Monday, December 27, 2010

Some inspiration heading into the new year.....

Larissa Reis

Pauline Nordin

Ava Cowan

Oksana Grishina

I hope everyone has had a great Christmas and are inspired to kick butt in the New Year : )

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Whats on the cards for 2011....

So some of you may remember mid year i started to prep for the Sept/Oct shows and at roughly 8 weeks out pulled out due to a slow metabolism and a heap of body fat that didn't budge, happy with my decision i have continued to eat a relativily clean diet with the odd lil slip up here and there ( hey i'm normal - but what is normal... Right?) I have been working with my coach to get my metabolism back on track and i'm happy to say it seems that im starting to benefit from being consistant with my exercise & eating : ) It's all about creating new habits, once upon a time (not too long ago) i was an "emotional" eater.... Why??? Beause that is something that i told myself and i believed it! I now can identify when i start to make excuses when "craving" a certain sweet treat, it all starts with the mind, stop the thoughts and all of a sudden that so called "Craving" disappears : ) BOOYA!
Over the years i have suffered like many people with binge eating, over eating and emotional eating in 2010 i feel i have started to take control of food instead of it taking control of me.. This is still new and something that without a doubt i have to stay strong with and keep working on , as it doesn't take much for old habits to resurface. Xmas is approaching and for the first time I'm not feeling so worried about the extra kgs that will be accumulated as i have no plan to sit and eat for the entire day like i have in the past, everything in moderation : )
Im excited about what are on the cards for me in 2011 i have learnt so much about myself in the past 12months that i feel it has prepared me for the year to come.
So what do my cards say????? To just name a few.... I am hoping to do a couple of shows next year still not 100% sure which ones just going to see how i am over the next few weeks, i also am planning to head overseas towards the end of the year with Mick a well deserved holiday i must say. And on all other things continue to be happy healthy and striving to be the best at what i do.

I probably won't get a chance to jump on here again before Christmas but i wish you all a Safe and MERRY CHRISTMAS XOXO

Monday, December 13, 2010

A long time coming!!!

Well 2010 is almost done and dusted, my blogs have come to a holt and i often wonder what the next step is to do whether to delete or to continue on?!?! I must say i have missed blog world sharing my thoughts etc with the world hehe. But i do think i want to start back up again and here is my first attepmt in months.
(Prepare for an ear chewying lol)
2010 so far has been a HUGE learning experience for me and yes it's once again learning about me what makes me crumble and what helps me pick myself up and continue to run full steam forward!
This year has been pretty quite which at first i wanted a huge year like last year i had massive expectations on some of my goals and when things were not going to plan i felt like just throwing in the towel in every area of my life these moments passed by very quickley and this is where i realised that this year is all about patience and self development.
I have learnt a lot about myself this year inside and out, starting from nutrition and how i respond to different foods and making sure i have balance with the right foods. I have learnt how to push myself with my training over the past 12 months i have really annihalated myself at times with my training sessions im so excited to see what 2011 comps bring for me i'm working with an amazing coach and have such a strong support system at home ( Mick ) and where i work!
Bloggers i am back and ready to tackle the new challenges that are awaiting me in 2011. I have started setting new goals for the year to come but i do know it's not the end of the world if they take a lil longer to achieve then planned. let the games begin.

With or without my mojo THE TIME IS NOW!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Yes i am alive!

Wow it's been a LONG time since i have blogged and yes i have missed it sometimes i go to start one but i feel like there is not a lot to talk about. Work been busy, training been great, food has well i would say has definitely improved, life well pretty good nothing really to complain about.

Let's start with work, its been rather busy new things going on which has been a great learning process, new systems, new team. Lots of classes, happy members, training people, love where i work i have made some pretty amazing friendships there ; ). 12 Week Challenge is over half way done and wow that has kept me super busy as well as it's almost time for class launches again.

Training, For the past 2 weeks i have been on a de load was feeling a lil tired and flat in my sessions so i was advised to pull back and keep the training up just not as heavy. Well today im back and swinging in heavy again and i can't wait Upper Power session this arvo at World and then a seminar with Marc Lobliner afterwards. Been mixing my HIIT sessions up quite a bit bikes, hills, sprints and loving it!

Food, my goal in the 12 week challenge at work was to build my macros up so that i was sitting with carbs at 200g and not have put on much weight well its week 8 and i am sitting at 165g carbs and weight only up 1 or 2 kg which im not too concerned about : )

Plans for future comps.... I'm determined to get back up there just not 100% sure when as yet hopefully soon.

I hope everyone is well in blogger land : )

Friday, August 6, 2010

Since my decision....

What has been happening in Hanni's world since i decided that i would no longer be competing this year?????
Well I'm taking each day as it comes... So far i have managed to maintain my current weight since i stopped prepping for the comp, instead I'm still prepping, But i guess you could say for LIFE my aim is to slowly introduce food back in Eg more carbs to rebuild my metabolism so i can rock the stage in 2011 the only way i can sort this problem is out is by sticking to "the plan" that my coach has guided me with! I have had a few bumpy days these past 2 weeks as to be expected my journey to the stage has been postponed which has left me feeling a lil empty, not to mention explaining to all why I'm not doing it isn't easy the average person would just see it as giving up which sometimes i start believing , until i step back regather and see what i want to achieve from this current situation and kick on doing what it is to the best of my ability!
Does that even make sense???
I tend to find every week i have one day that i feel more challenged then others which for some reason tends to always fall on hump day, This week i found myself questioning what is it about "being normal" that i want, do i want to live normal?, do i want to eat normal? do i want to have normal?
So you can imagine the headgames going on! So what did i do??? I went and did an intense sprint session which made me feel GREAT, The headspace i came away with was amazing in 45mins i had gone from questioning my goals with competing to wanting to be the best i can be at it, i love how i feel when i eat on track, i love how i feel after a training session, i love how i feel when i know im taking control!

