Sunday, February 20, 2011

HIIT Training

Also know as High Intensity Interval Training

Just wanted to share me thoughts on this from my experience.
I have had these incorporated into my weekly cardio sessions for the past 2 years and it is a real love /hate relationship. Summer is always a challenge generally cause you are hot to begin with the air is thick and put that with no air conditioning equals a sweat bath hehe! Something you adapt to very quickly. But as the weather cools down your conditioning also has to adapt again and in its own way its quite a challenge. Currently my HIITs consist of:

5 mins -Warm up
20 min - Intervals
15-20 mins -Cool down

The types of equipment i use are:
Recumbent Bike.....
Cross Trainer.....

Spin Bike.....

I find this type of cardio very effective and rewarding. Time to go get ready as it's time for one now.


  1. I love Hit sessions too! Its hard to get yourself going when you think of the hard work, but I love that its only a quick 20 mins! Sounds like your training going really well. Have a good week x

  2. I love em too!! Over with nice and quick. I did a session on the stepper this morning in fact...that's my fave HIIT equipment :)