Saturday, May 8, 2010

1 week down!

Can't believe how fast my first week has gone WOW!!! As if the momentum will stick round for ever but you just never know hehe i might get low carb brain and it all pass by without me noticing LOL!!! I WISH : )

Weights:- I have had an amazing week with my weight training
Monday =Upper body (2 pbs)
Tuesday = Lower body ( 1 pb)
Thursday = Back and Chest
Friday = Legs
Saturday = Shoulders and arms

Happy with every session this week : ) Thanks for my program MICK!!! xx

Cardio : -
Monday = Step and Jam classes
Tuesday = Step class
Wednesday = Jam class
Thursday = Step class
Friday = Step class
Sunday = HIIT - Sprints ( my favourite)

Hehe you would swear i was a step junkie lol!

Have hit all my number for this week woohoo feeling nice and cleansed after a full week of eating on track with one free meal planned and had on Saturday night Thai chicken curry with Malteasers to watch a flick to!!

Week 2 coming up hopefully lil bit more of a drop on the scales want to keep my food high for as long as i can with nice slow drops : )


  1. Hang on to that feeling Hannah- The feeling and knowledge that YOU have done all that YOU CAN!
    Progress pics can mess with your head- don't let them take you to that place. The place where you that can cause trouble and discontent.
    You look amazing. You put in a phenomenal effort this week. No doubt you have tracked your food as well as your exercise. Wait a day or two or even a week and look agaoin- you WILL see the difference :-) I assure you of that my friend xx

  2. Thanks for your support Chrissey means a lot to me! I know things are going to change and im heading in the right direction i'm just a lil disappointed in how i rebounded after my last comp i guess but like everyone said to me you have to go through it to learn etc! Hope you are enjoying your training im sure Nicky is smashing you guys lol will have to catch up for a session sometime : ) xx