Sunday, January 24, 2010

Jamming up a storm!

After a long painful week... Im feeling ready to tackle on the next. TTOM rocked up i should of known lol so sorry bout my vent earlier in the week, i also thank you all that took the time to comment i really appreciate all the advice and help you girls give YOU ALL ROCK!

I have spent majority of my weekend preparing for my BODY JAM launch tomorrow evening can't wait to get it over and done with but in saying that i love teaching classes i have two Step classes and a Jam class a week but am forever filling in for the crew i work with! I love teaching in so many ways, i love that I'm able to give help and excitement to a group of people there to partake in what ever i may have to deliver, I love making exercise fun, i love music and i love that sometimes people come sometimes because it's you teaching (trying not to sound to vein) the satisfaction of receiving comments when you finish a class about how good it was, makes weekends like this all worth while, i had my boss tell me the other day that during a peak step track he got goosebumps... FITNESS MAGIC!

I love group fitness, but in saying that i have been doing this for years now and it, for me is for pleasure not so much exertion, my body is so use to a Step or Jam class i use it for maintenance not for progression in my goals! HIITS are what works for me which i will be doing this afternoon when the sun drops a lil! Hill sprints with the sea breeze ahhh hows the serenity???!
Just letting you all know i haven't completely gone bonkers or anything I'm feeling a hint of MOJO in the air!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

M.I.A = Mojo is absent : (


Vent about to take place!!

So the lil burst of Mojo i had was exactly that..... a lil burst and i have wanted to blog for so long but all i have to report is that my training going rather well and eating seems to be bout 80% good through the week but come the weekend that (as Tara calls it) "Inner Fat Bitch" cuts sick on the tucker : (
I seem to make great drops through the week on the scale but come Monday I'm right back where i have started and I'm really starting to get pissed with myself ahhhhhhhhhh!!!

So what do i do next....... STOP MAKING EXCUSES AND PULL MY FINGER OUT!!!!!

Thats all it is damn excuses over and over again! It's funny how i justify things in this crazy mind of mine... What i want is to live, breathe be an ATHLETE but that lil devil on my shoulder keeps telling me.. Its okay to have this and that, Athletes do that, Why are you being so hard on yourself? Live a lil blah blah blah!

Hannah darling NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!

So why wait till Monday again to pull my finger out I'm not i have woken up this morning ( after a massive midweek gorge last night) to feeling like shit and asking myself wow do i really feel any better after that NO!! So today back on track and as for the weekend no, you deserve this attitude!!!!
If i want this to be the Year of the Sexy Bitch well bloody Santa ain't bringing her.... Only i can be the one to change......


Sorry bout the vent, just what i needed hehe will be back soon to report in!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm going to use my day yesterday is an example of what my day is like:

3:22am First alarm goes off, hit snooze realizing later that for some reason it didn't keep going off for my usual rise time 4:ooam and it is now 4:22 ahhhh running late!! Get ready to head to work to open up the gym for the day!

5:20am Arrival time

6:00am Teach a Body Pump class!

7:30am Eat Meal 1 and start my days work with admin, cleaning, meet and greet customers, set up for following classes......

10:00am Eat meal 2 while still working.

1:00pm Eat meal 3 finish shift!

1:15pm Toddle off to the local cafe to catch up with a friend on lunch break!

2:30pm Train legs

3:45pm Post work out Supps and meal 4

4:30pm Teach Body Jam

6:30pm Head home

7:00pm Head off with Mick for a sprint session

9:00pm Eat meal 5 ( missed meal due to eating later then normal at meal 1)

1030pm Off to BED!!

Wednesdays are always such a long day for me I'm lucky enough to have Thursday mornings off!
Hope everyone is going well with their training, nutrition and life in general, I myself are feeling in a really good headspace and taking each day as it comes, week and a half into mission sexy bitch and feeling good one lil hick up on the weekend but other then that right on track : ) yay only has taken me nearly 5 mths ahhhh! ( don't get to cocky now Hannah)

Have a great day all mwah : )

Saturday, January 9, 2010

My Favourite Supplement

Just thought i'd share my favourite Supplement that i use in my training sessions.

CHAIN'D OUT - Appletini

from ALR Industries.

Mmmmm Happy Training!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Already 5 days into 2010 and i already have a feeling its going to be an AWESOME year!
Monday was the start of my new weight lose program with eating clean, back to counting numbers etc as well as a new volume training program Mick has written up for me that ill follow over the next 8 weeks! OMG the Doms have kicked in and I'm so in need of a butt massage hehe think ill have to do with buying a tennis ball to help loosen of the glutes and it band!

Training planned for this week is:

Monday - Upper body ( Back, chest, shoulders, arms) Teach Body Step
Tuesday - Lower body( Legs)
Wednesday - Hiit and Teach Body Jam
Thursday - Chest and Back Teach Step
Friday - Legs
Saturday - Shoulders and Arms and afternoon walk
Sunday - Hiit

I have cut right back on cardio as i need to start back low and build back up otherwise i'll have no where to go when the scales stop moving and the food portions decrease!
Im really looking forward to getting back on track!

I know most of you guys are out there have kick started your journey to the stage again or maybe its your first time! I LOVE our lil community its nice to feel not alone, a large portion of the population do not understand our goals and dreams "we are not the norm" Thats why we ROCK!!!

Best wishes to everyones journey I'm loving reading what you all are up too : )