the stage i have won. Another head game is of course wanting more food hmmm i think this seems to pop up around TTOM which i am pretty good at recognizing and pulling that evil b*%$ch into line hehe. But also this week being a lil sick im not hugely hungry but just wanting simple things like toast with vegimite and butter lol. It will pass and the stronger i am at not caving into these temptations the better.

Still loving prep i have moments where i ask myself why the hell am i doing this again but at the end of the day my love for this sport over rules : ) My macros have been dropped a little but im still no where near feeling deprived im getting better in the kitchen at playing hehe no master chef but hey i'm the only one that has to eat it LOL!

What's on the agenda for today... Started the day with Combat class for my moderate cardio (Not the best effort due to tummy feeling a lil queasy) and i have a Lower Power session to bang out after luch ( will do my best and take my time where i need to.

Time to head off, wishing you all a great day working towards your goals, hopes and dreams.
Train hard cos..... THE TIME IS NOW!
A snap from 16 Weeks out... (Lot's of work to be done)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Are you scared to dream big?

It's natural to feel nervous about your goals and dreams i know myself sometimes they scare me, it's the unknown, the risks, the limits and the belief.
I am bringing this up due to my experience last year with prepping for a show that did not happen i dieted for 12 Weeks and pulled out at 8 weeks out due to my body just not responding. I get really nervous that it's going to happen again : (
I have been working with my coach since July 2010 we have been working on rebooting my metabolism so hopefully i won't have what happened last time occur.
After my first and only competition in 2009 i blew out like a lot of people tend to do. My eating increased quickly but i thought by doing heaps of cardio it would balance it all out thinking calorie in, calorie out, i guess i didn't realize just how sensitive your body is post comp even though i was warned by many. So from Oct 2009 to May 2010 my body got flogged with exercise to try and make up for the extra food i was having here and there and while i was doing this my metabolism was crushed.
So the last 9mths i have been really working on getting my metabolism mended by sticking too my macros the better i stuck to the plan the better i was going to be at achieving this yes i am human and there where times over xmas etc where i slipped up but in a hole not only have i worked hard at fixing this problem i feel so much more confident with my approach to food and just making it more about a balanced lifestyle. I love training, i love the way your body feels from clean and healthy eating but i also like that with these loves your body is the reward.

I have some pretty big goals, plans and dreams that i have decided that i want to put my all in for and nothing.. NOTHING is going to stop me from stepping up on that stage again : ) I am hoping that this year will be the start of some pretty amazing things but i do also understand at times there are mountains that will be needed to climb, there will be brick walls i may have to chisel at but there are also going to be times where a casual stroll through the park will be rewarded for those tough times. I am ready to tackle them : )
I am looking forward to heading to watch a couple of comps this weekend not only for the motivation and catching up with fellow friends but to cheer Mick on for all the hard work he has put in for this weekends comp. He has inspired me to not be scared to dream big, if it wasn't for Mick i would not have stepped on that stage in 2009 he was there for me 110% and i couldn't have done it with out him. THANK YOU MWAH xoxo

So we are half way through yet another busy week, i really shouldn't be on here lol i have so much to get done but i really want to keep blogging so you can join me on my journey to the stage again. I will leave it at that for now.
Don't be scared to dream big people work out what you want and give it your all. WHY???

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Why is food a big deal?!

So far 3 weeks of prep done and dusted some nice lil drops on the scales, eating enough to not feel like i am "dieting".
I just wanted to chat about the word "DIET" I hate it, i don't diet it's all about healthy choices with variety and balance i work with macro nutrients and as along as the food fits my daily numbers i can have it. I don't have "cheat" meals 1) Why gorge yourself silly on stuff you know is going to play head games with you tomorrow 2) Junk food is always going to be there why spend a meal/ a day eating stuff that at the end of the day actually makes you feel like shit 3) I'm not perfect i screw up sometimes the 'norm' gets the better of me and i cave and why well it's because i convince myself i am an on a diet and sometimes it's crumbling to peer pressure.

This time round i am really looking at food differently with prepping, it's just fuel to get me through my days fuel for my workouts, fuel for energy, fuel to live! Unfortunately food is now seen as such a social way of living you always meet for a coffee or over lunch with family and friends, you have to buy food to sit and watch a movie.... Why have we made it like this? What ever happened to just enjoying one anothers company?
It's funny how people will stop inviting you places cause your "dieting" or like to point out that you can't have certain things, this is a choice i have made i don't have a disease LOL It's called an esky i can pack my food and take it with me here there and everywhere.