What else has been happening???? Hmm well i have a cold, I am the worst sick person around seriously i carry on like everything is coming to an end bahahaha DRAMA QUEEN : )

Also have launches coming up they are keeping me busy first one off the rank was tonight Body Pump OUCH I'm not sure if i have trained a lil harder then normal this week or my cold is making me achy or a combo but tonight im feeling ROOTED!!! Next week i have Body Step launch and then the following week i have Body Jam so busy few weeks ahead! I like being busy though takes my mind off some of that negativity that sometimes sneaks in!

Anyway just wanted to pop by and say hello, hope everyone is well and striving to be the best at what ever you are wanting to achieve : )

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Comp season no more!

I have made the decision not to continue my journey to the stage this year due to slow progress with dieting and training i hit a plateau and my body was fighting against everything i was doing to not budge!
My week off work made me more aware with how my body was responding to things, it was not happy, i was not happy.
Would i have made it if i continued on??? Hmm probably but would i have been happy with the conditioning i was going to be bringing my guess is NO. Since my comp last year i have really stepped up my weight training and i feel i have made some really good gains but due to my post comp body, my exercise regime with work and my body in general my metabolism is just not firing on all cylinders!
Am i a lil disappointed??? Yes and no, Yes - in the sense that i was in a much better headspace this year taking everything as it came and willing to do what ever it took, No - that it has been a big eye opening experience and i feel i have not failed due to something that right now is out of my control.
So what now????? I have my coach helping build my metabolism back up! Watching my eating because right now my body is going to be super sensitive to any action out of the norm i might take. So i'm going to my very best in slowly introducing foods back and i feel i am in really good hands with my coach, Mick and my amazing support network i have, all you guys ROCK!
I want to make competing a healthy balanced lifestyle i don't want an "off season diet" that is totally off the rails and "seasoned diet" that is at the opposite end of the scale!
Thank you for all your support everyone 2010 is not over yet i have some amazing things im looking forward to and 2011 is only in hands reach away!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Holidays : )

As of today I'm on a weeks holidays HOORAY : )
What I'll be doing:
* Sleep
*Also catching up with some friends : )

It's been a while since i took some time out for me so to not be going away on a holiday does not bother me one lil bit! Today i had my dad pop over for a cuppa, watched some flicks chilled on the lounge and now I'm super pumped for me training and cardio session this arvo i feel all geared up and ready to rock the show!
Progress has been a lil slow over the past week, head games have been pretty full on so i really need this time to refocus and keep pushing in the right direction!

9 Weeks Baby BRING IT ON!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hello Blog Land

I forgot how much comp prep takes up most of your time lol! Once you have prepped food, trained, cardio'd, planning for the next day, sit on facebook in a zombie state, blogging has been pushed to the side bench a lil : (.
But here i am alive and chugging along!
Over the last week things have started looking up, i stopped stressing bout prep so much and once that happened woolah changes started to take place WOOHOO! Some nice drops on the scales, mls etc. Just taking each day as if it was the last day i had to do what i had to do to get to the stage Train like it was my last session, cardio like i never have to do it again and eat all my food like tomorrow is a new day : ) I'm feeling so much more settled this time round still have in the back of my mind that there is a lot of unknown factors for eg Since last comp i have really upped my anti in my training trying different approaches and im seeing the results now as i start to drop body fat, broader back, thicker muscles here and there, I'm really excited to see what the end result will be as i know im going to look that lil different which may mean my measurements are going to be different come the end ( Hopefully some nice new muscle)
Received a new program this week and OMFG my abs feel like some one has hit me with a friggin metal pole and i trained Legs hmmm just shows that how easy it is to forget to switch on your core muscle group!
Dieting hasn't really been bothering me too much yet anyway i know its not permanent i just take each day as it comes, fill up on salads and veggies and I'm right for the day in saying that my numbers still allow me to have foods that you wouldn't really feel like you were dieting eg Pb on toast mmmmm... It fits my numbers so why deprive right????
I have recently got some extra assistance it's not that i don't trust Mick i just don't like the pressure it can put on your relationship! But his encouragement is absolutely amazing... THANKS MICK xx
Had my first awkward outing dieting....... THE MOVIES.... But hey i got thru it Woohoo fitted timing of my food so i could take my carb source with me to munch on while i nearly passed out on the intense smell of all the other food throughout the cinema haha ( over exaggerating just a lil)
Really enjoyed hearing all about The All Female Classic held last weekend Congrats to the girls that competed you ALL looked stunning oh i can't wait to get up there again : )
I have a week off work next week OMG a whole week where it's all about ME lol! Sleep, eat train repeat hmmm i think i could get far to comfortable hehe.
Anyway best be off Shoulders and Chest to train today BOOYA!!!

