Sunday, August 14, 2011

6 Weeks..... SIX WEEKS!!!

The count down continues and wow is it flying by! I am now, like the title says 6 Weeks out from the QLD INBA show and to be honest i am starting to shit myself, hehe! It seems one week I'm kicking ass mentally and then the next week i hit rock bottom, and this week has been one of those struggle street weeks! For no reason the scales decided to play tricks on me this week out of no where... we were pretty tight for a while and then bang they bloody turned against me lol! But in all honestly i feel a lil less stressed this prep i kind of know what to expect and I'm just going along with it all, this week i think things will be stepped up another notch, this is to be expected though i have been cruising along the last few weeks and I'm ready to turn it up! 6 more weeks of blood sweat and tears is nothing hehe just got to take each day as it comes i guess!
I've been asked quite a bit what it is i am craving for after show etc and to be honest there is nothing much that i REALLY want. I'm hopping to do possibly another show or 2 (If i qualify) so i don't want to gorge myself silly and this would be the case whether i do more shows or not! I have really tried to look at me struggle with over indulging over the past 2 years and i try and see food as fuel and not just comfort and im feeling good about it all... YAY! We will see what happens though!
Well just a lil post today time to get ready to head off and sprint my lil heart out! I hope everyone is enjoying there weekend!