Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Already 5 days into 2010 and i already have a feeling its going to be an AWESOME year!
Monday was the start of my new weight lose program with eating clean, back to counting numbers etc as well as a new volume training program Mick has written up for me that ill follow over the next 8 weeks! OMG the Doms have kicked in and I'm so in need of a butt massage hehe think ill have to do with buying a tennis ball to help loosen of the glutes and it band!

Training planned for this week is:

Monday - Upper body ( Back, chest, shoulders, arms) Teach Body Step
Tuesday - Lower body( Legs)
Wednesday - Hiit and Teach Body Jam
Thursday - Chest and Back Teach Step
Friday - Legs
Saturday - Shoulders and Arms and afternoon walk
Sunday - Hiit

I have cut right back on cardio as i need to start back low and build back up otherwise i'll have no where to go when the scales stop moving and the food portions decrease!
Im really looking forward to getting back on track!

I know most of you guys are out there have kick started your journey to the stage again or maybe its your first time! I LOVE our lil community its nice to feel not alone, a large portion of the population do not understand our goals and dreams "we are not the norm" Thats why we ROCK!!!

Best wishes to everyones journey I'm loving reading what you all are up too : )


  1. Sounds like you are into it Hannah! Yeeeah! Isn't it the best feeling to be back to eating clean and exercising consistantly. and wow, if you have cut back on cardio with your recent plan... you must be a little cardio bunny when you really into it! lol I'm impressed :) Have a great day xx

  2. Its great to get back into some structure again isnt it - although I thoroughly enjoyed eating loads for a bit there, lol
    Our community here is sooooo supporting - luving it too.
    2010 is gonna be the most amazing year!

  3. Glad to see you're straight back into things Hannah! I look forward to following your journey to the stage, and hopefully seeing you up there. 2010 is here and rocking! :P

  4. hi han! happy new year :) ali has written me a program for the first time too, i think he's trying to kill me... lol!