Saturday, August 15, 2009

Progress as of 6 weeks out!

Hows that Tiarna ( Hehe, and no everyone i don't have a mullet)


  1. You are looking great Hanni!! look a those quads!

    Hang in there, as much as the next 5 weeks will zoom past, they also won't if u know what I mean?! xx

  2. WOOT!!! Look at those legs!! You are looking great girl, keep it up :)

  3. Hey ya hun!

    you look AMAZING! well done in what you have achieved so far. So you are competing in Sep? In novice? What comp is that?

    Keep it up sweet - you have fab legs which are gonna look even more amazing in 5 weeks when you have leaned down some more!!!!!!!

  4. Ill say it again babe, you have NOTHING to worry about- you look fantastic!!!! ;)

  5. Thanks for all the amazing feedback guys means a lot when you feel in the dark bout how your coming along!! : )

  6. WOW! Just found your blog, and you're looking great girl!!! I'm guessing your doing the QLD comp? U are a QLDer? Wish I could be down there to see all you gals!!!
    The next weeks will draaaag, but also fly (kinda like Tara said!) so hold on tight and enjoy the ride baby!!!!!!! xx