Some Inspiration...... Ava Cowan

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

11 Weeks out!

This week is just under 11 weeks out till first comp of the season for me Ahhhh! And to be honest I'm actually feeling pretty overwhelmed by it all, unfortunately i continue to compare my results and where I'm at with last years prep and when i do that i feel like I'm not going to make it! I want this sooooo bad and i feel currently I'm doing everything right, hitting my numbers with food, doing all set cardio, smashing myself in the weights room and this body is just not budging : (, i think this time round there is not going to be any cruising on in I'm literally going to have to put in 200% into everything and smash myself silly! But if this is what it's going to take i will do it!!!

Note to anyone getting ready for comp for the first time.....
Do not think you will get away with post comp blow out, (i had the "it won't happen to me" approach) have a plan, ease back into your yummier foods, i really hope this time round i can grab this by the reins and take control, at the end of the day those foods that make you FAT aren't going anywhere they are there getting yummier and fattier! I don't want to be one of those people who get huge in the offseason i want to find a nice balanced weight : )
Today is Leg day woohoo love leg day : ) my glutes a still a lil tender from my session on friday hehe! I also have a moderate cardio session to do and my step class tonight. Week is off to a good start woohoo i love weeks like that.
Got some new shoes over the weekend i believe they are magic lol! (that's what i keep telling myself anyway LOL)

Time to get the show on the road this bodyfat ain't going to peel off by itself hehe
Hope everyone is well can't wait for our session at World Gym how exciting : ) Hpe everyone has a fab week xx

Saturday, June 26, 2010

M.I.A... Who me???

I know, i know I'm a lil (a lot) slack in the blogging department ahh i do think about it all the time i just worry i bore you guys to death with the same old stuff every time!!!
This weekend marks 12 Weeks till show time OMFG BRING IT!!! I'm so excited, i have moments of doubt of presenting that "perfect" body on stage i think that's a normal thought that helps fuel the fire along, if you think you won't make you you start putting in 150% into all aspects of comp prep, diet, training, motivation etc!
So how has my dieting been going???? Sometimes it scares me when i say this but at present i don't really feel like i'm dieting i still have a variety of food my numbers are still high and well balanced so at current im kind of cruising along.... Tonight I'm having a free meal to celebrate Mick's birthday something that was "planned" from word go I'm looking forward mostly to going out with my man more then having the meal, I'm a lil nervous i know i wont go over board just a normal feeling i guess when you are stepping a lil to the left of the plan!

Today training wise is Leg day swapped with Shoulders and Arms due to the fact i was still in agony from Tuesdays session hehe going to try flogging them today with HIIT first (sprints) then off to the gym to train, and then have a moderateto do this arvo! What a busy Saturday in saying that i know i'll enjoy it cos this is what i love to do : )

I joined a gym for the first time ever last night hehe, i still work and train at mine but i'm loving the variety and motivation of the gym i have been going to on the weekends and it's worth a membership more then just being a casual! If your on the coast go to World Gym it's great its so comp prep friendly hehe!

Best be off to get ready for that first session of the day! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend : )

a sneak peak at tonights dessert hehe : )

Monday, June 14, 2010

What's been happening?????

Just thought i'd stop by and inform you on what has and hasn't been happening!!!

Things have been pretty good, Loving my training, have had the chance last 3 work outs to head to the new World Gym at Ashmore with Mick and bang out some awesome sessions, its funny cos don't get me wrong i LOVE training at my gym but getting out and surrounding yourself with others that train for comps etc gives you that inspiration and motivation that you may lack when you are in your "comfort zone" gym! Where i train there are no other girls that train for "comp" reasons so its nice to get out and about and I'm even thinking of doing this on a weekly basis!

Nutrition has been on track few lil extras here and there but nothing that blows me out to the extreme if you know what i mean, My numbers a fairly high still and i'm still dropping which is great just got to keep on pushing! My Favorite meal seems to be dinner i hang out all day to have it... Why cos i have rice cakes with PB and Banana its like a dessert I LOVE IT hehe ( think it at this stage is still keeping me feeling "normal")

Cardio.. It happens Lol, I've started doing a few soft sand walks thru the week wow i really enjoy it seen i live across the rd from the beach i have no reason not to get out and about for these intense leisurely walks, everyone asks how my calves are feeling honestly i feel it more in the tops of my legs i think step has conditioned my calves into being tough as hehe!!! Still love my HIITs i tend to mix it up with Cross trainer intervals or outside sprints!!!

Weight... This is where the mind seems to be worrying the most had a few issues as of late comparing myself to last year etc... Yes i suffered from post comp blow out( no one else but me and my love for food to blame hehe) but i have been training the WHOLE time and i must say my sessions have really stepped up in comparison to pre comp last year! What i have been worrying about is that I'm sitting a lil higher then last year on the scales I'm really hoping that it is just that i have put on some muscle everyone keeps assuring me this would be the case but for some reason numbers F**k with my head!!!

Any how thats me in a nut shell Lol Pushing on and taking each day as it comes, I feel as though i am on track i just keep forgetting that it is a slow process! VERY SLOW PROCESS!

14 weeks : ) BOOYA

Friday, June 11, 2010

We are not alone.....

We are not alone, even the professionals go through ups and downs : )

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Todays Exercise.....

Started with:
A walk along the beach in the soft sand, quads felt like i had lil hearts pounding in them!!!

A Heavy leg session (PB on Squats AGAIN 107.5kg x 5 reps ) BOOYA!!!

Finished with:
Which was awesome had a very happy, focused, energetic group with me tonight that put in the hard yards... You guys ROCK

Hope i can walk tomorrow legs coped a hiding : )

14.5 weeks and counting


Sunday, May 23, 2010

What motivates you???

