Wednesday, November 18, 2009

HIITs.... My favourite cardio!

High Intensity Interval Training would have to be my favourite form of cardio!!! Intense, hard and over and done with before you know it! : )

My most favourite form is Sprint sessions right through comp i did 2 - 4 Hiit sessions a week usually mostly consisting of sprints, cross trainers and when the hips and legs were quite fatigued the good ol recumbent bikes would be the last option!
These varied from 10 hiits thru to 25 hiits.

What i like about HIITS....
I love the mind set i reach when im fully powering through, the explosive movements, the short of breath, my heart racing and pouring out sweat!
I feel invincible, untouchable i feel like a steam train full speed ahead, sometimes its a lil hard to begin the session but once its underway i know ill be thanking myself later, i also find it a great way to destress, i love the conversations that gone on through my head when i am pounding out another session.

My moderate sessions aka classes i have been doing/teaching for years and my body just does not respond like it does to hiits. I use my classes as a form of balance you could say.... Maintenance to keep my cardio fitness high and strong!

Im writing about this as i've just returned from an awesome, HARD sprint session on the local soccor field and i feel GREAT, my head feels clear and I'm to teach a Body Jam class in less then an Hour... BRING IT ON hehe!

Best i go have a shower and get ready : )

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My food weaknesses.

Since comp i have had the weirdest cravings for food i never even liked before! Some of them you would think aren't bad to crave but when it comes to portion size this is where I'm going wrong!
They consist of:

Things i have eliminated from my diet plan are, Peanut butter, Rice cakes, yoghurt and muesli oh and the damn cookies they are the devil i tell you!
Banana i still have with my oats and i still have the few odd bars but trying hard to eliminate them as well!
Training and cardio have been great its just my eating im struggling with (still)!

Just felt like sharing whats on my mind! Hope everyone is enjoying our early summer, my gosh hasn't it been hot speaking of nice weather heading across the rd soon to the beach and work on a bit of a tan i think hehe!
: )

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Santa all i want for Xmas is..........

The areas im focusing on development whether its growth or definition are these :

Monday, November 9, 2009

2010 goals!

The year is coming to an end rather fast i think this year has been my biggest year in quite sometime.

Things i have achieved:

- Started Uni (deffered but plan to pick it up again in the future)
- Bought a new Car - ( Penni the Astra, poor Reggie the old pulsar died)
- Moved to the coast with my man (love the beach)
- Work in a job i love (GYM)
- On top of my teeth probs ( dodgy genetics )
- Made some awesome new friends!
- Competed (YAY- Finally)

So what are the plans for 2010....

-What id like to aim for is a deposit on a house, so lots of work and learning to budget better etc.
- Look into another educational course as i found Nursing was not for me thinking something along the lines of sports management/nutrition, maybe even complete Cert 4 in fitness, and more Les Mills modules.
- Work on competing in Sept thinking of having a go at a few different federations INBA the main one but also have a crack at ANB and maybe even NABBA/WFF depending on what i can do over the next 10 mths! Wow 10 mths Woohoo!
- Work on flexibility - A MUST!
- Happiness - finding a comfortable balance with play time and game on time!

7 weeks till xmas isn't it, times of celebration and embracing what the new year is about to bring upon us!

Enjoy the festive season and be sensible ( the choice is yours)

One class (step) down today one to go(jam), plus and upper body (power) training session and if im not to tired end the day with a Body Balance class!!!

Bring on MONDAY : )

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Hello : )

Just wanted to say hi to all as i have been m.i.a a bit lately but just want you all to know things are good slowly getting used to the "offseason" look, the more i feel relaxed and accepting the more my body likes to respond in a good way eg if im happy, no emotional eating. Each week i feel i have gotten better and before you know it ill have the balance i need to maintain a happy mind and body! Hope everyone is enjoying there weekend .
Will pop by through the week to report a lil more : ) xx

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Caution.. caution! Unload about to happen!

Wow 6 weeks today since i stepped on stage and i'm seriously so disappointed in myself in how i've let myself go! I have never experienced the head games and mindsets i have been going through! I know this is normal but it has dug up a lot of old emotions and feelings which have spiraled me into a lot of emotional eating! What the hell is emotional eating...


Sad thing is i know this but why do i keep doing it??? Started with eating some treats and weight plateuing head set was " alright i can get away with this" so you know what i did i kept pushing it until what felt like i woke up one morning and BAAMM hello Fat Hannah!!!!

And you know what its all my fault no one forced me to eat that extra 4 biscuits no one said "Hannah quick tomorrow may never come eat everything in your path cos u may never enjoy it again" What the f**k is my excuse then??? There is no excuse... But i do know its NOW time to snap out of it! And only i can do that!!!!

I've had some great chats with Mick and his support has been amazing i could not of done comp with out him and now he is helping me with my next steps to get back on track and be HAPPY! Thats what i wanna be is HAPPY!
So starting from today i have a meal plan Mick has structured for me and a new program for training that i can't wait to start doing, Why wait for Monday hey.
Time to get my Mojo back and start being Happy!
Wish me luck on my next Journey.... Hanni and her Happiness!
Thanks for all your support and messages it's nice knowing you take the time to let me know how you guys experience and deal with similar situations!

And before i go a quick intro to my man Mick has just joined blogger land

Will try blog more often makes me feel bit more accountable think thats what else i need!
Will drop by again soon
See ya : )