Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Comp season no more!

I have made the decision not to continue my journey to the stage this year due to slow progress with dieting and training i hit a plateau and my body was fighting against everything i was doing to not budge!
My week off work made me more aware with how my body was responding to things, it was not happy, i was not happy.
Would i have made it if i continued on??? Hmm probably but would i have been happy with the conditioning i was going to be bringing my guess is NO. Since my comp last year i have really stepped up my weight training and i feel i have made some really good gains but due to my post comp body, my exercise regime with work and my body in general my metabolism is just not firing on all cylinders!
Am i a lil disappointed??? Yes and no, Yes - in the sense that i was in a much better headspace this year taking everything as it came and willing to do what ever it took, No - that it has been a big eye opening experience and i feel i have not failed due to something that right now is out of my control.
So what now????? I have my coach helping build my metabolism back up! Watching my eating because right now my body is going to be super sensitive to any action out of the norm i might take. So i'm going to my very best in slowly introducing foods back and i feel i am in really good hands with my coach, Mick and my amazing support network i have, all you guys ROCK!
I want to make competing a healthy balanced lifestyle i don't want an "off season diet" that is totally off the rails and "seasoned diet" that is at the opposite end of the scale!
Thank you for all your support everyone 2010 is not over yet i have some amazing things im looking forward to and 2011 is only in hands reach away!


  1. A hard decision to make Hanni, but its my opinion whenever we step on stage it has to be presenting the best package we can and we have to be 100% happy with how we look, as after all this sport is all about how we look.

    Good luck with finding the right balance to get your metabolism back to burning right.

    Shar x

  2. WOW - you know what congrats on not feeling the fear and listening to your body ! I did the same for the All Females.. my main concern was "What people might think" Silly really - there are so many comps and will always be another comp - listening to your body and being healthy is so much more important.. Thanks for stepping up and showing women that you are definitly NEVER a failure if you put plans on hold !!! Your a true inspiration so thank you xoxox

  3. It's good you're listening to your body Hannah. You're still so young, and have alot of time ahead of you as far as your training and comps. Look after your body and yourself and it will look after you. It sounds like you're in good hands, and I have no doubt you'll get back on top of things physically and come back even stronger! :)

  4. Good on you for making the decision that was right for you Hanni. I bet you felt so much better once you made the decision. There are always going to be comps and its best to do one when your heart is in it and it feels right for you. xx

  5. Hey Hannah...I think it's fantastic that you are doing what you need to do and making health your number one priority. As the others have said - the comps aren't going anywhere but your health is something that you need to keep check on as you can do your body more harm than good by ignoring it.
    Anyway we are all 100% behind you babe. Imagine how awesome the package you bring to the stage if and when you decide to get up there again in 100% health!

  6. Hey Han! I'm right here with you :)
    I have hormonal issues that got in my way, and I have decided once and (maybe? lol) for all that competing is not for me.
    I was fighting my body against what it wanted, and with high estrogen and cortisol and low testosterone I was fighting a losing battle.
    I opted for health, and strive to be fit and healthy. That's it. I sometimes think I need a bigger goal to work towards, as it doesn't seem enough, but considering where I came from last year- it's more than enough :)

    I know you'll bounce back bigger and better than ever! That extra time will work wonders for you, and you have such a s fantastic support system in place.

    I can't wait to train with you in a week! I can't believe it's that soon!

    See you soon chickadee :-) xx

  7. hey hannah well done on your descision and being true to yourself keep in touch ok?