Saturday, August 15, 2009

Lots on my mind!

So where to begin.... Hmm tomorrow is 5 weeks out OMG! I never thought id say that time is flying, i still feel like there is lots of work to be done on this body of mine! Not only that i've started a list of things i need to organize for comp and i'm totally freaking out! What tan to use, how to wear my hair , what makeup to use, who to have help, what sort of load/depletion in the final week! and the list goes on, if anyone has any tips etc id muchly appreciate them!

Another week gone and still moving to what i think is on track, i hope! I guess only time and putting 100% in will tell!

This week i've started to experience a doughy mind set very slow, and non responsive i feel terrible i've had few ppl ask if i'm sick or something... anyway i 've been waiting for this feeling to set in.

Another thing that has been crossing my mind lately is how to handle post comp blow out its FREAKING me out i'm scared once that taste of food i've missed so much touches my lips ill lose control... AHHH WHAT TO DO!!!!!
I'm guessing "A Plan" is a good start...

Not much longer now yay!

Hope you are all well and pushing through look forward to meeting you over the next few mths : )

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  1. I don't have any tips but, I look forward to learning from your journey!