Thursday, December 31, 2009

Beautiful Blogger awards...

The Lovely Steph nominated me for these awards...
So here goes ill carry this on...

7 things you may not no about me!!

1) I have a sister Younger then me who always has supported me in the things ive dreamt of doing even if she doesnt really understand why ... Thanks SARAH

2) I have three tattoos and i want another one, i have one on my right hip chinese symbol for love, i have another on the lower part of my back being a butterfly and one on my ankle which is rosary beads.

3) I have a mental cat that i swear sometimes should have been a dog, talk about personality plus... Meet Charlie....

He likes watching movies with us and loves posing for the camara!

4)Where the dream of competing came from....My mum and dad always went to the local gym in my home town (where now i work) and there used to be pictures up of bodybuilders such as Arnie and Corey Everson but my mum owned a Pumping Iron book with women such as Corey, Rachel Mclish but my favourite was Gladys Portugues, these women inspired me therefore planted the seed of competing at the age of 11-12!

5) Im quite scared of the dark hehe pathetic i know!

6) My best friend is my boy Mick : )

7) Favourite body part ( when in shape) are my abs!!!

My 7 nominees are: ( I know some of you guys have completed this already sorry!)



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  1. Hi Hanni!

    How cool are your parents! Awesome to have great role models like that.

    Thanks for the blog comments. Leanne & I are doing the INBA in May, and possibly the ANB Asia Pacific the following weekend. Wahoooo!

    I think you weren't seeing my blog updates, as I may have given you my old blog link. Here is the new one just in case. Let me know how you go....