Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It all starts in your head!!!

Headspace is everything when prepping for a comp and at the moment i feel in a pretty good headspace : )
I took progress pics my first batch for 2010 and WOW exactly what i was expecting.... nothing like a good reality check to get the motivation rolling hehe I am doing my best to be positive about them and keeping in the back of my mind next time i take them i will be in a better place/position : ) there was a bit of dwelling after i first looked at them but i want to say thanks to all out there that gave me a boot up the bum and were extremely supportive about the whole situation : )
19 weeks out and have a couple of Bikinis in mind that i need to narrow down to one for the lovely Jo to create, have a HUGE list of songs that i need to get a second opinion about for my ANB routine this year something i cant wait to do, most people i talk to hate the idea about doing a routine but to be honest its another aspect about competing i like i think song selection can be something that helps show you who you are, the colour bikini you choose, makeup etc the package you present on stage represents YOU : ) See my mind is going crazy I'm so excited.

I had another awesome day yesterday with Training hit another PB on Lat pulldown 67.5kg hardest bit was trying to sit on the seat and saddle in LOL. Loving training and my program thanks Mick. Cardio yesterday was two classes i taught Step and Jam, Step was hard always is first thing on a monday morning not to mention sucks when you forget your joggers ahhh just testing myself i think hehe taught it in my sketchers... Will NEVER forget my shoes again LOL but still smashed out another session and sweated my ass off, Jam was fun had another instructor up shadowing me she always makes it so much fun thanks Alissa.
Today is Lowerbody power going to stick to last weeks squat weight (100kg) but aimimg to hit out another rep or 2 : ) Cardio is another step class :)
Food has been really good WARNING stay clear of the sugar free lollies (if you know what i mean) You will not make friends with those lil buggers around hehe!!!
Scales.... well looks like we have kissed and made up our relationship in one week is going strong we are both on the right page at the moment but at the end of the day i know how easy this friend of mine like the good ol mind games so im keeping that in the back of my mind and just putting n a happy front/face.
Best be off and use my time wisely Im a shocker when it comes to time management LOL
Train Hard, Eat well and believe in yourself : )


  1. Great to hear you're in an AWESOME HEADSPACE right now Hannah! Keep in going girl! :P Love your attitude!

  2. Hey Hanni,
    Sounds like you are off to a great start with your prep!! Look forward to meeting you soon chicky:-)

  3. LOL Time management's NOT my strong point either ;-)

    It sounds like everything's coming along nicely for you, and a big CONGRATULATIONS on your PB's! That's Awesome!! xx

    I'm glad to hear things are coming together re: photos. Their such a hard thing- your mind plays so many tricks on you, and you don't see yourself clearly.

    I also agree wholeheartedly about the routine, kini etc being a reflection of YOU :-) I wouldn't like to do a routine, but that's because I have a few body issues. By myself I'm fine, but flashing a bit of skin to others can leave me feeling very nervous ;-) You'll be fine, and I ever make it to the stage and have to do a routine, I have 2 songs that I have chosen, as well as the kini. And Jo's are beautiful. Are you going to match the shoes to it?

    Glad to hear the excitement has kicked in! I'm excited for you! :-)