So it seems food is on my mind at the moment and not because of cravings cause quite honestly i don't feel deprived i have a lot of variety in my food i also have 2 re feed days a week where my carbs bump up and my protein and fats drop a lil and these are the days i can play with my macros. Food is on my mind because people over complicate it. I get asked a lot when prepping what is my diet like and if they can have a copy, there is NO particular diet, i don't do keto, i don't starve myself, i don't follow any diet fads, and i don't "diet" like like the typical body builder, my body, my choice! It is now a part of my life i do my very best to eat CLEAN yes there is a little bit of calculating involved but if you want something bad enough you will do what it takes hmm 15-20mins a day of organising what it is you are going to eat is really not that long maybe just as long as you would wait at a fish and chip shop for some of that deep fried tucker. The key is consistency you have to stick to the plan or the plan just ain't going to work and what works for one may not work for another.

I remember when getting ready for my first show how many "experts" were out there saying your eating too much, your not eating enough, you shouldn't be eating this, you should try eating that. I know some people out there genuinely care but there is a great deal in the fitness world hoping for you to just screw up. There is no right or wrong way to prep just stick to YOUR plan don't alter unless it is part of the plan.

In the past i have struggled a lot when it comes to food, emotional eating, boredom eating, socially eating. And there is nothing wrong with that but it does come at a cost. My biggest problem was emotional eating.... Why beacause in the past i told myself that is who i am when i am upset it's okay to sit and gorge on chocolate, cookies and chips... The price i paid = Chub-a-lub Hanni :( Don't get me wrong i still like these foods but now i try and address the situation and realise that i am trying to comfort myself with food and by knowing that im a step[ ahead of myself and can pull myself up on it.

There is more to like then just food but if you want to get in good shape and maintain a healthy happy you and be comfortable in your skin it's all about the choices you make in the kitchen, no amount of sit ups are going to give you abs, you can run till the cows come home but if you are feeding yourself the wrong fuel the plan just is not going to work.

Well that is my opinion on the situation and just wanted to share with you my thoughts on food.
Balance, wise choices, getting back on track, moderation..... THE TIME IS NOW : )

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Busy busy BUSY

The title says it all this week has been go go go from last weekend till this weekend getting up anywhere between 4-5am not getting to bed till 10-11pm and think after been spoilt with a couple of long weekends in a row a full work week smashed me hehe!
My parents where away for the week so i had to take a few trips to their house to check up and feed the animals, work, train, cardio and all the other normal life things that go on, each day kind of just rolled into another!

Training has been great my legs are still a lil tender from Mondays session last week hopefully they are good to go tomorrow : ) Had to fill in for a Body Combat class yesterday OMG i dont think i have done one for about 3-4mths and I'm feeling it today hehe.
Energy wise this week i have been super tired but you have weeks like that. I have been doing my very best to relax this weekend plus my body is telling me to slow down just a lil as i wasn't feeling crash hot yesterday and had to miss out on event i would have loved to attended : (

So Prepping seems to be going well so far no changes in my macros weight nicely dropping. I can't wait till it's a little more noticeable, i have been hanging out to drop some weight for months but i really needed to focus on rebooting my metabolism first so that was the priority.
I have been currently doing my hiits a lil different and i am loving it 3 done this week one on cross trainer, one on spin bike and this morning sprint session which left me feeling like my heart was going to burst out of my chest LOL.

My food has been spot on no slip ups and traveling along well, one of my refeed days falls on the weekend so i tend to experiment a little with my macros last nights dinner was this
Who said dieting has to be boring hehe.

3 Weeks until the Brisbane INBA classic which i am really looking forward to watching 1) My man is competing 2) Love the motivation you get by seeing the amazing bodies presented on stage 3) Get to catch up with some awesome people. Let me know if your going so we can say hi : )

Today is 20 weeks until Sept INBA QLD show.... Let the count down begin : )

Here is to another AWESOME week of training, nutrition, work and LIFE!


Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week one.... DONE : )

Well i made it through week one of prep woohoo! I think the first day of prep was hardest cause i was trying to get my head around how much my macros dropped lol oh well it was going to happen : )
This weeks training was great 3 HIIT sessions, 5 Weight sessions only one class due to all the public holidays.
Speaking of the holidays 5 days off work i felt really well rested come Wednesday i couldn't wait to get back into the busy routine of normal life.
This next week is going to be busy... My parents are away so i am housesitting for them so another thing added to my busy schedule each day this week starts at about 5-6am and ends at about 8.30pm... What doesn't kill me makes me stronger hehe!
I'm currently feeling really good about the year ahead I'm in a good headspace and feeling quite happy not to mention very excited to get back up on that stage. I'm also looking forward to the first comp season which is coming around quick and i love the motivation you get from being around it all, i am defiantly heading to the INBA Brisbane show at the end of May and the ANB Asian Pacs in June i can't wait to cheer my peeps on and catch up with others there.
Just thought i'd give a lil update with where i am at.
Hope all is well for you all.

Train Hard, Eat well and Dream BIG..... With or without my mojo.... THE TIME IS NOW!

Monday, April 25, 2011


And so the journey begins : )

Friday, April 22, 2011

Heading to the starting line :)

2 days before its GO GO GO!
I'm having totally mixed feelings, all to be expected i guess one part of me is so extremely excited about starting comp prep for the end of year comp season and part of me is shitting myself, i think i am a lil nervous because i am worried that i will experience the problem i did last year even though i am feeling i have put myself in a much better position then last time round, and to be honest i have been training harder, eating better then before my first comp, so really i shouldn't be so worried. I think it's the unknown that is making me a little on edge about starting prep. But you know what??? I am going to give it my all!
I have built my carbs from 60g in July 2010 to 325g currently and have only put on 1-2kg in the whole 8mths i have been working with my coach to help my metabolism... Um i think it's working.
Not only my eating and training are going well, my support Network is incredible to i have so many amazing friends and fellow competitors out there that have been of great help over the last few years and i want to say THANK YOU all of you that believe in me and help me keep on track.
What i have been up to??? Well besides Work, Training, Prepping food hmmm not a lot hehe i did manage to get myself down to FILEX and what a wonderful day it was , caught up with some lovely chickadees and also got to meet some of my idols the AMAZING Ava Cowan, Raechelle Chase, Monica Brant and The Oxygen Girls : ) This is my second year visiting this fitness show and it was bigger and better then the previous a must if you have never been before.
Prepping for prep starts with a nice long 5 day weekend WOOHOO i must say : ) Today Mick and i headed to World Gym to train which was pretty busy, and the rest of the day we have chilled and hung out together something we haven't had much of a chance to do in a little while. I think the next few days will look a little the same. Mick is in prep for the mid year shows approaching so you won't be finding any Easter eggs in this house this year ( we all know i have a huge weakness for chocolate lol).
I hope everyone has a safe and balanced Easter enjoying time with friends and family.
I'm hopping to blog a lot more once prep starts to keep you updated with where i am at... So feel free to follow m journey : )
Han xo

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Busy days!

So here i am apologizing for not blogging in a while AGAIN hehe!
And part of me is not really sure if i should continue or not but every now and then i enjoy just rambling on whats going on in my life in regards to training and nutrition!
Lets start on the training front... it is going great guns I LOVE training heavy, light, high rep, low rep you name it i just love it being apart of my day! I have been continuing on the same program since July/August last year and I'm slowly but surely seeing the changes in my body currently 26 Weeks out from first comp i compared myself to pics from when i started prepping last year (that i did not go through with) and at 19 Weeks i was 3kgs heavier then what i am now and the change in my body WOW it was just what i needed to see it maybe only 3Kg but my composition has changed quite a lot YAY!!! I train 5 days a week 3 HIIT sessions and 4-6 classes a week so every day there is something going on!
Today is Upper Power and a Body Step class!
Nutrition .... Things are firing along well here July/August last year i was sitting at 60g of carbs and now i am currently on 310g and body weight is being maintained, god i am feeling like a bit of a pig but enjoying my food while it lasts cause in about 4 weeks prep begins and im pretty sure those numbers will be dropped quick! I am really happy with how i am going with my eating it is something i have struggled with for a long time, for once i don't care what others think if i say no all the time it's my life and my body!
I really can't wait to get back up on stage, as you may no i was rather disappointed last year when my body would not respond due to metabolism being fried! I choose not to continue the journey as i knew i would come out worse in the long run so the last 7 plus months i have really just been focusing on fixing that.
I went to the Pro show FitX in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago now and what a great show that was not only the pro's but the amatuer line ups were just as impressive, getting to see the quality was just incredible and a wonderful experience. A very well run show.
I am hoping to make it to Filex next month i do believe a certain fitness idol of mine will be attending, to meet her would be like a fat kid in a candy store lol ( ok maybe not the best example hehe)
Anyway best be off, here is to 4 more weeks of prepping for prep lol! BOOYA
Happy training everyone...... and as John Cena says.... "THE TIME IS NOW" : )

