Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Busy days!

So here i am apologizing for not blogging in a while AGAIN hehe!
And part of me is not really sure if i should continue or not but every now and then i enjoy just rambling on whats going on in my life in regards to training and nutrition!
Lets start on the training front... it is going great guns I LOVE training heavy, light, high rep, low rep you name it i just love it being apart of my day! I have been continuing on the same program since July/August last year and I'm slowly but surely seeing the changes in my body currently 26 Weeks out from first comp i compared myself to pics from when i started prepping last year (that i did not go through with) and at 19 Weeks i was 3kgs heavier then what i am now and the change in my body WOW it was just what i needed to see it maybe only 3Kg but my composition has changed quite a lot YAY!!! I train 5 days a week 3 HIIT sessions and 4-6 classes a week so every day there is something going on!
Today is Upper Power and a Body Step class!
Nutrition .... Things are firing along well here July/August last year i was sitting at 60g of carbs and now i am currently on 310g and body weight is being maintained, god i am feeling like a bit of a pig but enjoying my food while it lasts cause in about 4 weeks prep begins and im pretty sure those numbers will be dropped quick! I am really happy with how i am going with my eating it is something i have struggled with for a long time, for once i don't care what others think if i say no all the time it's my life and my body!
I really can't wait to get back up on stage, as you may no i was rather disappointed last year when my body would not respond due to metabolism being fried! I choose not to continue the journey as i knew i would come out worse in the long run so the last 7 plus months i have really just been focusing on fixing that.
I went to the Pro show FitX in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago now and what a great show that was not only the pro's but the amatuer line ups were just as impressive, getting to see the quality was just incredible and a wonderful experience. A very well run show.
I am hoping to make it to Filex next month i do believe a certain fitness idol of mine will be attending, to meet her would be like a fat kid in a candy store lol ( ok maybe not the best example hehe)
Anyway best be off, here is to 4 more weeks of prepping for prep lol! BOOYA
Happy training everyone...... and as John Cena says.... "THE TIME IS NOW" : )