Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The good, the bad and the ugly.

Time to update you all again we are a lil under 9 weeks to go till the INBA QLD show and I'm feeling like WOW time is flying by AHHHH! Where i am at i am pretty happy but as you all know with in 24hours that can change LOL.

What i am getting at couple of weekends ago i was ready to throw in the towel out of know where and i mean KNOW WHERE i woke up and i just didn't want to do it anymore LOL! No matter how hard i tried to snap out of this "mood" it seemed the more i fought it the more i got worse! I went about my day headed to the Gym to train Back and Arms Hyper and the whole time i just wanted to leave and cry but i did what i had to and got to the car thats when i let out a tear or a million. Not only was i feeling emotional to add to this we had a lil car incident on the way home from the gym went round a corner, up and over medium strip doing a 180 into on coming traffic LUCKLY there was no one coming which is a first cos this strip of road is usually busy! Anyway cut a long boring story short this mood lasted all weekend. It wasn't until i stopped and asked my self what the hell i am doing over and over again that i realised i was the only one that was going to get me out of this mood. I had good chats with Mick ( who mind you was extremely amazing all weekend - THANK YOU) and eventually got my positive, motivated self back and have been going great guns since! First major meltdown this prep!!!

Since then the scales have been nice, food is great but could be a lil tighter in some areas, training is going well and the hard work is starting to become more visible WOOHOO!
I am so ready to dig deep and work my butt off 9 weeks is going to go by fast i want to get to the stage knowing i have put in my all! Even though now i can look back on a day here and there where i could have put in more but those days are done and i am ready to take on each day like a chance to out do the last


  1. THANK YOU for this! This is exactly how I'm feeling right now. I'm just doubting myself and getting frustrated and not sure I really want to do this. Good to know it gets a little better!!

  2. Hi Lisa, I am glad that this helped Is this your first show you are prepping for? If you need chats you can email me on spakadaka@hotmail.com hope all is traveling well : )