Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Busy days!

So here i am apologizing for not blogging in a while AGAIN hehe!
And part of me is not really sure if i should continue or not but every now and then i enjoy just rambling on whats going on in my life in regards to training and nutrition!
Lets start on the training front... it is going great guns I LOVE training heavy, light, high rep, low rep you name it i just love it being apart of my day! I have been continuing on the same program since July/August last year and I'm slowly but surely seeing the changes in my body currently 26 Weeks out from first comp i compared myself to pics from when i started prepping last year (that i did not go through with) and at 19 Weeks i was 3kgs heavier then what i am now and the change in my body WOW it was just what i needed to see it maybe only 3Kg but my composition has changed quite a lot YAY!!! I train 5 days a week 3 HIIT sessions and 4-6 classes a week so every day there is something going on!
Today is Upper Power and a Body Step class!
Nutrition .... Things are firing along well here July/August last year i was sitting at 60g of carbs and now i am currently on 310g and body weight is being maintained, god i am feeling like a bit of a pig but enjoying my food while it lasts cause in about 4 weeks prep begins and im pretty sure those numbers will be dropped quick! I am really happy with how i am going with my eating it is something i have struggled with for a long time, for once i don't care what others think if i say no all the time it's my life and my body!
I really can't wait to get back up on stage, as you may no i was rather disappointed last year when my body would not respond due to metabolism being fried! I choose not to continue the journey as i knew i would come out worse in the long run so the last 7 plus months i have really just been focusing on fixing that.
I went to the Pro show FitX in Melbourne a couple of weeks ago now and what a great show that was not only the pro's but the amatuer line ups were just as impressive, getting to see the quality was just incredible and a wonderful experience. A very well run show.
I am hoping to make it to Filex next month i do believe a certain fitness idol of mine will be attending, to meet her would be like a fat kid in a candy store lol ( ok maybe not the best example hehe)
Anyway best be off, here is to 4 more weeks of prepping for prep lol! BOOYA
Happy training everyone...... and as John Cena says.... "THE TIME IS NOW" : )


  1. Glad to hear things are going great guns for you Hannah in lead up to comp. Can't wait to see the changes. Keep training hard chicky! :)

  2. Hey Hanni, it's fantastic to hear things are coming along nicely for you. Obviously whatever you are doing is working so keep up the good work!! Can't wait to cheer ya on babe x