Thursday, December 31, 2009

Beautiful Blogger awards...

The Lovely Steph nominated me for these awards...
So here goes ill carry this on...

7 things you may not no about me!!

1) I have a sister Younger then me who always has supported me in the things ive dreamt of doing even if she doesnt really understand why ... Thanks SARAH

2) I have three tattoos and i want another one, i have one on my right hip chinese symbol for love, i have another on the lower part of my back being a butterfly and one on my ankle which is rosary beads.

3) I have a mental cat that i swear sometimes should have been a dog, talk about personality plus... Meet Charlie....

He likes watching movies with us and loves posing for the camara!

4)Where the dream of competing came from....My mum and dad always went to the local gym in my home town (where now i work) and there used to be pictures up of bodybuilders such as Arnie and Corey Everson but my mum owned a Pumping Iron book with women such as Corey, Rachel Mclish but my favourite was Gladys Portugues, these women inspired me therefore planted the seed of competing at the age of 11-12!

5) Im quite scared of the dark hehe pathetic i know!

6) My best friend is my boy Mick : )

7) Favourite body part ( when in shape) are my abs!!!

My 7 nominees are: ( I know some of you guys have completed this already sorry!)



Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Magic Happens : )

Well it seems with out my encouragement my Mojo has made its way back into the picture woohoo (and earlier then planned)!
I think over the past few months I have tried forcing it back which has actually sent it spiraling in the other directions but i set a date 4th of January to start getting myself back into shape so come May, my 20 weeks prior to Comp wont be an absolutely slaughtering, but my body is asking of me to start now, its over the shit i keep feeding it my brain wants real food so i function better instead of feeling carb fried and needing a nana nap everyday round 11:00am!
So on to my second day of eating clean AGAIN i feel very different and REAL about it i know it takes longer then two days to get over bad habits but i really feel I'm in a much better headspace at the moment that and I'm also sick of none of my clothes fitting me hehe who's to blame for that ME ( and my passion for carbs, bastards they are!) So I'm going with the flow at the moment and trying not to fall back into bad habits, my goals for 2010 in regards to health and fitness are:
1) Healthy choices
2) Plan and prepare
3) Train like every session is your last
4) Strive to always do my best
5)Believe in myself
6) Try new approaches
7)Come into comp knowing there was nothing else i could do!
8) Have a plan coming out of comp
9) Small goals to carry me through
10) Love myself
I could keep going but these are my top ten in no particular order, BUT one other i'd like to bring attention to is EXCUSES, one of the main things i had trouble coming to terms with after my comp... I used them all over and over again justifying why it was ok to do what i was doing eg i dieted for roughly 4mths i can now have what ever i like pfff yeah if you want your old fatty body back!!!
I don't want to be one of those comp people that are only in good shape for 3mths of the year and use "off season" as an excuse, There are no more excuses, i want to live and breathe fitness no matter what time of the year!
So here goes 2010 your mine baby ready or not!!!

BOOYA its the year of "SEXY BITCHES"

Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 Memorable mojo (and not so mojo) moments!!!

Few shots along the way to the stage!

1) Accepted into Uni(Nursing)

2) First attempt of dieting for comp in May

Gave up due to uni exams

3)14 weeks out from Sept comp check out the posing bahahaha! Practice makes perfect (thank you for your help Jo) Gave up Uni due to dream of comp!

4) 9 weeks out with some posing practice under my kini hehe

5) 7 weeks out and the body slowly budging

6) 5 weeks out

7) 3 weeks out - in love with my abs much hehe! ( i want them back)

8) Happy days

9)Show time
10) Living the dream hehe!

2009 i achieved my goal of competing as a figure competitor With and without my mojo along the way!
I cant wait for 2010 to roll round achieving this dream has made me more determined to get back up there again bring a mean lean mojo magic machine!

Best wishes for the New Year and look forward to following everyone again for yet another year of low carb days, emotional outburst and tears of joy!


Monday, December 14, 2009



Well what can i say every time i go to blog at home the internet doesn't let me and so when i do have it working i haven't got much to say ( unusual i now ) : )
SOooooo whats been happening in the last mth???

