Monday, July 27, 2009

Snap out of it!

Im going to keep this one short...

Basically the past week spiraled into a mental breakdown and a "woe is me" attitude i struggled to snap out of!
This week is going to be different im going to beat those head games of self doubt and show myself im in control of my actions, my moods and ME!

I can do anything i put my mind to!!

New week, New me!

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


As motivated as I'm this week to Train hard, fit in all planned cardio (if not more) and eat 100% to the plan I'm already feeling like it should be friday ahhhh!
I keep being reminded that this is normal "you are dieting" if I'm this tired 9 weeks out my gosh what's it going to be like as i come closer to the Big day!!

Had a great leg session yesterday mixed things up a lil just to shock the body, and the glutes are on fire this morning hehe! (Love that feeling).

Yesterdays mood was a shocker hehe working at a gym having to be switched on bright and happy can be a lil challenge when peolpe continually ask stupid questions when I'm in my agitated state..."what's your secret to dropping weight"... "Your fading away, don't lose anymore weight"..."what do you mean you can't have one plain biscuit".... (oh and my favourite one yesterday was) "Are you doing this for a boy" MY GOD NO!
Your everyday gym goers have no understanding of what the dream of competing is all about and at some point they don't want to understand! How could you possible deprive yourself of so much....
Well i'm not they seem to think I'm starving myself to get these results... Eating clean and training hard is not an option for them as majority plod along doing the same thing every time they come in to the gym, a stroll on the treadmill chatting to the person beside them and a few light weights, heading home for a meal they have talked themselves into having cos they deserve it they went to the gym tonight right???
Anyway enough of my negativity towards the human race I'm going to channel my energy into more constructive things (training) and also try not let people get to me so much today! :)

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Moving with the mojo momentum!

9 weeks today and feeling like i have a shit load of work to do! But hey I'm up for the challenge! (Today anyway hehe) I had my first session with Jo the other day i was so nervous but she made me feel very relaxed and overall was an absolute awesome experience! I'm really happy with the feedback she gave me... Until i saw the pics! Its funny how you think you know what you look like until you see yourself from a different angle or perspective anyway I'm using that to motivate me and bring those keg legs into tip top condition. Its all starting to feel so real i am so pumped about it all!

I experienced my first protein pancakes this morning that worked in with my macros... MY GOD i've been missing out hehe! (
Thanks Tiarna)

I love the start of the week in a sense that its a brand new week to see new changes! Hope you all are having a great weekend!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oh no a PLATEAU!

As I'm often reminded this does happen it totally scares the shit out of me i feel like i am failing when everything comes to a holt like it has!

9.5weeks out from my first comp some days i feel on track and others i am questioning why the hell am i doing this again!

I've had this dream of standing up on stage since i was about 12yrs old my dad is my biggest influence as he used to pull out the old muscle and fitness mags with legends like Rachel Mclish and Cory Everson in them!

Tomorrow im off to get some posing practice in and measurements done for my kini, so nervous for some reason! Im sure everything will go just fine will hopefully get some pics to see how unco i look hehe!

Congrats to all the girls who competed in The All Females last weekend you all shined like stars so wish i was there!

And for everyone else out there preping for your comps i hope all is going well! xx

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Winter weight.

This would have to be the first year in my LIFE that i have not put on any extra kgs over winter ohh how exciting! My biggest weight gain over a winter was 10kg (Canada and minus 40 degrees will do that to you!)
Its funny how we think just because its cold we can eat more fatty warm foods to satisfy the body and when those warm months creep upon us we totally freak out when its time to put on those skimpy clothes!
Im learning lots along my first journey to the stage especially nutritionally! I hope from this experience, when the journey is over i will continue to apply these healthy eating habits into a normal routine and maintain a happy healthy me! ( With the odd treat mmm)
Training Legs today and really looking forward to walking away needing assistance hehe!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Just call me.....

Well 11wks and bloody counting i can tell u that! 

Week has been very busy Launched Step Tuesday night, taught a few classes learning Jam for launch tomorrow, Been able to get all my weight sessions smashed out, Cardios lacking a lil due to all the step and jam practise actually was feeling really good lean wise saw a few extra veins surface this week.. Woohoo!

 And then low and behold a major case of PMS rocks up at the door step leaving me bloated and one cranky lil f***ing bitch! Poor Mick has copped it i have questioned every food group possible and why it cant fit into my diet somedays i just wonder why the hell i have this goal to spend mths on end dieting for 10mins of glory on stage! I have a friend that continues to reassure me its all worth it in the end and to be careful as its addictive hehe! Anyway Im going to try take each day as it comes and hopefully i will see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Oh did i tell u 11wks, yes thats right and counting hehe : )