Thursday, January 14, 2010

I'm going to use my day yesterday is an example of what my day is like:

3:22am First alarm goes off, hit snooze realizing later that for some reason it didn't keep going off for my usual rise time 4:ooam and it is now 4:22 ahhhh running late!! Get ready to head to work to open up the gym for the day!

5:20am Arrival time

6:00am Teach a Body Pump class!

7:30am Eat Meal 1 and start my days work with admin, cleaning, meet and greet customers, set up for following classes......

10:00am Eat meal 2 while still working.

1:00pm Eat meal 3 finish shift!

1:15pm Toddle off to the local cafe to catch up with a friend on lunch break!

2:30pm Train legs

3:45pm Post work out Supps and meal 4

4:30pm Teach Body Jam

6:30pm Head home

7:00pm Head off with Mick for a sprint session

9:00pm Eat meal 5 ( missed meal due to eating later then normal at meal 1)

1030pm Off to BED!!

Wednesdays are always such a long day for me I'm lucky enough to have Thursday mornings off!
Hope everyone is going well with their training, nutrition and life in general, I myself are feeling in a really good headspace and taking each day as it comes, week and a half into mission sexy bitch and feeling good one lil hick up on the weekend but other then that right on track : ) yay only has taken me nearly 5 mths ahhhh! ( don't get to cocky now Hannah)

Have a great day all mwah : )


  1. Hey Hanni,
    Geeze you sure have a busy day!!! Great to hear you are in a good headspace!! Go girl!!

  2. Wow...that is a long day. I cannot imagine getting up at 3:22....or 4:22 for that matter!!!!!!!!!! YIKES! Quite a productive day :)