Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Comp season no more!

I have made the decision not to continue my journey to the stage this year due to slow progress with dieting and training i hit a plateau and my body was fighting against everything i was doing to not budge!
My week off work made me more aware with how my body was responding to things, it was not happy, i was not happy.
Would i have made it if i continued on??? Hmm probably but would i have been happy with the conditioning i was going to be bringing my guess is NO. Since my comp last year i have really stepped up my weight training and i feel i have made some really good gains but due to my post comp body, my exercise regime with work and my body in general my metabolism is just not firing on all cylinders!
Am i a lil disappointed??? Yes and no, Yes - in the sense that i was in a much better headspace this year taking everything as it came and willing to do what ever it took, No - that it has been a big eye opening experience and i feel i have not failed due to something that right now is out of my control.
So what now????? I have my coach helping build my metabolism back up! Watching my eating because right now my body is going to be super sensitive to any action out of the norm i might take. So i'm going to my very best in slowly introducing foods back and i feel i am in really good hands with my coach, Mick and my amazing support network i have, all you guys ROCK!
I want to make competing a healthy balanced lifestyle i don't want an "off season diet" that is totally off the rails and "seasoned diet" that is at the opposite end of the scale!
Thank you for all your support everyone 2010 is not over yet i have some amazing things im looking forward to and 2011 is only in hands reach away!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Holidays : )

As of today I'm on a weeks holidays HOORAY : )
What I'll be doing:
* Sleep
*Also catching up with some friends : )

It's been a while since i took some time out for me so to not be going away on a holiday does not bother me one lil bit! Today i had my dad pop over for a cuppa, watched some flicks chilled on the lounge and now I'm super pumped for me training and cardio session this arvo i feel all geared up and ready to rock the show!
Progress has been a lil slow over the past week, head games have been pretty full on so i really need this time to refocus and keep pushing in the right direction!

9 Weeks Baby BRING IT ON!!!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hello Blog Land

I forgot how much comp prep takes up most of your time lol! Once you have prepped food, trained, cardio'd, planning for the next day, sit on facebook in a zombie state, blogging has been pushed to the side bench a lil : (.
But here i am alive and chugging along!
Over the last week things have started looking up, i stopped stressing bout prep so much and once that happened woolah changes started to take place WOOHOO! Some nice drops on the scales, mls etc. Just taking each day as if it was the last day i had to do what i had to do to get to the stage Train like it was my last session, cardio like i never have to do it again and eat all my food like tomorrow is a new day : ) I'm feeling so much more settled this time round still have in the back of my mind that there is a lot of unknown factors for eg Since last comp i have really upped my anti in my training trying different approaches and im seeing the results now as i start to drop body fat, broader back, thicker muscles here and there, I'm really excited to see what the end result will be as i know im going to look that lil different which may mean my measurements are going to be different come the end ( Hopefully some nice new muscle)
Received a new program this week and OMFG my abs feel like some one has hit me with a friggin metal pole and i trained Legs hmmm just shows that how easy it is to forget to switch on your core muscle group!
Dieting hasn't really been bothering me too much yet anyway i know its not permanent i just take each day as it comes, fill up on salads and veggies and I'm right for the day in saying that my numbers still allow me to have foods that you wouldn't really feel like you were dieting eg Pb on toast mmmmm... It fits my numbers so why deprive right????
I have recently got some extra assistance it's not that i don't trust Mick i just don't like the pressure it can put on your relationship! But his encouragement is absolutely amazing... THANKS MICK xx
Had my first awkward outing dieting....... THE MOVIES.... But hey i got thru it Woohoo fitted timing of my food so i could take my carb source with me to munch on while i nearly passed out on the intense smell of all the other food throughout the cinema haha ( over exaggerating just a lil)
Really enjoyed hearing all about The All Female Classic held last weekend Congrats to the girls that competed you ALL looked stunning oh i can't wait to get up there again : )
I have a week off work next week OMG a whole week where it's all about ME lol! Sleep, eat train repeat hmmm i think i could get far to comfortable hehe.
Anyway best be off Shoulders and Chest to train today BOOYA!!!

Some Inspiration...... Ava Cowan

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

11 Weeks out!

This week is just under 11 weeks out till first comp of the season for me Ahhhh! And to be honest I'm actually feeling pretty overwhelmed by it all, unfortunately i continue to compare my results and where I'm at with last years prep and when i do that i feel like I'm not going to make it! I want this sooooo bad and i feel currently I'm doing everything right, hitting my numbers with food, doing all set cardio, smashing myself in the weights room and this body is just not budging : (, i think this time round there is not going to be any cruising on in I'm literally going to have to put in 200% into everything and smash myself silly! But if this is what it's going to take i will do it!!!

Note to anyone getting ready for comp for the first time.....
Do not think you will get away with post comp blow out, (i had the "it won't happen to me" approach) have a plan, ease back into your yummier foods, i really hope this time round i can grab this by the reins and take control, at the end of the day those foods that make you FAT aren't going anywhere they are there getting yummier and fattier! I don't want to be one of those people who get huge in the offseason i want to find a nice balanced weight : )
Today is Leg day woohoo love leg day : ) my glutes a still a lil tender from my session on friday hehe! I also have a moderate cardio session to do and my step class tonight. Week is off to a good start woohoo i love weeks like that.
Got some new shoes over the weekend i believe they are magic lol! (that's what i keep telling myself anyway LOL)

Time to get the show on the road this bodyfat ain't going to peel off by itself hehe
Hope everyone is well can't wait for our session at World Gym how exciting : ) Hpe everyone has a fab week xx