Sunday, February 26, 2012

Ready or not....Life.... It happens!

You know those days you find yourself ready to explode screaming on the inside "Something has got to give"?! Well i have had quite a few as of late!
It seems that sometimes you just have to wake up and smell the roses, get off the roller coaster of life and realise nothing is going to change unless you make it happen so that is what i am in the process of currently doing... Making some changes, some good, some bad, some hard, some scary some exciting but at the end of the day what doesn't kill us makes you stronger, you never know unless you try right?!
I know a lot of people out there have liked to put "post comp blues" as my cause of not being happy but to be honest maybe just a little in the sense that i'm not sitting where i'd like to be but also looking back comp masked a lot of my unhappiness as it was the one thing i gave my full focus and energy too and i actually shut off to any other feeling cos i feel complete and happy when i am in comp prep.
My last blog spoke about finding balance in my life and i definitely feel that I'm on the right track there. I have a wonderful support network out there from family, friends and collegues that have been able to help me head in the right direction. (You all know who you are). I'm a person who gets easily overwhelmed before taking a breather and realising all will be ok (Thank you Mick for always being there to remind me everything will be ok).
This year will be the beginning of a journey i hope to achieve close to this time next year, i know i'm still in for ups and downs, making sacrifices but most of all SELF BELIEF. Like the saying goes.. You only have one life!!! I'm ready to live this life the way i want, with who i want and how i want.
Here's to a year of making CHANGES!
With or without my mojo..... THE TIME IS NOW!!!