Sunday, February 20, 2011

HIIT Training

Also know as High Intensity Interval Training

Just wanted to share me thoughts on this from my experience.
I have had these incorporated into my weekly cardio sessions for the past 2 years and it is a real love /hate relationship. Summer is always a challenge generally cause you are hot to begin with the air is thick and put that with no air conditioning equals a sweat bath hehe! Something you adapt to very quickly. But as the weather cools down your conditioning also has to adapt again and in its own way its quite a challenge. Currently my HIITs consist of:

5 mins -Warm up
20 min - Intervals
15-20 mins -Cool down

The types of equipment i use are:
Recumbent Bike.....
Cross Trainer.....

Spin Bike.....

I find this type of cardio very effective and rewarding. Time to go get ready as it's time for one now.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Time Flyes

Wow the last few weeks have flown by this year is already speeding along! I have so many things i want to get done so i better pull my finger out and make a start!
Well up until this week training has been great! Still going strong and I'm happy with the progress in this area BUT this week i have hit a massive wall i actually think it is a combo of things one being the HEAT (Hello Summer) The gym i train at on a regular basis is not air conditioned which does not bother me one bit, i tend to most days train just after lunch OMG he humidity this last week has really knocked me about and sweat i didn't even have to lift a finger hehe! But i still got the job done even though it was a struggle. I also have cut back on my pre workouts which i think may have added to the normal rev up i get for training.
Still going strong in this area happy and making sure i get all my cardio sessions in i am even finding that i am pushing myself a lil harder on my HIIT's i find they can be an awesome stress relief lol!
Well my macros came to a holt last week as i bombed out i don't even really know what happened it was just out of the blue where i was unprepared to take control so unfortunately i let my hair down too much! But what is done is done and I'm back on the horse.

I'm currently 13 weeks from starting my 20 week prep and I'm so excited to see what i have built (under all this pudge, hehe). I feel as though my composition has changed quite a bit especially in my legs and shoulders! Some days i look in the mirror and get all caught up on the bad bits i do my best to stay positive and especially when i hear about others prepping or others telling about the weight they have lost, cause somedays i want to lose weight too but i have to keep reminding myself that in time it will be my turn and that is not my priority at the moment, my priority is to hit my macros to help speed up my metabolism so that when it comes to stripping down i shouldn't be putting to much stress back on my metabolism. I'm in good hands and it's up to me to put in the hard yard.
I'm looking forward to heading to Melbourne for the Pro show next month i look forward to the motivation and inspiration that will come from being around like minded, amazing ppl, I'm also looking forward to catching up with ppl that are going to the show and expo.

Well thats basically me in a bit of a nut shell lol!
I hope that everyone is well : )