Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Learning how to say "No" again

Well almost a week has past since my last blog ( hey i am doing better at least it isn't months hehe) And my plan for last week... AGAIN... FAIL :(

But brand new week brand new attitude : )

*This week I WILL stick to my macros
*This week I WILL do all my sessions planned
*This week I WILL be happy
...... WHY????......

Because this is what i want and i chose to be this way : )

Right now all that is important is my happiness and by achieving what i want will bring my happiness... Santa i hope your listening hehe.
I am a person who likes structure, plans and deadlines this is why when i am prepping i feel right at home. I tend to go a little off track afterwards because i don't really have a so called plan in place ( I do but i don't realize it at the time) I really want my "on season" and "offseason" to be close i love how i feel when i eat clean, exercise regularly and make sure i get sufficient rest. For some reason i talk myself into eating junk to feel "normal" Well if that's normal i don't want to be normal :( I am already mentally preparing for my next show now i just got to get myself physically to where i would like to be sitting and tada the show rolls on!

Anyhow my Monday has started off the week great, 6am start 2 clients, step class, train, another client, work and a shbam class i think sometimes being busy is the key its the days i have a lil too much time to myself i turn to the panty or the closest 7 eleven, This week it's not going to be the case this week no matter what i WILL stick to the plan : ) I am going to keep you guys updated via Facebook and Twitter just so i feel accountable to anyone who wants to whip my ass if i fall off the wagon again lol! I do plan to have a treat meal come the weekend but that is it!
Time for me to get ready to start work....Day 2... BRING IT ON!!!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I've been in hiding...

So it's been quite sometime since i blogged last ...
I'm going to be open and honest... I haven't been in the most pleasant headspace since prep finished some may say "post comp blues" but to be honest i think it was more then just that, i think life just happened and i was not ready to face the real world and all i had been putting aside over the past few months because my main focus for was getting to that stage!

Hmm where to start...

Well Training, i have missed a few sessions here and there not many though other then that i have been going great with that keeping it up, mixing it up and trying to focus on putting on some nice thick muscle in a few areas that i'd really like to develop more (Upper Back & Shoulders). Training is not only great for my health and fitness goals of competing but i love my training for mental purposes as well, when i don't train i get angry.

Nutrition on the other hand :( I have really let myself down in this area! You know how they say "Abs are made in the Kitchen" well apparently so can the disappearance of abs too! I really thought i would have handled these so called binges better but i haven't and i have noone but my silly little headspace to blame. But i am no longer going to beat myself up about it this what i have done over the past few weeks which has lead to spiraling out and guess what??? BINGEING again. im not happy with where my weight is sitting so i have set myself some mini goals and i am determined to achieve these. I don't want to be one of those offseason competitors that have to lose 10 plus kg every season i don't want to treat my body like a dumping ground, i feel like shit i look like shit so why do it right??? No more excuses this is not the way i want to live!!!

Xmas is round the corner and honestly i am a little nervous but really is it a reason to go silly in the food department??? Those foods are and will always be a round so no need to eat like i'll never see it again hehe! It's all about smart choices.

My focus at the moment is to just take each day as it comes don't worry bout yesterday or the days to come just do what i can do in the moment right here, right now! So far this week has been off to a great start ( a lil tired and stressed) I'm just doing my best each and every day to be happy cause at the end of the day that is what matters. I'm hoping to blog a lil more regularly ( i know i know i have said this before) .

I really want to thank everyone out there that has been extremely supportive this year a few i would like to mention Mick, Sarah , Mum & Dad, Layne & Isabel, Jodie & Shane, Lou & Marley, Tracey, Sue,Val, Stu, Dan & Fairly, Shannon, Skye, Nicky,Vic, Kristin, Tiarna, My M'bah Gym buddies, my new friends from World Gym Ashmore and everyone out there who has helped me achieve what i have ( sorry if i missed you but i know there is so many out there i would like to thank). Also a special mention to my amazing sponsor Nutrition Warehouse.
Until next time... Train Hard, Eat clean and Believe!!!
With or without my mojo the time is NOW!!!