Sunday, August 9, 2009

Right attitude gets you the right results!

This week has been a good one simple as that : ) No matter how much the universe tried challenging me i was prepared and i won.. Yay! Had some awesome weight sessions and intense cardios the ones that make you wanna cry cause it felt so good hehe! Food cravings were not even an issue this week ( but my old friend chewy has resurfaced) And come weigh day this week i had dropped 1.6kg Hooray they are on the move again!!!

So im going to tackle the new week ahead of me with this positive mood/attitude and keep winning this!

Had a nice relaxing weekend just what the body ordered...

My man got me a pressie, tickets to Movieworld as i've never been and always have wanted to go... did you know now that you cant take packed food there?? Well looks like ill be heading there when comp is over!

Im starting to get really excited this is the third time i have started or said i wanted to do a comp, but this time i've lasted more then a few weeks, other times i told myself i wasn't mentally prepared or id get sick and give up! I did some progress pics today and was really happy with the definition coming through on my legs FINALLY!

Hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend! Keep on trucking ppl it will be show time b4 we know it HOORAY : )

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  1. well done babe.
    i was soo angry when i heard that shit about not being allowed to take your own lunch to theme parks- what a croc! pay a huge ticket price then pay heaps for shit food? and what if you have heaps of kids? bah. they do have some exceptions though and i wonder how strictly they are enforcing things, ie checking bags etc- you can see ive given this a lot of thought! lol
    yep, you've made it this time and come too far to stop now- we are on the final countdown!!