Sunday, February 20, 2011

HIIT Training

Also know as High Intensity Interval Training

Just wanted to share me thoughts on this from my experience.
I have had these incorporated into my weekly cardio sessions for the past 2 years and it is a real love /hate relationship. Summer is always a challenge generally cause you are hot to begin with the air is thick and put that with no air conditioning equals a sweat bath hehe! Something you adapt to very quickly. But as the weather cools down your conditioning also has to adapt again and in its own way its quite a challenge. Currently my HIITs consist of:

5 mins -Warm up
20 min - Intervals
15-20 mins -Cool down

The types of equipment i use are:
Recumbent Bike.....
Cross Trainer.....

Spin Bike.....

I find this type of cardio very effective and rewarding. Time to go get ready as it's time for one now.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Time Flyes

Wow the last few weeks have flown by this year is already speeding along! I have so many things i want to get done so i better pull my finger out and make a start!
Well up until this week training has been great! Still going strong and I'm happy with the progress in this area BUT this week i have hit a massive wall i actually think it is a combo of things one being the HEAT (Hello Summer) The gym i train at on a regular basis is not air conditioned which does not bother me one bit, i tend to most days train just after lunch OMG he humidity this last week has really knocked me about and sweat i didn't even have to lift a finger hehe! But i still got the job done even though it was a struggle. I also have cut back on my pre workouts which i think may have added to the normal rev up i get for training.
Still going strong in this area happy and making sure i get all my cardio sessions in i am even finding that i am pushing myself a lil harder on my HIIT's i find they can be an awesome stress relief lol!
Well my macros came to a holt last week as i bombed out i don't even really know what happened it was just out of the blue where i was unprepared to take control so unfortunately i let my hair down too much! But what is done is done and I'm back on the horse.

I'm currently 13 weeks from starting my 20 week prep and I'm so excited to see what i have built (under all this pudge, hehe). I feel as though my composition has changed quite a bit especially in my legs and shoulders! Some days i look in the mirror and get all caught up on the bad bits i do my best to stay positive and especially when i hear about others prepping or others telling about the weight they have lost, cause somedays i want to lose weight too but i have to keep reminding myself that in time it will be my turn and that is not my priority at the moment, my priority is to hit my macros to help speed up my metabolism so that when it comes to stripping down i shouldn't be putting to much stress back on my metabolism. I'm in good hands and it's up to me to put in the hard yard.
I'm looking forward to heading to Melbourne for the Pro show next month i look forward to the motivation and inspiration that will come from being around like minded, amazing ppl, I'm also looking forward to catching up with ppl that are going to the show and expo.

Well thats basically me in a bit of a nut shell lol!
I hope that everyone is well : )

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stopping by!

Hi all just thought i'd stop by and and report in!
Still happy with my decision to do the shows later in the year feel i will have enough time to put myself in a better position which is a good thing! I am happy with my progress so far i have basically in the last 6 months been able to build my carbs from 60g ( Was prepping for shows last year, body was NOT happy ) to now sitting at 255g carbs : ) And i still have roughly 16 weeks to get them even higher( to be honest i am starting to feel a bit like a pig in the last 6 months with xmas and all i have been pretty consistent with my weight sitting 2kg up on what i was at 60g carbs! There is still room for improvement with my food it has been a HUGE problem in the past but for the first time in a LONG time i feel like i have more control with myself and it's not as hard to say no anymore, I don't eat like I'm never going to get the chance to eat again haha!
I'm so excited about prepping I'm just wishing the year away already LOL!
Training has been great had a few lil issues with my knees but i have changed a few exercises to see if that makes a difference, think i am well and truly due for a massage! I have had Mick there lately to train legs with me ( or at the same time) I'm not good with many training partners but it's nice to occasionally have someone there to push you along!
What's on the schedule for today.... Training Shoulders and Chest hyper, one of my favourite sessions, i used to hate training shoulders but these days i like them a lil more : ) Then start work 12.30pm - 8pm with a Step class at 5.30pm. Happy Days.
I hope everyones year is off to a great start....