In the last few weeks i have had a lot of questions about motivation to achieving my goals... It starts off plain and simple with "How bad do you want to achieve it?" Lots of things help motivate me...
Music when training can give me that extra push in a session where my energy levels may be lagging, i listen to all styles of music generally either something with a good beat or some heavy rock tunes!!!
Quotations thats stand out and make you stop and think how you can apply your goals which can pick your drive up!
Talking to other people that share the same goals and dreams as yourself or even people who are on the same path as you.
Pictures of athletes that you aspire to I love bodies like Pauline Nordin, Ava Cowan, Monica Brant.... the list goes on so i tend to surround myself with these pictures.
Records, what i mean by that is tracking everything like training, measurements, weight tracking, food tracking if you see changes in these numbers and the results you are achieving it helpes motivate you thru to that next step..
Support network having positive people around you that encourage you to achieve your goals and help by listening and talking about things that they may not understand but do not judge and are just soley there for the support, there are so many of you out there i'd love to thank but im scared id forget someone so you all know who you are that have made each step to the stage a dream come true : )
Shows nothing like the real thing to motivate you, i went and watched on the weekend the Brisbane INBA show and got to see some amazing athletes on stage! Was great to meet up with Steph and Ali, Leisl, Chelle, Shannon, Leanne, Selina, Nicky, Kate, Kylie oh i hope i haven't forgotten anyone! Just watching the show made me so inspired and ready for round 2 for me BRING IT ON!!! I also can't wait for the ANB Asia Pacs this weekend clearing my vocals now!!!

These are just a few things that do help motivate me when im not feeling on top of the world and feel that i maybe slipping in achieving the goal i have at mind!

So tell me what motivates you???????

A lil update where I'm at at the moment.....
Training: Going really well enjoying every minute of it
Cardio: i have added an extra Hiit to my week i love Hiits sometimes a lil hard to start with but once I'm started I'm on fire!!!
Nutrition: is going well still a few lil things i can tidy up and i need to snap out of the one liner i like to pull " I'm hungry" as if i really am yet hehe!!!
Headspace: in a comfortable space at the moment 16.5 weeks out not a lot to report on the scales side this is one thing i don't want to find myself obsessing about as i did last year! At the end of the day it doesn't matter what you weigh on the stage or what ml your at with body fat its what you bring to the stage that counts a nice lean muscular body and thats where my mind is at at the moment FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS!!!

With or without my mojo... the time is NOW!!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weekly update : )

Another week has gone by ever so quickly and who said comp prep drags LOL!! Food still going strong numbers still nice and high so no reason to complain, Training hard, intense and loving it, Cardio hmm getting it done hehe think its time for some new shoes! So thing are on track even though deep down you wish the results were more visible... patience is the key here : )
Had my "free/cheat" meal on the weekend its funny i spend all week thinking bout what I'm going to have and this weeks was A roast dinner with vegies, a few cookies and some mud cake which i must say the mud cake was a bit of a let down but not to worry at the end of the day there is plenty more where they came from and there will always be mud cake (unfortunatly) hehe!
Had an interesting Upper body session yesterday mixed up what i was doing and tried for a pb on Bench. Now I'm pretty stubborn when it comes to someone spotting me and also particularly when choosing who i want LOL not the best quality to have when in the end my ego gets the better of me choose no one and get stuck under the bar and i'm to stubborn to call out for help lol so in the end i had to roll the bloody bar off me like nothing happened, pretty sure i pulled the skin off my muscles ( not really just being a drama queen) but i still got 2 out So new PB on Bench Woohoo! 55kg x 2 reps LOL!!!
Leg session today no squats but heading to the Leg press to be- friend this apparatus : ) Its been a lil while since we have had a head locking bout hehe!
Another thing I'm looking forward to is this weekend heading to the INBA Brisbane show nothing like a bit of motivation to keep the drive strong, get to see some awesome chicks strut there stuff on stage and catch up with some other friends : )
Time to scoot, i hope everyone has a FAB day : )

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

It all starts in your head!!!

Headspace is everything when prepping for a comp and at the moment i feel in a pretty good headspace : )
I took progress pics my first batch for 2010 and WOW exactly what i was expecting.... nothing like a good reality check to get the motivation rolling hehe I am doing my best to be positive about them and keeping in the back of my mind next time i take them i will be in a better place/position : ) there was a bit of dwelling after i first looked at them but i want to say thanks to all out there that gave me a boot up the bum and were extremely supportive about the whole situation : )
19 weeks out and have a couple of Bikinis in mind that i need to narrow down to one for the lovely Jo to create, have a HUGE list of songs that i need to get a second opinion about for my ANB routine this year something i cant wait to do, most people i talk to hate the idea about doing a routine but to be honest its another aspect about competing i like i think song selection can be something that helps show you who you are, the colour bikini you choose, makeup etc the package you present on stage represents YOU : ) See my mind is going crazy I'm so excited.

