Sunday, May 23, 2010

What motivates you???

In the last few weeks i have had a lot of questions about motivation to achieving my goals... It starts off plain and simple with "How bad do you want to achieve it?" Lots of things help motivate me...
Music when training can give me that extra push in a session where my energy levels may be lagging, i listen to all styles of music generally either something with a good beat or some heavy rock tunes!!!
Quotations thats stand out and make you stop and think how you can apply your goals which can pick your drive up!
Talking to other people that share the same goals and dreams as yourself or even people who are on the same path as you.
Pictures of athletes that you aspire to I love bodies like Pauline Nordin, Ava Cowan, Monica Brant.... the list goes on so i tend to surround myself with these pictures.
Records, what i mean by that is tracking everything like training, measurements, weight tracking, food tracking if you see changes in these numbers and the results you are achieving it helpes motivate you thru to that next step..
Support network having positive people around you that encourage you to achieve your goals and help by listening and talking about things that they may not understand but do not judge and are just soley there for the support, there are so many of you out there i'd love to thank but im scared id forget someone so you all know who you are that have made each step to the stage a dream come true : )
Shows nothing like the real thing to motivate you, i went and watched on the weekend the Brisbane INBA show and got to see some amazing athletes on stage! Was great to meet up with Steph and Ali, Leisl, Chelle, Shannon, Leanne, Selina, Nicky, Kate, Kylie oh i hope i haven't forgotten anyone! Just watching the show made me so inspired and ready for round 2 for me BRING IT ON!!! I also can't wait for the ANB Asia Pacs this weekend clearing my vocals now!!!

These are just a few things that do help motivate me when im not feeling on top of the world and feel that i maybe slipping in achieving the goal i have at mind!

So tell me what motivates you???????

A lil update where I'm at at the moment.....
Training: Going really well enjoying every minute of it
Cardio: i have added an extra Hiit to my week i love Hiits sometimes a lil hard to start with but once I'm started I'm on fire!!!
Nutrition: is going well still a few lil things i can tidy up and i need to snap out of the one liner i like to pull " I'm hungry" as if i really am yet hehe!!!
Headspace: in a comfortable space at the moment 16.5 weeks out not a lot to report on the scales side this is one thing i don't want to find myself obsessing about as i did last year! At the end of the day it doesn't matter what you weigh on the stage or what ml your at with body fat its what you bring to the stage that counts a nice lean muscular body and thats where my mind is at at the moment FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!!!

With or without my mojo... the time is NOW!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weekly update : )

Another week has gone by ever so quickly and who said comp prep drags LOL!! Food still going strong numbers still nice and high so no reason to complain, Training hard, intense and loving it, Cardio hmm getting it done hehe think its time for some new shoes! So thing are on track even though deep down you wish the results were more visible... patience is the key here : )
Had my "free/cheat" meal on the weekend its funny i spend all week thinking bout what I'm going to have and this weeks was A roast dinner with vegies, a few cookies and some mud cake which i must say the mud cake was a bit of a let down but not to worry at the end of the day there is plenty more where they came from and there will always be mud cake (unfortunatly) hehe!
Had an interesting Upper body session yesterday mixed up what i was doing and tried for a pb on Bench. Now I'm pretty stubborn when it comes to someone spotting me and also particularly when choosing who i want LOL not the best quality to have when in the end my ego gets the better of me choose no one and get stuck under the bar and i'm to stubborn to call out for help lol so in the end i had to roll the bloody bar off me like nothing happened, pretty sure i pulled the skin off my muscles ( not really just being a drama queen) but i still got 2 out So new PB on Bench Woohoo! 55kg x 2 reps LOL!!!
Leg session today no squats but heading to the Leg press to be- friend this apparatus : ) Its been a lil while since we have had a head locking bout hehe!
Another thing I'm looking forward to is this weekend heading to the INBA Brisbane show nothing like a bit of motivation to keep the drive strong, get to see some awesome chicks strut there stuff on stage and catch up with some other friends : )
Time to scoot, i hope everyone has a FAB day : )

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It all starts in your head!!!

