Sunday, July 31, 2011

Single Digits... OMG 8 Weeks!

What can i say but the weeks are seriously flying by! I am now, today 8 weeks out from first show i plan to do. I'm feeling in a great headspace (currently hehe), And ready to bring this home strong.
Weekends are now mostly focused on relaxing and catching up on sleep a lil more then socializing i found over the past week that my energy levels have started to drop and sleep is extremely important for growth and recovery right! : ) i haven't been sleeping too well at night, some nights are better then others.
This weekend i did some posing practice OMG i am SO glad that you don't have to be on stage for an hour posing today i feel like someone has whacked me in the back with a metal bar lol, thanks Skye : )
Today it's all about cardio i have a LISS session and a HIIT, LISS done and now gearing up for my HIIT which i will end this week with sprints (my favourite).
This week is a short week for me work wise having Friday off woohoo! It's been ages since i took a day off just because : ) Hmmm what to do lol?!
Nothing much to report in on... Nutrition still going strong, Weight sessions are still full of intensity, Cardios are well.... Cardios (Love hate relationship there hehe) and results wise i am rather happy with where i am at : ) One thing i get asked a lot is am i on track? Hmm i don't really know lol i think i am i feel ahead of where i was at my last show i feel more muscular yet leaner then where i was at in 2009. All i know is no matter what i will do what it takes to get up on that stage I'm so excited, i have an amazing support network backing me all the way plenty of people to chat to and share my goals with. Here is to another week of Great eating, awesome workouts and a fully focused mind!


Tuesday, July 26, 2011

The good, the bad and the ugly.

Time to update you all again we are a lil under 9 weeks to go till the INBA QLD show and I'm feeling like WOW time is flying by AHHHH! Where i am at i am pretty happy but as you all know with in 24hours that can change LOL.

What i am getting at couple of weekends ago i was ready to throw in the towel out of know where and i mean KNOW WHERE i woke up and i just didn't want to do it anymore LOL! No matter how hard i tried to snap out of this "mood" it seemed the more i fought it the more i got worse! I went about my day headed to the Gym to train Back and Arms Hyper and the whole time i just wanted to leave and cry but i did what i had to and got to the car thats when i let out a tear or a million. Not only was i feeling emotional to add to this we had a lil car incident on the way home from the gym went round a corner, up and over medium strip doing a 180 into on coming traffic LUCKLY there was no one coming which is a first cos this strip of road is usually busy! Anyway cut a long boring story short this mood lasted all weekend. It wasn't until i stopped and asked my self what the hell i am doing over and over again that i realised i was the only one that was going to get me out of this mood. I had good chats with Mick ( who mind you was extremely amazing all weekend - THANK YOU) and eventually got my positive, motivated self back and have been going great guns since! First major meltdown this prep!!!

Since then the scales have been nice, food is great but could be a lil tighter in some areas, training is going well and the hard work is starting to become more visible WOOHOO!
I am so ready to dig deep and work my butt off 9 weeks is going to go by fast i want to get to the stage knowing i have put in my all! Even though now i can look back on a day here and there where i could have put in more but those days are done and i am ready to take on each day like a chance to out do the last

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Update on the travels of prep

Well as of today marks 10.5 weeks out till i get up on that stage, and i WILL be getting up there : ). I have been crazy busy so therefore blogging has been put a little to the side. But here i am with a spare hmm 15 minutes (lets see how this goes).
So what have i been up too??? Besides Sleep, Eat, Work, Train, Prep food there hasn't been enough hours in the day to do much else. Prep is going great guns at the moment and there are somedays i still feel like i am not really prepping : ) But in saying that there are those days that pop up every now and then when my energy levels drop, my hungry inner bitch surfaces and i ask myself why the hell am i doing this again hehe. Once that moment passes I'm back on like a freight train! Bout 2 weeks ago i felt really scared that i wasn't going to make it my body was not budging and it was doing my head in :( But this, i want BAD i kept sticking to the plan and just like that the lil whoosh fairy granted my wish HOORAY and we are rolling along again.
On the food front i have been on the same macros for a lil while now and i am really loving the vegetables i have started incorporating in my meals and with this cold weather we have been having mmm it is just heaven my diet pretty much consists mostly of Chicken, Eggs, Oats, Vegetables and good ol peanut butter : ) these foods are of great volume and keep me feeling fuller for longer.
My exercise plan is still going strong 5 days of weights Power/Hyper split, 3 HIIT sessions, i teach 4 classes and now i have 2 LISS sessions added in, all very manageable.

I tend to find with prepping my socializing cops a bit of a sheltering but i am doing what i can to get out and about when i can, i have been bowling with a great group of friends, caught up for a quick chat with friends here and there, which i am also aiming to try squeeze in more of this, i went to the movies twice now and survived with out any chocolate LOL, and went to to watch WWE wrestling with Mick and his mate i must say the smell of fish and chips drove me crazy but looking at it was another story... talk about a grease box hehe! Maybe adding in this bit of social events has made my prep feel less preppy, i am happy to pack my food and take with me :) it seems that sometimes its more the company that has the problem.
Well thats my life in a nut shell at the moment, each day just focusing on the tasks ahead speaking of tasks it's time i had a date with the good ol cross trainer.
Happy Training everyone :)