I had another awesome day yesterday with Training hit another PB on Lat pulldown 67.5kg hardest bit was trying to sit on the seat and saddle in LOL. Loving training and my program thanks Mick. Cardio yesterday was two classes i taught Step and Jam, Step was hard always is first thing on a monday morning not to mention sucks when you forget your joggers ahhh just testing myself i think hehe taught it in my sketchers... Will NEVER forget my shoes again LOL but still smashed out another session and sweated my ass off, Jam was fun had another instructor up shadowing me she always makes it so much fun thanks Alissa.
Today is Lowerbody power going to stick to last weeks squat weight (100kg) but aimimg to hit out another rep or 2 : ) Cardio is another step class :)
Food has been really good WARNING stay clear of the sugar free lollies (if you know what i mean) You will not make friends with those lil buggers around hehe!!!
Scales.... well looks like we have kissed and made up our relationship in one week is going strong we are both on the right page at the moment but at the end of the day i know how easy this friend of mine like the good ol mind games so im keeping that in the back of my mind and just putting n a happy front/face.
Best be off and use my time wisely Im a shocker when it comes to time management LOL
Train Hard, Eat well and believe in yourself : )

Saturday, May 8, 2010

1 week down!

Can't believe how fast my first week has gone WOW!!! As if the momentum will stick round for ever but you just never know hehe i might get low carb brain and it all pass by without me noticing LOL!!! I WISH : )

Weights:- I have had an amazing week with my weight training
Monday =Upper body (2 pbs)
Tuesday = Lower body ( 1 pb)
Thursday = Back and Chest
Friday = Legs
Saturday = Shoulders and arms

Happy with every session this week : ) Thanks for my program MICK!!! xx

Cardio : -
Monday = Step and Jam classes
Tuesday = Step class
Wednesday = Jam class
Thursday = Step class
Friday = Step class
Sunday = HIIT - Sprints ( my favourite)

Hehe you would swear i was a step junkie lol!

Have hit all my number for this week woohoo feeling nice and cleansed after a full week of eating on track with one free meal planned and had on Saturday night Thai chicken curry with Malteasers to watch a flick to!!

Week 2 coming up hopefully lil bit more of a drop on the scales want to keep my food high for as long as i can with nice slow drops : )

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Let the games begin!

20 weeks out it is.... Woohoo let the games begin! I'm super pumped at how fast the time has gone lets hope prep feels the same way hehe! 2010 comp prep has started as of yesterday, MOJO MAGIC is already taking place 1) being i got some exciting news involving Oxygen Magazine 2) Day one of comp prep i smashed out 2 PB's one on Incline db press 20kg x 4 and the other on lat pull down 65kg x 3 small numbers i know but I'm getting stronger woohoo!

I went to FILEX on Saturday it was great met some amazing people in the industry, helped fire up the mojo for the journey ahead!!

I'm ready to put in the hard yards for my new journey to the stage to begin!


Monday, April 26, 2010

7 more days.....

OMG its almost here 7 months have past since my very 1st Comp and this time next week comp prep all starts again Woohoo!!! Im super excited last few weeks i have been a little complacent with my nutrition knowing this was about to begin ( no reason i know) But I'm ready to tackle this new journey knowing I'm going to experience new things and some of the old!!! One thing i wanted to achieve after comp last year was a balanced nutrition and some healthy habits, its funny how easy it is to full back on the bumpy road you have been down before and as an end result a body composition I'm not so crash hot on : ( This time round i feel its going to be different i know what to expect etc and I'm hoping that no MAJOR rebound will occur!!! Only i can control this and I'm going to this time round : ) I'm hoping over the last 7 months i have put on a lil more muscle as my training has been quite strong and satisfying i can almost say my training style has matured hehe! Only time will tell : )

2010....THE TIME IS NOW :)

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Its funny over the past few months ive realised that how important wording things is, I have found myself seeming to be overwhelmed in words people have discribed me as eg Brut, built like a brick shit house, and the list goes on...... (maybe for some reason im taking this to heart or im SUPER sensitive) but not only that but how lil decorum people really have in regards to others feelings, i have never walked up to one and poked them in the belly to tell them they have put on weight, ive never told someone they have beefed up, i have never advised someone that maybe getting a mirror to see what they look like from behind may help stay in "comp condition" all year round. Where do we get off on telling others our opinions that are rather hurtful??? I'd never lie to anyone who asked me to be honest with them with their appearence ONLY if they ask for it!!!! I'ts funny how a handful of humans can make or break your day : ( and i'm bringing this up due to being hurt by words someone close to me made ( and at the end of the day what this person said was probably not meant in the way that it all came out and across) i just wish people really thought about what they are going to say to one and put yourself in their positon and see if you would like it in return!!!
Wednesdays are always the day i have something thrown at me so i'm doing my best to mentally prepare for the next daggering comment coming my way!!!

Sticks and stones may break my bones but im going to use these comments in my training and prove to them and myself that its only fueling the energy for me to succeed....BOOYA!

1.5 Weeks and comp prep begins :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

2 1/2 WEEKS


Tuesday, March 30, 2010

When there is an up..... along comes a down point

WARNING... a lil on the not so happy train!!!

Yet again its been way to long between posts, not that i haven't wanted to blog but my headspace hasn't been in a very good place as of late. You know one of those downward spirals you just seem to struggle to find your feet on.... That's where i have been at... a lot of self hate due to my decision making and yet again it all comes down to the well known stupid excuse "Emotional Eating"

Is the question i continue to ask why do i self sabotage myself time and time again when the end result is straight up simple I FEEL LIKE SHIT afterwards, does it satisfy the emotion ...NO, has it helped the problem...NO, will i learn from it I BLOODY HOPE SO... is doing this getting me to my goals and "happy place"... NO.
I know this is where i need to kick myself in the ass and gain control but why do i always wait for someone else to shake the shit out of me and say "snap out of it" It's not going to happen!!!
If i want to achieve results, if i want to head in the directions where i want to be ONLY I can make this happen. I just need to remind myself each and everyday what i want, why i want it, and how i am going to get it. Take each day as it comes.