- Well i finally completed my Les Mills Body Step module and passed Yay that one has been a long time coming and now its done and dusted WOOHOO!!!
- I got to see my friend Jodie compete again this time at The Ultimate Bodybuilding championships in Brissie, and boy did she rock the stage, her presence on stage was amazing and her body was smoking i have never seen her in the tip top condition and i want to congratulate her for coming first!

- On the dieting front hmmmm STILL struggling, sad thing is i know what to do but I'm just not applying it, i keep making excuses for myself and i still HATE what I've turned my body into but its only ME that can snap out of this so called episodes i have and get back on track! No point going back on a diet right now till after xmas but i do plan to eat good through the week and chill on the weekend!

-Training... still going somedays I'm happy with it others my heart and mind just are not there. Happy that I have kept with it although as of late my cardio is lacking think to a degree im listening to my body as its wanting me to calm down for a lil.

-2010- Bring it on i say!!! I'm already thinking of how i can fix things come comp prep time and what feds i want to compete in, even have started thinking bout what color i want my costume as i don;t really wanna leave it till last minute this time!

Sorry guys just felt i needed to unload a lil its been awhile and a bumpy journey but what doesnt kill us only makes us stronger!


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

HIITs.... My favourite cardio!

High Intensity Interval Training would have to be my favourite form of cardio!!! Intense, hard and over and done with before you know it! : )

My most favourite form is Sprint sessions right through comp i did 2 - 4 Hiit sessions a week usually mostly consisting of sprints, cross trainers and when the hips and legs were quite fatigued the good ol recumbent bikes would be the last option!
These varied from 10 hiits thru to 25 hiits.

What i like about HIITS....
I love the mind set i reach when im fully powering through, the explosive movements, the short of breath, my heart racing and pouring out sweat!
I feel invincible, untouchable i feel like a steam train full speed ahead, sometimes its a lil hard to begin the session but once its underway i know ill be thanking myself later, i also find it a great way to destress, i love the conversations that gone on through my head when i am pounding out another session.

My moderate sessions aka classes i have been doing/teaching for years and my body just does not respond like it does to hiits. I use my classes as a form of balance you could say.... Maintenance to keep my cardio fitness high and strong!

Im writing about this as i've just returned from an awesome, HARD sprint session on the local soccor field and i feel GREAT, my head feels clear and I'm to teach a Body Jam class in less then an Hour... BRING IT ON hehe!

Best i go have a shower and get ready : )

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My food weaknesses.

Since comp i have had the weirdest cravings for food i never even liked before! Some of them you would think aren't bad to crave but when it comes to portion size this is where I'm going wrong!
They consist of:

Things i have eliminated from my diet plan are, Peanut butter, Rice cakes, yoghurt and muesli oh and the damn cookies they are the devil i tell you!
Banana i still have with my oats and i still have the few odd bars but trying hard to eliminate them as well!
Training and cardio have been great its just my eating im struggling with (still)!

Just felt like sharing whats on my mind! Hope everyone is enjoying our early summer, my gosh hasn't it been hot speaking of nice weather heading across the rd soon to the beach and work on a bit of a tan i think hehe!
: )

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Santa all i want for Xmas is..........

The areas im focusing on development whether its growth or definition are these :

Monday, November 9, 2009

2010 goals!

The year is coming to an end rather fast i think this year has been my biggest year in quite sometime.

Things i have achieved:

- Started Uni (deffered but plan to pick it up again in the future)
- Bought a new Car - ( Penni the Astra, poor Reggie the old pulsar died)
- Moved to the coast with my man (love the beach)
- Work in a job i love (GYM)
- On top of my teeth probs ( dodgy genetics )
- Made some awesome new friends!
- Competed (YAY- Finally)

So what are the plans for 2010....

