Sunday, August 2, 2009

7 weeks and counting

This week was a lot better then the previous week! I took each day as it came and was able to control my head games more successfully! I really tend to struggle the most on the weekends i work on a Saturday morning and then usually head home to chill which this week i did a lil different i went for a wander at the shops... Dangerous i know! But i pushed through and enjoyed the smell of the food that i new if i ate id look and feel like the rest of the population over indulging hehe bit mean i know , i would fit right in if it wasn't for comp! I even spoilt myself to a new pair of jeans as none of my clothes fit me anymore and it seemed like it happened over night!

Reading everyone else blogs lately shows that I'm not alone the previous week i got obsessed with what the scales were reading and the more obsessed i got they started to creep up so the next day id thrash myself and low and behold they went up again what a brain fuck i tell you! It wasn't until i was able to snap out of this mind frame that i could reflect on what the mirror was showing and this is where i can see the changes... the extra abs coming thru, the veins surfacing and the definition increasing in places it hasn't before!

I saw Jo today, i was rather nervous as my weight hadn't changed much in the two weeks from when i saw her last but her comments were enough to make me feel like what I'm doing is working! ( I have Mick to thank for keeping me on track and supporting me through this journey - Im sorry for taking every bad day out on you!) Wow posing just doesn't get any easier hey hehe i feel like my muscles are going to burst with some poses lol!

I hope everyone had a great weekend, the weeks are flying by guys this will all be over before we know it YAY! Question is will i be one who gets the comp bug.. Now i'd say never again hehe but im sure ill get hooked!

Comp prep to date has taught me a lot about myself, what I'm mentally, physically and emotionally capable of doing and being! Lets see what the last 7 weeks have install for me to tackle!

Happy training and dieting to you all : )

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  1. Hey Hannah, yep! those scales can really fuck with your mind, that's for sure! the time is going to fly by before we know it! keep up the great work, i'm shitty at my scales at the moment, but hey, we gotta keep moving on!