Friday, August 6, 2010

Since my decision....

What has been happening in Hanni's world since i decided that i would no longer be competing this year?????
Well I'm taking each day as it comes... So far i have managed to maintain my current weight since i stopped prepping for the comp, instead I'm still prepping, But i guess you could say for LIFE my aim is to slowly introduce food back in Eg more carbs to rebuild my metabolism so i can rock the stage in 2011 the only way i can sort this problem is out is by sticking to "the plan" that my coach has guided me with! I have had a few bumpy days these past 2 weeks as to be expected my journey to the stage has been postponed which has left me feeling a lil empty, not to mention explaining to all why I'm not doing it isn't easy the average person would just see it as giving up which sometimes i start believing , until i step back regather and see what i want to achieve from this current situation and kick on doing what it is to the best of my ability!
Does that even make sense???
I tend to find every week i have one day that i feel more challenged then others which for some reason tends to always fall on hump day, This week i found myself questioning what is it about "being normal" that i want, do i want to live normal?, do i want to eat normal? do i want to have normal?
So you can imagine the headgames going on! So what did i do??? I went and did an intense sprint session which made me feel GREAT, The headspace i came away with was amazing in 45mins i had gone from questioning my goals with competing to wanting to be the best i can be at it, i love how i feel when i eat on track, i love how i feel after a training session, i love how i feel when i know im taking control!

What else has been happening???? Hmm well i have a cold, I am the worst sick person around seriously i carry on like everything is coming to an end bahahaha DRAMA QUEEN : )

Also have launches coming up they are keeping me busy first one off the rank was tonight Body Pump OUCH I'm not sure if i have trained a lil harder then normal this week or my cold is making me achy or a combo but tonight im feeling ROOTED!!! Next week i have Body Step launch and then the following week i have Body Jam so busy few weeks ahead! I like being busy though takes my mind off some of that negativity that sometimes sneaks in!

Anyway just wanted to pop by and say hello, hope everyone is well and striving to be the best at what ever you are wanting to achieve : )

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  1. Hey Hannah

    I haven't been around reading blogs much lately, or commenting, but just keeping up with FB. Yes...what is normal??? Don't know if there is normal. I don't know about you, but all I know is that if I look around and I'm like 95% of people, then I'm feeling pretty mediocre. Who wants to be mediocre? I like different. :)
    I think you're a little like me in that regardless of the challenges you go through, one fantastic workout can make the difference between feeling 'mediocre' and feeling 'AWESOME!' Just keep on keeping on! :)