-What id like to aim for is a deposit on a house, so lots of work and learning to budget better etc.
- Look into another educational course as i found Nursing was not for me thinking something along the lines of sports management/nutrition, maybe even complete Cert 4 in fitness, and more Les Mills modules.
- Work on competing in Sept thinking of having a go at a few different federations INBA the main one but also have a crack at ANB and maybe even NABBA/WFF depending on what i can do over the next 10 mths! Wow 10 mths Woohoo!
- Work on flexibility - A MUST!
- Happiness - finding a comfortable balance with play time and game on time!

7 weeks till xmas isn't it, times of celebration and embracing what the new year is about to bring upon us!

Enjoy the festive season and be sensible ( the choice is yours)

One class (step) down today one to go(jam), plus and upper body (power) training session and if im not to tired end the day with a Body Balance class!!!

Bring on MONDAY : )

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hello : )

Just wanted to say hi to all as i have been m.i.a a bit lately but just want you all to know things are good slowly getting used to the "offseason" look, the more i feel relaxed and accepting the more my body likes to respond in a good way eg if im happy, no emotional eating. Each week i feel i have gotten better and before you know it ill have the balance i need to maintain a happy mind and body! Hope everyone is enjoying there weekend .
Will pop by through the week to report a lil more : ) xx

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Caution.. caution! Unload about to happen!

Wow 6 weeks today since i stepped on stage and i'm seriously so disappointed in myself in how i've let myself go! I have never experienced the head games and mindsets i have been going through! I know this is normal but it has dug up a lot of old emotions and feelings which have spiraled me into a lot of emotional eating! What the hell is emotional eating...


Sad thing is i know this but why do i keep doing it??? Started with eating some treats and weight plateuing head set was " alright i can get away with this" so you know what i did i kept pushing it until what felt like i woke up one morning and BAAMM hello Fat Hannah!!!!

And you know what its all my fault no one forced me to eat that extra 4 biscuits no one said "Hannah quick tomorrow may never come eat everything in your path cos u may never enjoy it again" What the f**k is my excuse then??? There is no excuse... But i do know its NOW time to snap out of it! And only i can do that!!!!

I've had some great chats with Mick and his support has been amazing i could not of done comp with out him and now he is helping me with my next steps to get back on track and be HAPPY! Thats what i wanna be is HAPPY!
So starting from today i have a meal plan Mick has structured for me and a new program for training that i can't wait to start doing, Why wait for Monday hey.
Time to get my Mojo back and start being Happy!
Wish me luck on my next Journey.... Hanni and her Happiness!
Thanks for all your support and messages it's nice knowing you take the time to let me know how you guys experience and deal with similar situations!

And before i go a quick intro to my man Mick has just joined blogger land

Will try blog more often makes me feel bit more accountable think thats what else i need!
Will drop by again soon
See ya : )

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Brighter side : )

Well this week i've been feeling much better after Sundays bunch of cookies, loads of tears and a reality check!!

Thing is i've been waiting for my mojo to return, but why would it??? Comp is almost 12mths away i need to bring it back! So I'm bringing it back..... Mojo = Over powering the mind hehe!!!

Went and watched my friend compete on the weekend on the Sunny coast in IFBB OMG sorry guys if you are a fan but i found it the most worst run show and the Judging hmm don't get me started there!!!
Even though i know its known to be a "non-natural" comp its still amazing seeing different structures of the female body, my friend i went to watch just did the switch from bodybuilding to her first figure, i thought she looked amazing and shone on stage, but i guess her figure was not what they were after on the day!

Im finding taking each day as it comes better, still having food prepared and planned a lil has kept me on track this week so going to try stay positive!

Sorry for the rararaing headspace lil confused at the moment!

Positive attitude positive results my moto of the week xoxo

Monday, October 12, 2009

Finding Balance!

Well yet another week has gone by and i still haven't been able to get my shit together it's like a bloody roller coaster i tell you one minute you feel like you are ready to conquer and then the next your stuffing your face to make you happy ... does it make you happy.... NO!!!! Its a horrible circle that i'm struggling to cope with but I'm trying to take each day as it comes.

