Sunday, October 24, 2010

Yes i am alive!

Wow it's been a LONG time since i have blogged and yes i have missed it sometimes i go to start one but i feel like there is not a lot to talk about. Work been busy, training been great, food has well i would say has definitely improved, life well pretty good nothing really to complain about.

Let's start with work, its been rather busy new things going on which has been a great learning process, new systems, new team. Lots of classes, happy members, training people, love where i work i have made some pretty amazing friendships there ; ). 12 Week Challenge is over half way done and wow that has kept me super busy as well as it's almost time for class launches again.

Training, For the past 2 weeks i have been on a de load was feeling a lil tired and flat in my sessions so i was advised to pull back and keep the training up just not as heavy. Well today im back and swinging in heavy again and i can't wait Upper Power session this arvo at World and then a seminar with Marc Lobliner afterwards. Been mixing my HIIT sessions up quite a bit bikes, hills, sprints and loving it!

Food, my goal in the 12 week challenge at work was to build my macros up so that i was sitting with carbs at 200g and not have put on much weight well its week 8 and i am sitting at 165g carbs and weight only up 1 or 2 kg which im not too concerned about : )

Plans for future comps.... I'm determined to get back up there just not 100% sure when as yet hopefully soon.

I hope everyone is well in blogger land : )

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