Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My food weaknesses.

Since comp i have had the weirdest cravings for food i never even liked before! Some of them you would think aren't bad to crave but when it comes to portion size this is where I'm going wrong!
They consist of:

Things i have eliminated from my diet plan are, Peanut butter, Rice cakes, yoghurt and muesli oh and the damn cookies they are the devil i tell you!
Banana i still have with my oats and i still have the few odd bars but trying hard to eliminate them as well!
Training and cardio have been great its just my eating im struggling with (still)!

Just felt like sharing whats on my mind! Hope everyone is enjoying our early summer, my gosh hasn't it been hot speaking of nice weather heading across the rd soon to the beach and work on a bit of a tan i think hehe!
: )


  1. wow i swear you are going to get a million comments saying that 'omg I crave exactly the same things'. Goes to show we all love healthy food but can fall down with the sweet carbs that can trigger overeating. great post! mind if i steal the idea? :)

  2. HAH! Across the road to the beach? Rub it in...

    Yeh I'm loving rice cakes hey.. Never liked them before comp either. Hey at least they're a shite sight better than bread!

    That pic of you next to the peanut butter is classic!! haha

    Food is the hard part Han. Master that and you'll be on easy street ;) We're all in the same boat.

    For some reason I feel like a cookie now.. haha

  3. hehehe, I LOVE that pic of you and the peanut butter... so funny and cute!

    stay strong chicky!