Headspace is everything when prepping for a comp and at the moment i feel in a pretty good headspace : )
I took progress pics my first batch for 2010 and WOW exactly what i was expecting.... nothing like a good reality check to get the motivation rolling hehe I am doing my best to be positive about them and keeping in the back of my mind next time i take them i will be in a better place/position : ) there was a bit of dwelling after i first looked at them but i want to say thanks to all out there that gave me a boot up the bum and were extremely supportive about the whole situation : )
19 weeks out and have a couple of Bikinis in mind that i need to narrow down to one for the lovely Jo to create, have a HUGE list of songs that i need to get a second opinion about for my ANB routine this year something i cant wait to do, most people i talk to hate the idea about doing a routine but to be honest its another aspect about competing i like i think song selection can be something that helps show you who you are, the colour bikini you choose, makeup etc the package you present on stage represents YOU : ) See my mind is going crazy I'm so excited.

I had another awesome day yesterday with Training hit another PB on Lat pulldown 67.5kg hardest bit was trying to sit on the seat and saddle in LOL. Loving training and my program thanks Mick. Cardio yesterday was two classes i taught Step and Jam, Step was hard always is first thing on a monday morning not to mention sucks when you forget your joggers ahhh just testing myself i think hehe taught it in my sketchers... Will NEVER forget my shoes again LOL but still smashed out another session and sweated my ass off, Jam was fun had another instructor up shadowing me she always makes it so much fun thanks Alissa.
Today is Lowerbody power going to stick to last weeks squat weight (100kg) but aimimg to hit out another rep or 2 : ) Cardio is another step class :)
Food has been really good WARNING stay clear of the sugar free lollies (if you know what i mean) You will not make friends with those lil buggers around hehe!!!
Scales.... well looks like we have kissed and made up our relationship in one week is going strong we are both on the right page at the moment but at the end of the day i know how easy this friend of mine like the good ol mind games so im keeping that in the back of my mind and just putting n a happy front/face.
Best be off and use my time wisely Im a shocker when it comes to time management LOL
Train Hard, Eat well and believe in yourself : )

Saturday, May 8, 2010

1 week down!

Can't believe how fast my first week has gone WOW!!! As if the momentum will stick round for ever but you just never know hehe i might get low carb brain and it all pass by without me noticing LOL!!! I WISH : )

Weights:- I have had an amazing week with my weight training
Monday =Upper body (2 pbs)
Tuesday = Lower body ( 1 pb)
Thursday = Back and Chest
Friday = Legs
Saturday = Shoulders and arms

Happy with every session this week : ) Thanks for my program MICK!!! xx

Cardio : -
Monday = Step and Jam classes
Tuesday = Step class
Wednesday = Jam class
Thursday = Step class
Friday = Step class
Sunday = HIIT - Sprints ( my favourite)

Hehe you would swear i was a step junkie lol!

Have hit all my number for this week woohoo feeling nice and cleansed after a full week of eating on track with one free meal planned and had on Saturday night Thai chicken curry with Malteasers to watch a flick to!!

Week 2 coming up hopefully lil bit more of a drop on the scales want to keep my food high for as long as i can with nice slow drops : )

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Let the games begin!

20 weeks out it is.... Woohoo let the games begin! I'm super pumped at how fast the time has gone lets hope prep feels the same way hehe! 2010 comp prep has started as of yesterday, MOJO MAGIC is already taking place 1) being i got some exciting news involving Oxygen Magazine 2) Day one of comp prep i smashed out 2 PB's one on Incline db press 20kg x 4 and the other on lat pull down 65kg x 3 small numbers i know but I'm getting stronger woohoo!

I went to FILEX on Saturday it was great met some amazing people in the industry, helped fire up the mojo for the journey ahead!!

I'm ready to put in the hard yards for my new journey to the stage to begin!