Thursday, January 20, 2011

Stopping by!

Hi all just thought i'd stop by and and report in!
Still happy with my decision to do the shows later in the year feel i will have enough time to put myself in a better position which is a good thing! I am happy with my progress so far i have basically in the last 6 months been able to build my carbs from 60g ( Was prepping for shows last year, body was NOT happy ) to now sitting at 255g carbs : ) And i still have roughly 16 weeks to get them even higher( to be honest i am starting to feel a bit like a pig in the last 6 months with xmas and all i have been pretty consistent with my weight sitting 2kg up on what i was at 60g carbs! There is still room for improvement with my food it has been a HUGE problem in the past but for the first time in a LONG time i feel like i have more control with myself and it's not as hard to say no anymore, I don't eat like I'm never going to get the chance to eat again haha!
I'm so excited about prepping I'm just wishing the year away already LOL!
Training has been great had a few lil issues with my knees but i have changed a few exercises to see if that makes a difference, think i am well and truly due for a massage! I have had Mick there lately to train legs with me ( or at the same time) I'm not good with many training partners but it's nice to occasionally have someone there to push you along!
What's on the schedule for today.... Training Shoulders and Chest hyper, one of my favourite sessions, i used to hate training shoulders but these days i like them a lil more : ) Then start work 12.30pm - 8pm with a Step class at 5.30pm. Happy Days.
I hope everyones year is off to a great start....

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  1. Nice work chicky! 255g carbs is awesome stuff! Yummo! So excited for you competing, can't wait to see you up there again and cheer you on, woot! Keep up the awesome work with traning and nutrition, i'm sure prep time will come around soon enough babe :) xoxoxo