I'm starting my week with eating clean and not so much counting my numbers i have dieted long enough to know what portion sizes should look like and how much protein, carbs and fat are in what i eat, I'm doing this so i feel like I'm not on a "diet" anymore, cause really I'm not dieting anymore I'm wanting to eat to be fit healthy and find a balance for where my body wants to sit at a healthy weight range and try keep body fat down! Small steps are the key!

I like how i feel mentally, and physically when i eat this way, unfortunately i continue to tell myself I'm an emotional eater so therefore i eat for comfort (for f**k sake Hannah snap out of it) And guess what i feel even more worse afterwards which i new i would... so why do i do it... sometimes i think i do it to feel "normal" or to "fit in", one thing i did really miss over comp prep was socializing, i didn't spend much time with many friends due to them not understanding my goal etc or it was just putting myself near temptation! Its really no excuse friends and ppl should not judge you for what you eat and how you enjoy to exercise! BUT THEY DO!

Anyway this week I'm also focusing on trying not to get caught up on what others say or what there opinions are! I need to do what's best for me and what's going to make me happy!

Time to kick in the MOJO magic and beat the blues!

If any of you girls have tips on this or want to share there journey on post comp maintenance feel free to comment or drop me an email at

Enjoy your week you fit peps and i'll drop by again soon!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

What next...

Well it seems two more weeks of dieting was just to much for me or what i thought anyway! So no Aussie titles for me just 3 days in Melbourne on a gorge fest with my partner i seriously think my diet consisted of Mud cake, cookies and chocolate the whole time i was there! : (


I have now eaten everything i craved over the past 4 mths and you know what... none of it satisfied me all made me feel like shit and all i kept thinking was how good my body felt on my pre comp diet, so after catching up with some friends yesterday for a BBQ today is the start of getting my food back under wraps starting with mmm an omelette and oats already feeling full and satisfied!

Its funny how you perceive food, I'm an emotional eater (or thats what i tell myself) i can put away a lot of food ... but why?.... It makes me more depressed then b4 and i feel and look like shit after! Its all in the mind!

Since comp i've felt a lil lost, i feel like i have achieved what i wanted but what's next????

***A NEW GOAL***

- Maintain a healthy eating plan with the weekly cheat meal or two
- Build more muscle for 2010 comps
- Be happy with what i have achieved in 2009
- Sit at a weight that is realistic to maintain

I continually want to blog i feel to some extent it makes me feel accountable i also enjoy sharing my journey so that others can see they are not alone and experience similar hiccups on there journey to the stage!

Well its time to beat this post comp blues !!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Aussie Titles

Why not???

I figure 4mths of dieting and hard work for 10mins on stage... Ill be in Melbourne whats 2 more weeks of dieting huh??? A struggle i tell ya hehe!

6 More sleeps till i step on stage and yet again feels a lil surreal, wont be anyone there i know other then Mick but this time its for the experience , still working hard to get in tip top condition but its been a struggle as i never contemplated placing in my first comp so the plans for dieting were not considered to go past my photoshoot we did for fun on Thursday!
I plan to continue competing in years to come but you never know what the opposition will bring i may never place again so im taking this as an opportunity to compete at National level! Cool Huh!

So here goes 6 more sleeps people and maybe this time ill look more like i know what im doing hehe!

Congrats to everyone who competed yesterday at the ANBs on the Goldcoast, Special shout out to my girl STEPH 3rd place baby we are a team hehe.... Ali for 1st place... And Krisitin what a champ 2 comps in 2 weeks you were killing it up there confident and having fun babe!

Keep up the awesome work everyone xoxo

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

And then it was over....

Omg what an experience and a half to say the least.

One day in my life i'm never going to forget, to achieve a goal i set out when i was a wee tacker and come home with a placing OMG!

So lets start from the beginning.....

