Wednesday, November 18, 2009

HIITs.... My favourite cardio!

High Intensity Interval Training would have to be my favourite form of cardio!!! Intense, hard and over and done with before you know it! : )

My most favourite form is Sprint sessions right through comp i did 2 - 4 Hiit sessions a week usually mostly consisting of sprints, cross trainers and when the hips and legs were quite fatigued the good ol recumbent bikes would be the last option!
These varied from 10 hiits thru to 25 hiits.

What i like about HIITS....
I love the mind set i reach when im fully powering through, the explosive movements, the short of breath, my heart racing and pouring out sweat!
I feel invincible, untouchable i feel like a steam train full speed ahead, sometimes its a lil hard to begin the session but once its underway i know ill be thanking myself later, i also find it a great way to destress, i love the conversations that gone on through my head when i am pounding out another session.

My moderate sessions aka classes i have been doing/teaching for years and my body just does not respond like it does to hiits. I use my classes as a form of balance you could say.... Maintenance to keep my cardio fitness high and strong!

Im writing about this as i've just returned from an awesome, HARD sprint session on the local soccor field and i feel GREAT, my head feels clear and I'm to teach a Body Jam class in less then an Hour... BRING IT ON hehe!

Best i go have a shower and get ready : )