Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Magic Happens : )

Well it seems with out my encouragement my Mojo has made its way back into the picture woohoo (and earlier then planned)!
I think over the past few months I have tried forcing it back which has actually sent it spiraling in the other directions but i set a date 4th of January to start getting myself back into shape so come May, my 20 weeks prior to Comp wont be an absolutely slaughtering, but my body is asking of me to start now, its over the shit i keep feeding it my brain wants real food so i function better instead of feeling carb fried and needing a nana nap everyday round 11:00am!
So on to my second day of eating clean AGAIN i feel very different and REAL about it i know it takes longer then two days to get over bad habits but i really feel I'm in a much better headspace at the moment that and I'm also sick of none of my clothes fitting me hehe who's to blame for that ME ( and my passion for carbs, bastards they are!) So I'm going with the flow at the moment and trying not to fall back into bad habits, my goals for 2010 in regards to health and fitness are:
1) Healthy choices
2) Plan and prepare
3) Train like every session is your last
4) Strive to always do my best
5)Believe in myself
6) Try new approaches
7)Come into comp knowing there was nothing else i could do!
8) Have a plan coming out of comp
9) Small goals to carry me through
10) Love myself
I could keep going but these are my top ten in no particular order, BUT one other i'd like to bring attention to is EXCUSES, one of the main things i had trouble coming to terms with after my comp... I used them all over and over again justifying why it was ok to do what i was doing eg i dieted for roughly 4mths i can now have what ever i like pfff yeah if you want your old fatty body back!!!
I don't want to be one of those comp people that are only in good shape for 3mths of the year and use "off season" as an excuse, There are no more excuses, i want to live and breathe fitness no matter what time of the year!
So here goes 2010 your mine baby ready or not!!!

BOOYA its the year of "SEXY BITCHES"


  1. Great post, Hannah! Looks like your Mojo is well and truly on its way back.
    Look forward to following your journey to your next comp...you never know, I may just join you ;)
    and thanks for following by Blog.

  2. Hey Hannah!
    Thanks for the welcome on my blog...love this post, everything you decribed about how shitty you have been feeling is exactly where I am right now, I think it is because I start my prep Jan & am throwing every excuse out there to do what I want right now!!! Only difference is I need my nana nap around 2pm.....lol!
    Love your goals for 2010, can relate to each one of them!

  3. Seems like there's alot of us feeling the 'festive blues' at present Hannah...lol...

    Hell Yeah! As Frankie says (thanks Frankie, I love this term!)...2010...WE BE SEXY BITCHES! :P

    P.S. I'm hoping to see you up on stage in May and to meet you.

  4. Hey Hanni, love your blog as usual. You have given me food for thought for my journey, and for after. You guys have shown me what it might really be like after the excitement dies down. That's what we need.....the raw, real deal to be said. Thanks Hanni for being so honest all of the time.

    I'm with you for your ride next year....goodluck you 'sexy bitch' you! lol! (I think we need the supporters shirts....."I'ma Sexy Fit Bitch!" heheheheheh!!!!!!

  5. Go u sexy fit bitch! xx
    2010 is OURS!
    you'll get back on the wagon and be better than ever next year!

  6. You are so right Hannah, its about being in shape year round.Comp prep is much easier also .Its is so easy to fall back into eating a few too many treats .I've been doing the same lately also. Your transformation this year is amazing .You are a sexy fit bitch.Best of luck and fun with your Goals for 2010,