Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stopping by!

Hi all just thought i'd stop by and and report in!
Still happy with my decision to do the shows later in the year feel i will have enough time to put myself in a better position which is a good thing! I am happy with my progress so far i have basically in the last 6 months been able to build my carbs from 60g ( Was prepping for shows last year, body was NOT happy ) to now sitting at 255g carbs : ) And i still have roughly 16 weeks to get them even higher( to be honest i am starting to feel a bit like a pig in the last 6 months with xmas and all i have been pretty consistent with my weight sitting 2kg up on what i was at 60g carbs! There is still room for improvement with my food it has been a HUGE problem in the past but for the first time in a LONG time i feel like i have more control with myself and it's not as hard to say no anymore, I don't eat like I'm never going to get the chance to eat again haha!
I'm so excited about prepping I'm just wishing the year away already LOL!
Training has been great had a few lil issues with my knees but i have changed a few exercises to see if that makes a difference, think i am well and truly due for a massage! I have had Mick there lately to train legs with me ( or at the same time) I'm not good with many training partners but it's nice to occasionally have someone there to push you along!
What's on the schedule for today.... Training Shoulders and Chest hyper, one of my favourite sessions, i used to hate training shoulders but these days i like them a lil more : ) Then start work 12.30pm - 8pm with a Step class at 5.30pm. Happy Days.
I hope everyones year is off to a great start....

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Decisions (YES NO YES NO YES NO) Ahhhhhh!!!!

Well today was the day that i would make my decision on what shows i am planning to do for the year, i had originally planned to compete at the ANB Asia Pacs in June and the INBA All Females in July but after sending off some progress pics and and a few emails to my awesome coach i have decided to wait until shows later in the year my options being the ANB Qld Titles, INBA Qld Titles, both Aussie titles and The INBA Natural Universe which has never been held in Australia to date. It was totally up to me what decision i was to make my coach suggested that he would prefer me to wait until later in the year but if i really wanted to to these earlier shows i could but i may just end up in the same sticky situation i was in when i first started out with his help.
I think ones health is EXTREMELY important and as we all know dieting for a comp takes it's toll on your mind and body. I want my metabolism to be running nice and high and i am getting there i guess the higher the better which means that i wont have to go hammer and tong from word go when it is time to prep again. I now have about 16 weeks to grow a lil more and to get my carbs right up there which makes me nervous a little bit as i feel like i am having so much at the moment lol but in saying that i am in good hands.
This morning was rather an emotional morning trying to work out what to do as i love to have plans in place one of my plans for this year was for Mick and I to possibly head to Vegas in September to watch The Olympia as he got to go last year and said he would love to share that experience with me, But now we are thinking that we may have a White Christmas instead so that i am able to do the later shows. We have not had a decent holiday together in a long time so it's something we are making sure happens this year as for both of us possibly competing in different shows it's going to be a very long year.
No matter what it takes i am getting up on stage this year i am so determined and driven to accomplish this goal again, I love training, i love eating on track, i love the people i meet in this sport, and i love how everything about it makes me feel.
Comp season 2011 Sept/Oct... With or without my mojo... THE TIME IS NOW!!!

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New beginnings!

First of all i'd like to wish everyone a Happy New Year, i hope you all started the New Year in great company and all excited about what 2011 has to offer.
I had a quite night at home with Mick, i can't think of anything worse than starting the new year hung over and feeling like crap. But in saying that i had my own head to deal with on New Years Eve it was like my mind went into a frenzy about the year ending and what i hadn't accomplished and i had a minor melt down : ( sometimes i put such high expectations on myself i think that every year has to out do the last and 2010 for me felt like a bit of a flop, in saying that i do know that 2010 was a year of learning getting to know who i am and acceptance of who i am.
On the brighter side i have a whole lot to look forward to in 2011, 2010 is done and gone WOOHOO!
2011 is going to be a fresh start with goals, attitude, success and personal growth one thing i have found is that in the past year or so i have really turned into a bit of a hermit so this year I'm going to work a lil more on my social skills and get out and about more even if that means putting up with comments about my Tupperware containers lol! I love great company and i think being stuck at home in my own headspace hasn't been doing me much good!
So far day 2 of the new year and loving in i have been able to spend this past 2 days with Mick slept in yesterday which doesn't happen to often, headed to World Gym and smashed out a Back & Arms hyper session, came home feel asleep watching a flick and headed out for a nice beach walk. Today tried to sleep in (didn't happen) headed to the beach (across the rd from home) got a lil bit of sun which my pasty white skin has been dying to see for the past few mths, went to go for swim but there were a heap of blue bottles washed ashore, Mick shouts out "We will be right" 2 second later comes flying out of the water got smashed by one on his tum tum OUCH! Headed to the shops for a new dvd player came home with surround sound home theatre LOL ( Merry belated Xmas to us) And here i am typing away while Mick sets it up!! On the cards this afternoon is a HIIT session think i'll be heading to my favorite hill to do sprints. Oh yeah and definitely a movie is on the cards hehe!
Best be off.
I hope you guys are all well rested, feeling recovered and ready to tackle the New Year. Here's to another Year full of fantastic friendships, family, and fitness....
Time to kick butt......

With or without my mojo... THE TIME IS NOW!!!