Monday, December 14, 2009



Well what can i say every time i go to blog at home the internet doesn't let me and so when i do have it working i haven't got much to say ( unusual i now ) : )
SOooooo whats been happening in the last mth???

- Well i finally completed my Les Mills Body Step module and passed Yay that one has been a long time coming and now its done and dusted WOOHOO!!!
- I got to see my friend Jodie compete again this time at The Ultimate Bodybuilding championships in Brissie, and boy did she rock the stage, her presence on stage was amazing and her body was smoking i have never seen her in the tip top condition and i want to congratulate her for coming first!

- On the dieting front hmmmm STILL struggling, sad thing is i know what to do but I'm just not applying it, i keep making excuses for myself and i still HATE what I've turned my body into but its only ME that can snap out of this so called episodes i have and get back on track! No point going back on a diet right now till after xmas but i do plan to eat good through the week and chill on the weekend!

-Training... still going somedays I'm happy with it others my heart and mind just are not there. Happy that I have kept with it although as of late my cardio is lacking think to a degree im listening to my body as its wanting me to calm down for a lil.

-2010- Bring it on i say!!! I'm already thinking of how i can fix things come comp prep time and what feds i want to compete in, even have started thinking bout what color i want my costume as i don;t really wanna leave it till last minute this time!

Sorry guys just felt i needed to unload a lil its been awhile and a bumpy journey but what doesnt kill us only makes us stronger!



  1. Hi Hanni,
    Big congrats on the Les Mills Step accreditation!! Hip Hip Hooray!!! It is such a good feeling when it is all done, after all the hard work. I did my Cert 3 in fitness this year, as well as my group fitness accreditaion AND my Radical Kimax class training! Phew! It was sooooooo great when I finished it all. Just got to get round to picking up my certificates, as it all finally went through about a month ago.

    You sound like you know what you are doing (in regards to your body). Listening to it is especially important. And this is the time of year that most people get to down tools for a bit. So, chill out, take it easy for just a little bit, and as you said Bring It On in 2010. I look forward to following you to comp next year (and maybe meeting you!)

    Also, is that you in the piccie? You look awesome!!

  2. nice work Hanni. I've been meaning to poke you for a blog post, hehe! haven't seen that pic before either, hot!!

  3. Yay! Nice to see you back again girl, woohoo! 2010 is yours and I know you can get back on track, so keep at it! Here for you any time you need! Well done on the Step module too!

    Cute pic!

  4. Just keep striving forward and believing you will become what you want. All in good time. :)

  5. Thanks everyone for your comments muchly appreciated mwa! Merry Xmas to you all hope you have a great holiday : )