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Decisions (YES NO YES NO YES NO) Ahhhhhh!!!!

Well today was the day that i would make my decision on what shows i am planning to do for the year, i had originally planned to compete at the ANB Asia Pacs in June and the INBA All Females in July but after sending off some progress pics and and a few emails to my awesome coach i have decided to wait until shows later in the year my options being the ANB Qld Titles, INBA Qld Titles, both Aussie titles and The INBA Natural Universe which has never been held in Australia to date. It was totally up to me what decision i was to make my coach suggested that he would prefer me to wait until later in the year but if i really wanted to to these earlier shows i could but i may just end up in the same sticky situation i was in when i first started out with his help.
I think ones health is EXTREMELY important and as we all know dieting for a comp takes it's toll on your mind and body. I want my metabolism to be running nice and high and i am getting there i guess the higher the better which means that i wont have to go hammer and tong from word go when it is time to prep again. I now have about 16 weeks to grow a lil more and to get my carbs right up there which makes me nervous a little bit as i feel like i am having so much at the moment lol but in saying that i am in good hands.
This morning was rather an emotional morning trying to work out what to do as i love to have plans in place one of my plans for this year was for Mick and I to possibly head to Vegas in September to watch The Olympia as he got to go last year and said he would love to share that experience with me, But now we are thinking that we may have a White Christmas instead so that i am able to do the later shows. We have not had a decent holiday together in a long time so it's something we are making sure happens this year as for both of us possibly competing in different shows it's going to be a very long year.
No matter what it takes i am getting up on stage this year i am so determined and driven to accomplish this goal again, I love training, i love eating on track, i love the people i meet in this sport, and i love how everything about it makes me feel.
Comp season 2011 Sept/Oct... With or without my mojo... THE TIME IS NOW!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New beginnings!

First of all i'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, i hope you all started the New Year in great company and all excited about what 2011 has to offer.
I had a quite night at home with Mick, i can't think of anything worse than starting the new year hung over and feeling like crap. But in saying that i had my own head to deal with on New Years Eve it was like my mind went into a frenzy about the year ending and what i hadn't accomplished and i had a minor melt down : ( sometimes i put such high expectations on myself i think that every year has to out do the last and 2010 for me felt like a bit of a flop, in saying that i do know that 2010 was a year of learning getting to know who i am and acceptance of who i am.
On the brighter side i have a whole lot to look forward to in 2011, 2010 is done and gone WOOHOO!
2011 is going to be a fresh start with goals, attitude, success and personal growth one thing i have found is that in the past year or so i have really turned into a bit of a hermit so this year I'm going to work a lil more on my social skills and get out and about more even if that means putting up with comments about my Tupperware containers lol! I love great company and i think being stuck at home in my own headspace hasn't been doing me much good!
So far day 2 of the new year and loving in i have been able to spend this past 2 days with Mick slept in yesterday which doesn't happen to often, headed to World Gym and smashed out a Back & Arms hyper session, came home feel asleep watching a flick and headed out for a nice beach walk. Today tried to sleep in (didn't happen) headed to the beach (across the rd from home) got a lil bit of sun which my pasty white skin has been dying to see for the past few mths, went to go for swim but there were a heap of blue bottles washed ashore, Mick shouts out "We will be right" 2 second later comes flying out of the water got smashed by one on his tum tum OUCH! Headed to the shops for a new dvd player came home with surround sound home theatre LOL ( Merry belated Xmas to us) And here i am typing away while Mick sets it up!! On the cards this afternoon is a HIIT session think i'll be heading to my favorite hill to do sprints. Oh yeah and definitely a movie is on the cards hehe!
Best be off.
I hope you guys are all well rested, feeling recovered and ready to tackle the New Year. Here's to another Year full of fantastic friendships, family, and fitness....
Time to kick butt......

With or without my mojo... THE TIME IS NOW!!!