Friday, April 22, 2011

Heading to the starting line :)

2 days before its GO GO GO!
I'm having totally mixed feelings, all to be expected i guess one part of me is so extremely excited about starting comp prep for the end of year comp season and part of me is shitting myself, i think i am a lil nervous because i am worried that i will experience the problem i did last year even though i am feeling i have put myself in a much better position then last time round, and to be honest i have been training harder, eating better then before my first comp, so really i shouldn't be so worried. I think it's the unknown that is making me a little on edge about starting prep. But you know what??? I am going to give it my all!
I have built my carbs from 60g in July 2010 to 325g currently and have only put on 1-2kg in the whole 8mths i have been working with my coach to help my metabolism... Um i think it's working.
Not only my eating and training are going well, my support Network is incredible to i have so many amazing friends and fellow competitors out there that have been of great help over the last few years and i want to say THANK YOU all of you that believe in me and help me keep on track.
What i have been up to??? Well besides Work, Training, Prepping food hmmm not a lot hehe i did manage to get myself down to FILEX and what a wonderful day it was , caught up with some lovely chickadees and also got to meet some of my idols the AMAZING Ava Cowan, Raechelle Chase, Monica Brant and The Oxygen Girls : ) This is my second year visiting this fitness show and it was bigger and better then the previous a must if you have never been before.
Prepping for prep starts with a nice long 5 day weekend WOOHOO i must say : ) Today Mick and i headed to World Gym to train which was pretty busy, and the rest of the day we have chilled and hung out together something we haven't had much of a chance to do in a little while. I think the next few days will look a little the same. Mick is in prep for the mid year shows approaching so you won't be finding any Easter eggs in this house this year ( we all know i have a huge weakness for chocolate lol).
I hope everyone has a safe and balanced Easter enjoying time with friends and family.
I'm hopping to blog a lot more once prep starts to keep you updated with where i am at... So feel free to follow m journey : )
Han xo

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