Thursday, January 21, 2010

M.I.A = Mojo is absent : (


Vent about to take place!!

So the lil burst of Mojo i had was exactly that..... a lil burst and i have wanted to blog for so long but all i have to report is that my training going rather well and eating seems to be bout 80% good through the week but come the weekend that (as Tara calls it) "Inner Fat Bitch" cuts sick on the tucker : (
I seem to make great drops through the week on the scale but come Monday I'm right back where i have started and I'm really starting to get pissed with myself ahhhhhhhhhh!!!

So what do i do next....... STOP MAKING EXCUSES AND PULL MY FINGER OUT!!!!!

Thats all it is damn excuses over and over again! It's funny how i justify things in this crazy mind of mine... What i want is to live, breathe be an ATHLETE but that lil devil on my shoulder keeps telling me.. Its okay to have this and that, Athletes do that, Why are you being so hard on yourself? Live a lil blah blah blah!

Hannah darling NOT GOOD ENOUGH!!

So why wait till Monday again to pull my finger out I'm not i have woken up this morning ( after a massive midweek gorge last night) to feeling like shit and asking myself wow do i really feel any better after that NO!! So today back on track and as for the weekend no, you deserve this attitude!!!!
If i want this to be the Year of the Sexy Bitch well bloody Santa ain't bringing her.... Only i can be the one to change......


Sorry bout the vent, just what i needed hehe will be back soon to report in!


  1. Hey sweet! Sometimes you need a little outside help or inspiration to get back on track - that is EXACTLY what I needed! Michelle Nazaroff has the most amazing varied tasty comp diets - food is the hardest thing - you wont feel deprived and they are awesome for building serious muscle. I put on 4 kg of muscle in the 2 months straight after I took her on - will measure myself again today maybe and see how much I have put on in these past two months too. An eating plan with all recipes, 6 meals for 2 days, you just rotate them - is an awesome price. Check it out -
    I assure you - you will not be disappointed babe!

  2. Hey Han!
    Its only natural to have some ups and downs, no-one can be perfect. However, I do agree with Jeh above maybe try something different, Michelle definitely walks the talk baby!
    And you are 100% correct only YOU can change things!

  3. Hi Hanni,

    Think we can all relate to the weekend go crazy with food moments :0 You have the right attitude to change it and we have all seen what you can achieve when you really put your mind to it! I found what helped me was to set mini weigh in goals every month and have my official weigh-in on a Monday morning. I agree with the other girls too, having someone you are accountable to helps heaps. (I signed up with Michelle who is awesome!) But I know you already have plenty of support with your boyfriend. You can do this!! I will be checking in for your updates :)

  4. Hi Hanni,
    You are a step ahead of most, as you KNOW the mojo has left the building, and left you feeling like crap. And you KNOW you have to do something about it. And you KNOW what to do. Most people just live in the denial phase and wait for 'one day' to come along.

    You will, and can, do this Hanni, you have shown yourself that before. I agree with Shaboom, set those mini-goals, and reach one at a time. They can be a powerful tool in getting the mind back in the game. You can definitely do this Hanni and we are all here to support you!

  5. Hey Hanni, first of all you and I SUCK for not getting together- ali and i r back at work next week. But I'll keep the faith that we'll sort it out and I'll see you soon- miss you!!! Hope 2010 is off to a great start for you, sounds like you've hit a rough patch but im sure your mojo is never far away (its probably hiding with mine) lol. xoxox

  6. Hey babe, can't wait to see you Saturday, we will have a good chat and a nice long walk. Chin up, we all go through it and you are NOT alone. See you soon babe, big HUGS XOXO

  7. You are definitely not alone Hannah, as Kristin says. Keep hanging in there...your mojo will return! :)

  8. Hey Hanni, yes the inner sugar biatch sucks big time!! You just have to keep on plodding. Take some progress pics, then your mojo may reappear ;o) xx