On the other hand.... Training has been going great its been very consistent since comp in Sept. I'm really hopping i have put on some nice muscle and able to present a more balanced and improved physique i already can see changes in my body shape as compared to pre-comp last year which is good : ) 5 weeks and the games for me begin, I'm really looking forward to comp prep to begin i really enjoy the whole experience i learnt a lot about myself last year and different ways the body responds to exercise, foods, sleep, emotions. Not only that i know what I'm in for this year hehe its not going to be a walk in the dark woods it will be a pretty clear path ahead of me!

I really want to thank some of the great support out there in blog land, i have made some awesome friends a special mention to Kristin and Tiarna you girls rock thank you for listening to me and helping me through the tough times i hope i can be there for you girls when the road is a bit rocky!!!

This Friday I'm training with Kristin at my gym ( i love having the keys to my gym hehe) I'm really looking forward to it and the catch up : ) I'm pretty new to the training with people but i have already learnt lots from others.

It's my Birthday this Saturday and some events have come up for that Thursday night work dinner, Friday my dads birthday , Saturday Picnic at the Beach and Sunday BLOODY EASTER! Why is the world full of temptations ahhhh hehe! Just have to remind my self i have the choice of what i want to do in situations like this WISH ME LUCK hehe!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Delayed onset muscle soreness!

Yesterdays Leg session was awesome loved every lil moment of it once i got the momentum underway! Hammys are in agony today just the way i like it, even managed to hit out a pb on Squats 85kg x 6 reps goal is by the end of the year to be comfortably be squatting 100kg ass to grass style lol!
Followed up training with teaching a Body Step class legs were on fire in the recovery track with the lunges and repeater knees (embracing the burn hehe).
Work out looked a lil like this:

Squats= 5 sets
Hack squat (feet close) = 2 sets
Leg ext supersetted with walking room lunges = 2 sets
Stiff legged deadlift = 3 sets
Lying leg curl= 2 sets
45 degree calf raise= 2 sets

All done heavy weights, i think my legs are starting to respect me a lil more haha they have no choice!
Todays just a cardio day HIIT on the cross trainer - 5 min warm up, 15min intervals and 10 min cool down followed with teaching a Body Jam class.

Hope everyone is having a good week, I'm looking forward to heading to the Sunny Coast for the Ifbb's in April, get to see some inspiring chickadee's and it will prompt me for a bit of motivation as comp prep starts not to long after that for me.
Best wishes for the rest of the week xx

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Reporting in...

Lil report of what this chickadee has been up to....
Fridays leg session with the lovely Nicky was amazing and to be honest 4 days later and my butt still is a lil stiff hehe I LOVE LEG sessions! I very rarely train with anyone so to have the invitation to train with someone four weeks out from comp was very inspiring and motivating! Thanks Nicky!
After training followed babysitting hehe, its been awhile since i've looked after kiddies and i do enjoy it helps with that lil clucky feeling i get every now and then! They were great the parents put the bubba to sleep before they left and i watched The Incredibles with the 6yr old which made that one ready for bed job to easy i say hehe but in saying that over weekend food hasn't been as good as i would have liked to few nibbles babysitting as i was starving after my leg session!
Saturday Mick headed to Melbourne for the Pro show lucky bugger! I was off to an 18th again food not so great! My damn excuse TTOM i know, i know not an excuse first time in ages symptoms of TTOM have been full blown soreness, headaches, bloating, emotional, hopefully this will go asap! Not getting myself down cos really i could have done more damage hehe but didn't!
7 weeks till comp prep starts i know its stupid i still try justifying why its ok to eat whatever now so i don't feel so deprived when its time for the games to begin does anyone else find they do this?
My heavy leg day today and i'm feeling a lil flat and tired think i'm in need of a good music list to get me through a kick ass training session also have a step class tonight think i'll be sleeping well tonight hehe!
Really going to try make an effort to blog a lil more have been pretty slack since comp! And i do drop by and read everyones blogs on a regular basis!
Hope everyones week is off to a good start : )

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Life in a nut shell!

Not a lot to report on at current still cruising along just fine!
Training been great, Nutrition has even done a spin around and I'm feeling each day more and more in control : ) YAY!

I am currently 7.5 weeks out from starting comp prep and i just cant wait for the whole thing to roll around and start i know what I'm in for now so it's not so daunting anymore. But in saying that I still get butterflies in my stomach thinking about it hehe! I looked into getting myself a coach cos sometimes i feel like Mick is under pressure getting me ready but i really do trust his work and advice he got me ready last time and i was really happy with how i looked for my first comp i know a few areas where there were hiccups but that was in my control not his!

So what comps am i planning to do??? Well in Sept i am doing the Qld INBA show i really enjoyed it there last year, but I'm also going to do the ANB in Oct and still tossing up about WFF the following day after the ANB show guess it all depends as i start getting closer. Has anyone else noticed that the INBA Australians clash with the Qld ANB show??? Hmm maybe they are doing it so we stick with one or the other federation!

Tuesday i caught up with Kristin, it was great catching up i love seeing her and having someone to ramble to about comp stuff... Why??? Cos she gets it, most of you probably know what i mean you have those friends that say they support and understand you but when u have a good chat to them about it they have that look on their face like "F**k Hannah shut up about it already" hehe! Tomorrow I'm training with a chick that is competing at the April IFBB's i can't wait I'm a lil nervous but excited at the same time I've always seen this chick as a real inspiration she is amazing and brings quality to the stage and to have her contact me and ask if i was interested.... WOW! So I'll let you know how that goes Bring on a hardcore leg session!!!

