Thursday, August 27, 2009

Universe is trying to challenge me!

No no just a simple case of a light dose of the flu... but when you are 3.5 weeks from your first comp deprived of carbs and emotional due ttom every lil thing seems to be slightly blown out of proportion hehe!
Started with the deepening of my voice, this universe just thought that was not enough and had to come stir the pot a lil hehe but you know what universe u havent won yet, im out there to do my best no matter what it takes no i wont crack and have that kit kat u keep saying i should have no i want give in to no training etc ive been working hard at this goal for a long time and nothing is going to stop me from getting on stage in 3.5 weeks!!! NOTHING
I have time to rest up thanks to work being so supportive bout my goals!
So time to chill let this body rest and recover and universe ill be showing you who the winner is (lil heads up its not YOU)

Other then that diet, training and life has been great this week and im going to make sure that it stays that way!

Hope everyone else is doing well!

Not long now !!!!

Friday, August 21, 2009

Having a FAT week!!!

After the last few weeks of great progress, its all come to a halt : ( i'm feeling really soft and bloated... NOOOOOOOOO! My cardio has been increased, my macros have been adjusted and the scales just hate me this week!

My sleep patterns have changed i'm usually a really good sleeper but this week i've had very restless nights : ( hoping that some good r and r will help me this weekend.

Almost 4 weeks out and i feel like a whale THIS IS NOT GOOD :(

Sorry bout my lil emotional outburst just not having the best week!

Hope you are all well xx

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Progress as of 6 weeks out!

Hows that Tiarna ( Hehe, and no everyone i don't have a mullet)

Lots on my mind!

So where to begin.... Hmm tomorrow is 5 weeks out OMG! I never thought id say that time is flying, i still feel like there is lots of work to be done on this body of mine! Not only that i've started a list of things i need to organize for comp and i'm totally freaking out! What tan to use, how to wear my hair , what makeup to use, who to have help, what sort of load/depletion in the final week! and the list goes on, if anyone has any tips etc id muchly appreciate them!

Another week gone and still moving to what i think is on track, i hope! I guess only time and putting 100% in will tell!

This week i've started to experience a doughy mind set very slow, and non responsive i feel terrible i've had few ppl ask if i'm sick or something... anyway i 've been waiting for this feeling to set in.

Another thing that has been crossing my mind lately is how to handle post comp blow out its FREAKING me out i'm scared once that taste of food i've missed so much touches my lips ill lose control... AHHH WHAT TO DO!!!!!
I'm guessing "A Plan" is a good start...

Not much longer now yay!

Hope you are all well and pushing through look forward to meeting you over the next few mths : )

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Right attitude gets you the right results!

This week has been a good one simple as that : ) No matter how much the universe tried challenging me i was prepared and i won.. Yay! Had some awesome weight sessions and intense cardios the ones that make you wanna cry cause it felt so good hehe! Food cravings were not even an issue this week ( but my old friend chewy has resurfaced) And come weigh day this week i had dropped 1.6kg Hooray they are on the move again!!!

So im going to tackle the new week ahead of me with this positive mood/attitude and keep winning this!

Had a nice relaxing weekend just what the body ordered...

My man got me a pressie, tickets to Movieworld as i've never been and always have wanted to go... did you know now that you cant take packed food there?? Well looks like ill be heading there when comp is over!

Im starting to get really excited this is the third time i have started or said i wanted to do a comp, but this time i've lasted more then a few weeks, other times i told myself i wasn't mentally prepared or id get sick and give up! I did some progress pics today and was really happy with the definition coming through on my legs FINALLY!

Hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend! Keep on trucking ppl it will be show time b4 we know it HOORAY : )

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Love/Hate relationship

Well great week so far!

You know why?????

Cause I'm going to make it a great week, I'm taking on board every lil hiccup that comes along and showing it who's actually in control.... ME!

Im recognizing how these lil head games work, and bumping them on the head before they get a chance to say "boo"!

My week so far:-

2 x Moderate Cardio's
Legs : )
1 x Moderate Cardio
Chest : ) (Pb on bench press woohoo!)
1 x HIIT
1 x Moderate Cardio

Plan for the rest...
2 x Moderate
1 x HIIT
1 x HIIT
1 x Moderate
Sunday :
1 x HIIT

Attitude is everything and this week thats my main focus aiming for great results, if i put in 100% i will get to where i wanna be : )


Sunday, August 2, 2009

7 weeks and counting

This week was a lot better then the previous week! I took each day as it came and was able to control my head games more successfully! I really tend to struggle the most on the weekends i work on a Saturday morning and then usually head home to chill which this week i did a lil different i went for a wander at the shops... Dangerous i know! But i pushed through and enjoyed the smell of the food that i new if i ate id look and feel like the rest of the population over indulging hehe bit mean i know , i would fit right in if it wasn't for comp! I even spoilt myself to a new pair of jeans as none of my clothes fit me anymore and it seemed like it happened over night!

Reading everyone else blogs lately shows that I'm not alone the previous week i got obsessed with what the scales were reading and the more obsessed i got they started to creep up so the next day id thrash myself and low and behold they went up again what a brain fuck i tell you! It wasn't until i was able to snap out of this mind frame that i could reflect on what the mirror was showing and this is where i can see the changes... the extra abs coming thru, the veins surfacing and the definition increasing in places it hasn't before!

I saw Jo today, i was rather nervous as my weight hadn't changed much in the two weeks from when i saw her last but her comments were enough to make me feel like what I'm doing is working! ( I have Mick to thank for keeping me on track and supporting me through this journey - Im sorry for taking every bad day out on you!) Wow posing just doesn't get any easier hey hehe i feel like my muscles are going to burst with some poses lol!

I hope everyone had a great weekend, the weeks are flying by guys this will all be over before we know it YAY! Question is will i be one who gets the comp bug.. Now i'd say never again hehe but im sure ill get hooked!

Comp prep to date has taught me a lot about myself, what I'm mentally, physically and emotionally capable of doing and being! Lets see what the last 7 weeks have install for me to tackle!

Happy training and dieting to you all : )