Sunday, January 9, 2011

Decisions (YES NO YES NO YES NO) Ahhhhhh!!!!

Well today was the day that i would make my decision on what shows i am planning to do for the year, i had originally planned to compete at the ANB Asia Pacs in June and the INBA All Females in July but after sending off some progress pics and and a few emails to my awesome coach i have decided to wait until shows later in the year my options being the ANB Qld Titles, INBA Qld Titles, both Aussie titles and The INBA Natural Universe which has never been held in Australia to date. It was totally up to me what decision i was to make my coach suggested that he would prefer me to wait until later in the year but if i really wanted to to these earlier shows i could but i may just end up in the same sticky situation i was in when i first started out with his help.
I think ones health is EXTREMELY important and as we all know dieting for a comp takes it's toll on your mind and body. I want my metabolism to be running nice and high and i am getting there i guess the higher the better which means that i wont have to go hammer and tong from word go when it is time to prep again. I now have about 16 weeks to grow a lil more and to get my carbs right up there which makes me nervous a little bit as i feel like i am having so much at the moment lol but in saying that i am in good hands.
This morning was rather an emotional morning trying to work out what to do as i love to have plans in place one of my plans for this year was for Mick and I to possibly head to Vegas in September to watch The Olympia as he got to go last year and said he would love to share that experience with me, But now we are thinking that we may have a White Christmas instead so that i am able to do the later shows. We have not had a decent holiday together in a long time so it's something we are making sure happens this year as for both of us possibly competing in different shows it's going to be a very long year.
No matter what it takes i am getting up on stage this year i am so determined and driven to accomplish this goal again, I love training, i love eating on track, i love the people i meet in this sport, and i love how everything about it makes me feel.
Comp season 2011 Sept/Oct... With or without my mojo... THE TIME IS NOW!!!


  1. YAY!! I will get to see you up on stage this year :)
    Your coach sounds very wise, and you are spot on - health is the most important thing. There are plenty of comps but you only get one shot at life so you want to stay as healthy as possible.
    White Christmas sounds lovely - would LOVE to do that one year. It will be like your little reward for your efforts too!!
    SO - HERE'S TO SEPT/OCTOBER and your comp prep! Here to support you all the way babe.
    Vic x

  2. Go girl! Awesome decision. I'm sure you will be better for it, giving it that bit more time. I am so excited to follow your journey again this year babe. I hope you keep blogging too. Love hearing what you are up to. You will rock that stage later in the year with all the muscle I'm sure you have built xoxox

  3. What a great decision Han! there will always be comps. best to put urself first and in the process come in stronger and in better condition too :)

  4. Thanks Girls for the support it means the world to me : )Im ready to bring it like a freight train!

  5. Wise desision. Good you have such a great coach is honest and tells you whats best. I agree 100% with health being the most important!! I seriously think hanging out till later in the year is better anyway - The Big O will be awesome. Can't wait to see you back up there. x