Monday, December 28, 2009

2009 Memorable mojo (and not so mojo) moments!!!

Few shots along the way to the stage!

1) Accepted into Uni(Nursing)

2) First attempt of dieting for comp in May

Gave up due to uni exams

3)14 weeks out from Sept comp check out the posing bahahaha! Practice makes perfect (thank you for your help Jo) Gave up Uni due to dream of comp!

4) 9 weeks out with some posing practice under my kini hehe

5) 7 weeks out and the body slowly budging

6) 5 weeks out

7) 3 weeks out - in love with my abs much hehe! ( i want them back)

8) Happy days

9)Show time
10) Living the dream hehe!

2009 i achieved my goal of competing as a figure competitor With and without my mojo along the way!
I cant wait for 2010 to roll round achieving this dream has made me more determined to get back up there again bring a mean lean mojo magic machine!

Best wishes for the New Year and look forward to following everyone again for yet another year of low carb days, emotional outburst and tears of joy!



  1. Nothing short of amazing made by honest steely determination! I especially love the piccie of you and your boy (I assume). Artistically beautiful! Well done Hanni!

  2. I love picture posts!!!
    My favs are the one of you and your man and the very last one, you look stunning.

    Good luck for 2010!
    Shar xx

  3. Hey Hannah,

    Wow, love all your pics (especially the last one!)You have made an amazing transformation to get on stage. Congratulations!!! 2010 will be bigger and better for for I'm sure x

  4. What a great way to review your year're fantastic! Hope 2010 is everything you wish for. :)

  5. awesome re-cap babe, you had a fabulous year and will have another one in 2010, can't wait to share more good times! yehaa!

  6. You're pics and journey are amazing! I love reading what it takes to get others onto stage. So inspirational!

    Have an amazing 2010!! xxx

  7. Hey Hannah,
    I have just started following your blog, you made fabulous changes this year, congrats on your first comp, you looked amazing!!!