Sunday, July 31, 2011

Single Digits... OMG 8 Weeks!

What can i say but the weeks are seriously flying by! I am now, today 8 weeks out from first show i plan to do. I'm feeling in a great headspace (currently hehe), And ready to bring this home strong.
Weekends are now mostly focused on relaxing and catching up on sleep a lil more then socializing i found over the past week that my energy levels have started to drop and sleep is extremely important for growth and recovery right! : ) i haven't been sleeping too well at night, some nights are better then others.
This weekend i did some posing practice OMG i am SO glad that you don't have to be on stage for an hour posing today i feel like someone has whacked me in the back with a metal bar lol, thanks Skye : )
Today it's all about cardio i have a LISS session and a HIIT, LISS done and now gearing up for my HIIT which i will end this week with sprints (my favourite).
This week is a short week for me work wise having Friday off woohoo! It's been ages since i took a day off just because : ) Hmmm what to do lol?!
Nothing much to report in on... Nutrition still going strong, Weight sessions are still full of intensity, Cardios are well.... Cardios (Love hate relationship there hehe) and results wise i am rather happy with where i am at : ) One thing i get asked a lot is am i on track? Hmm i don't really know lol i think i am i feel ahead of where i was at my last show i feel more muscular yet leaner then where i was at in 2009. All i know is no matter what i will do what it takes to get up on that stage I'm so excited, i have an amazing support network backing me all the way plenty of people to chat to and share my goals with. Here is to another week of Great eating, awesome workouts and a fully focused mind!


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  1. Weekends are awesome :) Relaxation is key for me to during those 2 precious days.

    Glad to hear all is well and headspace is great ox