Well best i end it hear have a big day ahead of me HIIT session, Train Back and chest, teach a step class and work!

Enjoy the rest of your week Lovely people and we will chat again soon : )

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Aussie Inspirations from the Arnold


Rosa-Marie Romero

Sara Picken-Brown
Kylie Bruno

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We all have them, we all want to achieve them but have you mapped out the destination that its going to take to do so????

My goals in regards to Figure Comps for 2010:

I'm 30 weeks from first comp of the year, 10 weeks till i start dieting am i a Lil nervous ... YES, Why?? I have done this all before BUT sometimes i feel like I'm starting from scratch all over again! I have had one week off training since my comp last year and a few days here and there, I'm certain that my composition has changed in terms of muscle growth and maintenance (in some areas) But it's the unknown of what you have hiding that gets to you when your holding too much body fat! Hmmmm that's brings me to Goals!!!!

This year I'm going to have a plan of attack for Post comp BLOW OUT! Instead of the "pff I've dieted for 3 + months i can have what i like when i like" attitude! I had a maintenance body weight that i wanted to bring myself back to and hold but hey that went out the window! Some days i get down on myself for how out of control i got but I'm human and it was something i had to experience to learn i guess even though everyone was ready to tell you how fat i was going to get and thanks to the lovely people out there that have reminded me ever since bahaha F**kers! So i think this is a Lil assignment for Mick and i to start working on as the time gets closer!

Another goal to keep in check over my Journey is SELF BELIEF most competitors will know what i mean when i say the negativity that comes from the outsiders can sometimes make your dreams seem a Lil hazy and self doubt seems to arise!
One thing i did find i fell into was comparing myself to others about to step on the stage with me or around the same time as me and being concerned that's my progress was behind or i was never going to lean down in time... Reality check Hannah, you can not compare your self to some one that has a completely different composition to you FULL STOP!
In regards to all this I'm out there competing against myself and to prove to no one but me that I'm stepping on that stage knowing and feeling that I'm representing every blood sweat and tear earned and delivering on the day NO REGRETS!

It all starts in the mind we create a dream/ goal, we want to achieve it we plod along thinking how we are going to do it this is where some throw in the goals/dreams because there was not enough thought put into it and dove in full steam ahead to crash and burn, a PLAN of attack is what is needed to achieve anything you want, you had to roll before you crawled you had to crawl before you walked.... STEPPING STONES lead you on the path to your goals! So over the next 10 weeks i have set myself a goal before i dive straight into comp prep! I have a goal weight i would like to reach by 20weeks out, i want my nutrition to be well balanced and ready for adaptation to comp season and training to be like its my last ever session.

2010 i am ready for you what ever the universe is ready to throw at me i will throw back double : )

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Todays Inspiration.....

You can check Ava out at her website

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Lost without them!

Yesterday my Scales broke noooooooo! Maybe it's a sign to not rely on them for a while. Most people that know me know I'm pretty consistent (obsessed) with weighing myself on a regular basis I know its silly but sometimes when reading them it can actually prompt my motivation for the day! So looks like i have to let go now until i get a new set! I was so lost and feeling anxious this morning sad i know hehe!

Lil report on how operation "Sexy Bitch" is going:

Well January was not the best of mths lots of hiccups along the way but February seems to be firing along well.
The weekend that just past was my sisters 21st birthday party and I'm happy to report no alchol and no bad food i stuck to the plan i ate before i left and sipped on a few coke zeros throughout the night YAY big step for me : ) So all in all Nutrition over last 10days has been great one planned treat meal for the movies the other day but besides that im cruising along just fine!

Training has been awesome i have Mick training me on Saturdays usually just focusing on technique and range of the exercises I'm performing eg more depth in my squats etc. I'm loving having him there to push that lil bit more out i haven't had anyone (him) train me in like 5yrs so it felt good! Plus those days i have the whole gym to myself before we open up and i get to pump some iron to MY favourite tunes hehe!

I have picked up 3 extra classes due to one of my work collegues leaving and at present i'm teaching 3 steps, 2 Jams and a pump class! Sleeping awesome at night hehe!

I'm really looking forward to catching up with a few of you girls at the Ifbb comp in April it will be exciting to meet you in person and cheer on the lovely Tara : )

Well just thought i'd report in and say "hi" and let you know where I'm at with stuff so sorry it was a bit random and all over the shop : )

Keep the blogs still coming girls I'm loving reading them all : )

Train hard, eat well and love every bit of it! xx

Monday, February 8, 2010


My man is in the latest issue of Oxygen Magazine here in Australia, I'm so proud of him he works really hard at being the best at everything he does and it certainly pays off i wouldn't have made it to the stage without him!


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I Love Leg Day!!!

Todays session is going to look a lil like this:

1)Hack Squat x 4 sets (5-8 reps)
2)Leg Press x 2 sets (6-10 reps)
3)Leg Extention super set with Walking lunges x 2 sets (8-12 reps)
4)Cable Pull Through x 3 sets (6-8 reps)
5)One leg leg curl x 2 sets (8-12 reps)
6)Standing calf Raise x 2 sets (6-10 reps)
7)45 degree calf raise x 2 sets (12-15 reps)

Can't wait to smash it out, in that right aggressive mind frame to slaughter these babies BOOYA!

