Tuesday, March 30, 2010

When there is an up..... along comes a down point

WARNING... a lil on the not so happy train!!!

Yet again its been way to long between posts, not that i haven't wanted to blog but my headspace hasn't been in a very good place as of late. You know one of those downward spirals you just seem to struggle to find your feet on.... That's where i have been at... a lot of self hate due to my decision making and yet again it all comes down to the well known stupid excuse "Emotional Eating"

Is the question i continue to ask why do i self sabotage myself time and time again when the end result is straight up simple I FEEL LIKE SHIT afterwards, does it satisfy the emotion ...NO, has it helped the problem...NO, will i learn from it I BLOODY HOPE SO... is doing this getting me to my goals and "happy place"... NO.
I know this is where i need to kick myself in the ass and gain control but why do i always wait for someone else to shake the shit out of me and say "snap out of it" It's not going to happen!!!
If i want to achieve results, if i want to head in the directions where i want to be ONLY I can make this happen. I just need to remind myself each and everyday what i want, why i want it, and how i am going to get it. Take each day as it comes.

On the other hand.... Training has been going great its been very consistent since comp in Sept. I'm really hopping i have put on some nice muscle and able to present a more balanced and improved physique i already can see changes in my body shape as compared to pre-comp last year which is good : ) 5 weeks and the games for me begin, I'm really looking forward to comp prep to begin i really enjoy the whole experience i learnt a lot about myself last year and different ways the body responds to exercise, foods, sleep, emotions. Not only that i know what I'm in for this year hehe its not going to be a walk in the dark woods it will be a pretty clear path ahead of me!

I really want to thank some of the great support out there in blog land, i have made some awesome friends a special mention to Kristin and Tiarna you girls rock thank you for listening to me and helping me through the tough times i hope i can be there for you girls when the road is a bit rocky!!!

This Friday I'm training with Kristin at my gym ( i love having the keys to my gym hehe) I'm really looking forward to it and the catch up : ) I'm pretty new to the training with people but i have already learnt lots from others.

It's my Birthday this Saturday and some events have come up for that Thursday night work dinner, Friday my dads birthday , Saturday Picnic at the Beach and Sunday BLOODY EASTER! Why is the world full of temptations ahhhh hehe! Just have to remind my self i have the choice of what i want to do in situations like this WISH ME LUCK hehe!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Delayed onset muscle soreness!

Yesterdays Leg session was awesome loved every lil moment of it once i got the momentum underway! Hammys are in agony today just the way i like it, even managed to hit out a pb on Squats 85kg x 6 reps goal is by the end of the year to be comfortably be squatting 100kg ass to grass style lol!
Followed up training with teaching a Body Step class legs were on fire in the recovery track with the lunges and repeater knees (embracing the burn hehe).
Work out looked a lil like this:

Squats= 5 sets
Hack squat (feet close) = 2 sets
Leg ext supersetted with walking room lunges = 2 sets
Stiff legged deadlift = 3 sets
Lying leg curl= 2 sets
45 degree calf raise= 2 sets

All done heavy weights, i think my legs are starting to respect me a lil more haha they have no choice!
Todays just a cardio day HIIT on the cross trainer - 5 min warm up, 15min intervals and 10 min cool down followed with teaching a Body Jam class.

Hope everyone is having a good week, I'm looking forward to heading to the Sunny Coast for the Ifbb's in April, get to see some inspiring chickadee's and it will prompt me for a bit of motivation as comp prep starts not to long after that for me.
Best wishes for the rest of the week xx

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Reporting in...

Lil report of what this chickadee has been up to....
Fridays leg session with the lovely Nicky was amazing and to be honest 4 days later and my butt still is a lil stiff hehe I LOVE LEG sessions! I very rarely train with anyone so to have the invitation to train with someone four weeks out from comp was very inspiring and motivating! Thanks Nicky!
After training followed babysitting hehe, its been awhile since i've looked after kiddies and i do enjoy it helps with that lil clucky feeling i get every now and then! They were great the parents put the bubba to sleep before they left and i watched The Incredibles with the 6yr old which made that one ready for bed job to easy i say hehe but in saying that over weekend food hasn't been as good as i would have liked to few nibbles babysitting as i was starving after my leg session!
Saturday Mick headed to Melbourne for the Pro show lucky bugger! I was off to an 18th again food not so great! My damn excuse TTOM i know, i know not an excuse first time in ages symptoms of TTOM have been full blown soreness, headaches, bloating, emotional, hopefully this will go asap! Not getting myself down cos really i could have done more damage hehe but didn't!
7 weeks till comp prep starts i know its stupid i still try justifying why its ok to eat whatever now so i don't feel so deprived when its time for the games to begin does anyone else find they do this?
My heavy leg day today and i'm feeling a lil flat and tired think i'm in need of a good music list to get me through a kick ass training session also have a step class tonight think i'll be sleeping well tonight hehe!
Really going to try make an effort to blog a lil more have been pretty slack since comp! And i do drop by and read everyones blogs on a regular basis!
Hope everyones week is off to a good start : )

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Life in a nut shell!

Not a lot to report on at current still cruising along just fine!
Training been great, Nutrition has even done a spin around and I'm feeling each day more and more in control : ) YAY!

I am currently 7.5 weeks out from starting comp prep and i just cant wait for the whole thing to roll around and start i know what I'm in for now so it's not so daunting anymore. But in saying that I still get butterflies in my stomach thinking about it hehe! I looked into getting myself a coach cos sometimes i feel like Mick is under pressure getting me ready but i really do trust his work and advice he got me ready last time and i was really happy with how i looked for my first comp i know a few areas where there were hiccups but that was in my control not his!

So what comps am i planning to do??? Well in Sept i am doing the Qld INBA show i really enjoyed it there last year, but I'm also going to do the ANB in Oct and still tossing up about WFF the following day after the ANB show guess it all depends as i start getting closer. Has anyone else noticed that the INBA Australians clash with the Qld ANB show??? Hmm maybe they are doing it so we stick with one or the other federation!

Tuesday i caught up with Kristin, it was great catching up i love seeing her and having someone to ramble to about comp stuff... Why??? Cos she gets it, most of you probably know what i mean you have those friends that say they support and understand you but when u have a good chat to them about it they have that look on their face like "F**k Hannah shut up about it already" hehe! Tomorrow I'm training with a chick that is competing at the April IFBB's i can't wait I'm a lil nervous but excited at the same time I've always seen this chick as a real inspiration she is amazing and brings quality to the stage and to have her contact me and ask if i was interested.... WOW! So I'll let you know how that goes Bring on a hardcore leg session!!!

Well best i end it hear have a big day ahead of me HIIT session, Train Back and chest, teach a step class and work!

Enjoy the rest of your week Lovely people and we will chat again soon : )

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Aussie Inspirations from the Arnold


Rosa-Marie Romero

Sara Picken-Brown
Kylie Bruno