Tuesday, July 21, 2009


As motivated as I'm this week to Train hard, fit in all planned cardio (if not more) and eat 100% to the plan I'm already feeling like it should be friday ahhhh!
I keep being reminded that this is normal "you are dieting" if I'm this tired 9 weeks out my gosh what's it going to be like as i come closer to the Big day!!

Had a great leg session yesterday mixed things up a lil just to shock the body, and the glutes are on fire this morning hehe! (Love that feeling).

Yesterdays mood was a shocker hehe working at a gym having to be switched on bright and happy can be a lil challenge when peolpe continually ask stupid questions when I'm in my agitated state..."what's your secret to dropping weight"... "Your fading away, don't lose anymore weight"..."what do you mean you can't have one plain biscuit".... (oh and my favourite one yesterday was) "Are you doing this for a boy" MY GOD NO!
Your everyday gym goers have no understanding of what the dream of competing is all about and at some point they don't want to understand! How could you possible deprive yourself of so much....
Well i'm not they seem to think I'm starving myself to get these results... Eating clean and training hard is not an option for them as majority plod along doing the same thing every time they come in to the gym, a stroll on the treadmill chatting to the person beside them and a few light weights, heading home for a meal they have talked themselves into having cos they deserve it they went to the gym tonight right???
Anyway enough of my negativity towards the human race I'm going to channel my energy into more constructive things (training) and also try not let people get to me so much today! :)

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  1. Hi Hannah - thanks for your comment! Those voices can be a bugger, can't they?

    You're looking awsome, by the way... :o)