Legs 1 week out last yr!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jamming up a storm!

After a long painful week... Im feeling ready to tackle on the next. TTOM rocked up i should of known lol so sorry bout my vent earlier in the week, i also thank you all that took the time to comment i really appreciate all the advice and help you girls give YOU ALL ROCK!

I have spent majority of my weekend preparing for my BODY JAM launch tomorrow evening can't wait to get it over and done with but in saying that i love teaching classes i have two Step classes and a Jam class a week but am forever filling in for the crew i work with! I love teaching in so many ways, i love that I'm able to give help and excitement to a group of people there to partake in what ever i may have to deliver, I love making exercise fun, i love music and i love that sometimes people come sometimes because it's you teaching (trying not to sound to vein) the satisfaction of receiving comments when you finish a class about how good it was, makes weekends like this all worth while, i had my boss tell me the other day that during a peak step track he got goosebumps... FITNESS MAGIC!

I love group fitness, but in saying that i have been doing this for years now and it, for me is for pleasure not so much exertion, my body is so use to a Step or Jam class i use it for maintenance not for progression in my goals! HIITS are what works for me which i will be doing this afternoon when the sun drops a lil! Hill sprints with the sea breeze ahhh hows the serenity???!
Just letting you all know i haven't completely gone bonkers or anything I'm feeling a hint of MOJO in the air!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

M.I.A = Mojo is absent : (


Vent about to take place!!

So the lil burst of Mojo i had was exactly that..... a lil burst and i have wanted to blog for so long but all i have to report is that my training going rather well and eating seems to be bout 80% good through the week but come the weekend that (as Tara calls it) "Inner Fat Bitch" cuts sick on the tucker : (
I seem to make great drops through the week on the scale but come Monday I'm right back where i have started and I'm really starting to get pissed with myself ahhhhhhhhhh!!!

So what do i do next....... STOP MAKING EXCUSES AND PULL MY FINGER OUT!!!!!

Thats all it is damn excuses over and over again! It's funny how i justify things in this crazy mind of mine... What i want is to live, breathe be an ATHLETE but that lil devil on my shoulder keeps telling me.. Its okay to have this and that, Athletes do that, Why are you being so hard on yourself? Live a lil blah blah blah!

Hannah darling NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!

So why wait till Monday again to pull my finger out I'm not i have woken up this morning ( after a massive midweek gorge last night) to feeling like shit and asking myself wow do i really feel any better after that NO!! So today back on track and as for the weekend no, you deserve this attitude!!!!
If i want this to be the Year of the Sexy Bitch well bloody Santa ain't bringing her.... Only i can be the one to change......


Sorry bout the vent, just what i needed hehe will be back soon to report in!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm going to use my day yesterday is an example of what my day is like:

3:22am First alarm goes off, hit snooze realizing later that for some reason it didn't keep going off for my usual rise time 4:ooam and it is now 4:22 ahhhh running late!! Get ready to head to work to open up the gym for the day!

5:20am Arrival time

6:00am Teach a Body Pump class!

7:30am Eat Meal 1 and start my days work with admin, cleaning, meet and greet customers, set up for following classes......

10:00am Eat meal 2 while still working.

1:00pm Eat meal 3 finish shift!

1:15pm Toddle off to the local cafe to catch up with a friend on lunch break!

2:30pm Train legs

3:45pm Post work out Supps and meal 4

4:30pm Teach Body Jam

6:30pm Head home

7:00pm Head off with Mick for a sprint session

9:00pm Eat meal 5 ( missed meal due to eating later then normal at meal 1)

1030pm Off to BED!!

Wednesdays are always such a long day for me I'm lucky enough to have Thursday mornings off!
Hope everyone is going well with their training, nutrition and life in general, I myself are feeling in a really good headspace and taking each day as it comes, week and a half into mission sexy bitch and feeling good one lil hick up on the weekend but other then that right on track : ) yay only has taken me nearly 5 mths ahhhh! ( don't get to cocky now Hannah)

Have a great day all mwah : )

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Favourite Supplement

Just thought i'd share my favourite Supplement that i use in my training sessions.

CHAIN'D OUT - Appletini

from ALR Industries.

Mmmmm Happy Training!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Already 5 days into 2010 and i already have a feeling its going to be an AWESOME year!
Monday was the start of my new weight lose program with eating clean, back to counting numbers etc as well as a new volume training program Mick has written up for me that ill follow over the next 8 weeks! OMG the Doms have kicked in and I'm so in need of a butt massage hehe think ill have to do with buying a tennis ball to help loosen of the glutes and it band!

Training planned for this week is:

Monday - Upper body ( Back, chest, shoulders, arms) Teach Body Step
Tuesday - Lower body( Legs)
Wednesday - Hiit and Teach Body Jam
Thursday - Chest and Back Teach Step
Friday - Legs
Saturday - Shoulders and Arms and afternoon walk
Sunday - Hiit

I have cut right back on cardio as i need to start back low and build back up otherwise i'll have no where to go when the scales stop moving and the food portions decrease!
Im really looking forward to getting back on track!

I know most of you guys are out there have kick started your journey to the stage again or maybe its your first time! I LOVE our lil community its nice to feel not alone, a large portion of the population do not understand our goals and dreams "we are not the norm" Thats why we ROCK!!!

Best wishes to everyones journey I'm loving reading what you all are up too : )