Sunday, July 5, 2009

Just call me.....

Well 11wks and bloody counting i can tell u that! 

Week has been very busy Launched Step Tuesday night, taught a few classes learning Jam for launch tomorrow, Been able to get all my weight sessions smashed out, Cardios lacking a lil due to all the step and jam practise actually was feeling really good lean wise saw a few extra veins surface this week.. Woohoo!

 And then low and behold a major case of PMS rocks up at the door step leaving me bloated and one cranky lil f***ing bitch! Poor Mick has copped it i have questioned every food group possible and why it cant fit into my diet somedays i just wonder why the hell i have this goal to spend mths on end dieting for 10mins of glory on stage! I have a friend that continues to reassure me its all worth it in the end and to be careful as its addictive hehe! Anyway Im going to try take each day as it comes and hopefully i will see the light at the end of the tunnel!

Oh did i tell u 11wks, yes thats right and counting hehe : )

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