Peak Week:
What a head game that was for me i tell you! Going from LOW carbs 2 weeks out and to be smashed with loads of carbs i honestly had no belief that id come in looking hard or lean at all. Mick (my bf) was who did my diet the whole way thru decided to try something a lil different to the "typical" peak week that majority of ppl tend to follow..."Trust me" were his words, thats all i could do. Tuesday was my HIGH carb day and i tappered my carbs back down towards show day, my god peak week was full of energy and great workouts but the headgames still continued right through, was nice to have the support from the Lovely Steph, And blogger friends, fellow competitors Kristin and Tiarna!

Registration day:
Reality started to kick in still feeling like i was in no shape to step on stage with my two coats of contest color we made our way to Geebung to register and then back to motel to put on more coats, relax and prepare for the following day! Headed to the stores for some final purchases of things we needed food, makeup, oh and a treat for afterwards ... Kit Kat Caramel mmm! A phone call from my mum informed me she could not make it was rather upsetting she had been called into work and there was nothing she could do to get out of it, made me feel like smashing my treat there and then!! Later in the evening Mick and i went for a stroll to get out in the fresh air and had a bit of a chat, this was the first time we really spoke bout placings etc this wasn't something i considered making it to the stage was my whole focus! This was were i decided if i was happy with my outcome on the day this would decide whether or not i partake in ANB the week later! Not thinking id sleep i did and it was quite a satisfying night sleep too!

Show day:
Was up at 5am so ready for a shower, and sick of covering toilet seat in tp so i wouldnt get tan all over it but still managed too some how hehe! Morning started with Lamb and Sweet Potato mmm what a change from the good ol egg whites! Did some posing practise with Mick and started applying Tan Master to him first ( I must say out of the whole experience the tanning was the worst bit). On to my second meal a carbless bar mmm rockyroad flavoured why is it when you try make it last you get caught in the moment and gorge hehe! Then my turn for Tan master! The most scary bit getting ready for me was make up and hair i would have liked to have payed someone to do it due to my lack of experience but all in all was quite surprised with the creation i did MYSELF hehe!
Still all sticky from Tan was time to head to the show! Got lots of supportive msgs and phone calls through out the morning and day it was amazing!
Met up with some friends and got to meet some of the blogger girls and ppl i have met via facebook! Intermission rolled round quick and it was time for tan touch ups for Mick and for him to get ready to take stage and shine! Im so proud of him he placed 3rd in Intermediate man its hard for him being tall but he did an awesome job of making himself standout! YAY MICKEY!
An hour till it was my turn, the figure novice tall were b4 me and this was when i really started to freak out... NOT LONG NOW AHHH! I had Mick and my friend Jodie touching up my tan while the lovely Jo was adjusting my Bikini ( felt nice to be fussed over) Also had Jodies Partner there cracking jokes while stuffing his face with Pizza , bustard hehe!
"5mins" they called out OMG Panic mode this is it, no turning back now, i could not believe what i was about to do! Slowly moving to back stage ( freaking out bout heels) i stood in line with the other 11 girls all i wanted to do was cry instead made small talk with the girls either side of me! Looking around i felt we all were a similar build but naturally felt screwed hehe! Time to walk the stairs hehe (practiced this at home) The lights were so bright, and i could not make out a single face in the crowd, but i could here my name being called out! Then the shakes started omg it was horrible, slowed my breathing down and visualised it was no different to being on stage about to teach a class this helped calm me down! Posing hurts like a bitch im still sore! And the rest pretty much a blur hehe even having my name called out for 3rd place all i remember was throwing my hand up and doing some stupid queen wave hahaha!


After all the "thank you's" and hugs and kisses from my amazing family friends and was time to hoe into the food mmm lots consumed it would make you sick to know how much and what lol!

I still dont think it has fully sinked in what happened that day but its now 2 days later and im still on a massive high from it! Not continuing on with ANB but will be there to support Steph, Ali and Kristin. Go team bloggers Go! But i have tickets to Melbourne as Mick was hopping to qualify for the Australians now that we both have im contemplating competing in this i think most ppl will be more focused on the Olympia see how i go this week back on the dieting, training and cardio!

Thanks everyone for the lovely comments and words of encouragement along the way...

Bring on 2010 more muscle... more maturity... MORE COMPS WOOHOO! I've got the bug!