Tuesday, July 6, 2010

11 Weeks out!

This week is just under 11 weeks out till first comp of the season for me Ahhhh! And to be honest I'm actually feeling pretty overwhelmed by it all, unfortunately i continue to compare my results and where I'm at with last years prep and when i do that i feel like I'm not going to make it! I want this sooooo bad and i feel currently I'm doing everything right, hitting my numbers with food, doing all set cardio, smashing myself in the weights room and this body is just not budging : (, i think this time round there is not going to be any cruising on in I'm literally going to have to put in 200% into everything and smash myself silly! But if this is what it's going to take i will do it!!!

Note to anyone getting ready for comp for the first time.....
Do not think you will get away with post comp blow out, (i had the "it won't happen to me" approach) have a plan, ease back into your yummier foods, i really hope this time round i can grab this by the reins and take control, at the end of the day those foods that make you FAT aren't going anywhere they are there getting yummier and fattier! I don't want to be one of those people who get huge in the offseason i want to find a nice balanced weight : )
Today is Leg day woohoo love leg day : ) my glutes a still a lil tender from my session on friday hehe! I also have a moderate cardio session to do and my step class tonight. Week is off to a good start woohoo i love weeks like that.
Got some new shoes over the weekend i believe they are magic lol! (that's what i keep telling myself anyway LOL)

Time to get the show on the road this bodyfat ain't going to peel off by itself hehe
Hope everyone is well can't wait for our session at World Gym how exciting : ) Hpe everyone has a fab week xx


  1. My dear Han!
    I'm loving your fighter never give up determined attitude. Keep it goin' cos us first timers look up to and aspire to it so much. The post comp blowout is something I'm a little freaked out about myself too so thanks again for raising the awareness babe!

    See you in August!!

  2. I think your shoes are magic too babe, i love them!! hehe
    Keep at it babe. You CAN and WILL do this. You just gotta believe in yourself. Yes comp prep is tough - if it were easy, everyone would do it - BUT you have done it before and will do it again. Eye on the prize!!