Saturday, June 26, 2010

M.I.A... Who me???

I know, i know I'm a lil (a lot) slack in the blogging department ahh i do think about it all the time i just worry i bore you guys to death with the same old stuff every time!!!
This weekend marks 12 Weeks till show time OMFG BRING IT!!! I'm so excited, i have moments of doubt of presenting that "perfect" body on stage i think that's a normal thought that helps fuel the fire along, if you think you won't make you you start putting in 150% into all aspects of comp prep, diet, training, motivation etc!
So how has my dieting been going???? Sometimes it scares me when i say this but at present i don't really feel like i'm dieting i still have a variety of food my numbers are still high and well balanced so at current im kind of cruising along.... Tonight I'm having a free meal to celebrate Mick's birthday something that was "planned" from word go I'm looking forward mostly to going out with my man more then having the meal, I'm a lil nervous i know i wont go over board just a normal feeling i guess when you are stepping a lil to the left of the plan!

Today training wise is Leg day swapped with Shoulders and Arms due to the fact i was still in agony from Tuesdays session hehe going to try flogging them today with HIIT first (sprints) then off to the gym to train, and then have a moderateto do this arvo! What a busy Saturday in saying that i know i'll enjoy it cos this is what i love to do : )

I joined a gym for the first time ever last night hehe, i still work and train at mine but i'm loving the variety and motivation of the gym i have been going to on the weekends and it's worth a membership more then just being a casual! If your on the coast go to World Gym it's great its so comp prep friendly hehe!

Best be off to get ready for that first session of the day! Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend : )

a sneak peak at tonights dessert hehe : )

Monday, June 14, 2010

What's been happening?????

Just thought i'd stop by and inform you on what has and hasn't been happening!!!

Things have been pretty good, Loving my training, have had the chance last 3 work outs to head to the new World Gym at Ashmore with Mick and bang out some awesome sessions, its funny cos don't get me wrong i LOVE training at my gym but getting out and surrounding yourself with others that train for comps etc gives you that inspiration and motivation that you may lack when you are in your "comfort zone" gym! Where i train there are no other girls that train for "comp" reasons so its nice to get out and about and I'm even thinking of doing this on a weekly basis!

Nutrition has been on track few lil extras here and there but nothing that blows me out to the extreme if you know what i mean, My numbers a fairly high still and i'm still dropping which is great just got to keep on pushing! My Favorite meal seems to be dinner i hang out all day to have it... Why cos i have rice cakes with PB and Banana its like a dessert I LOVE IT hehe ( think it at this stage is still keeping me feeling "normal")

Cardio.. It happens Lol, I've started doing a few soft sand walks thru the week wow i really enjoy it seen i live across the rd from the beach i have no reason not to get out and about for these intense leisurely walks, everyone asks how my calves are feeling honestly i feel it more in the tops of my legs i think step has conditioned my calves into being tough as hehe!!! Still love my HIITs i tend to mix it up with Cross trainer intervals or outside sprints!!!

Weight... This is where the mind seems to be worrying the most had a few issues as of late comparing myself to last year etc... Yes i suffered from post comp blow out( no one else but me and my love for food to blame hehe) but i have been training the WHOLE time and i must say my sessions have really stepped up in comparison to pre comp last year! What i have been worrying about is that I'm sitting a lil higher then last year on the scales I'm really hoping that it is just that i have put on some muscle everyone keeps assuring me this would be the case but for some reason numbers F**k with my head!!!

Any how thats me in a nut shell Lol Pushing on and taking each day as it comes, I feel as though i am on track i just keep forgetting that it is a slow process! VERY SLOW PROCESS!

14 weeks : ) BOOYA

Friday, June 11, 2010

We are not alone.....

We are not alone, even the professionals go through ups and downs : )

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Todays Exercise.....

Started with:
A walk along the beach in the soft sand, quads felt like i had lil hearts pounding in them!!!

A Heavy leg session (PB on Squats AGAIN 107.5kg x 5 reps ) BOOYA!!!

Finished with:
Which was awesome had a very happy, focused, energetic group with me tonight that put in the hard yards... You guys ROCK

Hope i can walk tomorrow legs coped a hiding : )

14.5 weeks and counting