Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oh no a PLATEAU!

As I'm often reminded this does happen it totally scares the shit out of me i feel like i am failing when everything comes to a holt like it has!

9.5weeks out from my first comp some days i feel on track and others i am questioning why the hell am i doing this again!

I've had this dream of standing up on stage since i was about 12yrs old my dad is my biggest influence as he used to pull out the old muscle and fitness mags with legends like Rachel Mclish and Cory Everson in them!

Tomorrow im off to get some posing practice in and measurements done for my kini, so nervous for some reason! Im sure everything will go just fine will hopefully get some pics to see how unco i look hehe!

Congrats to all the girls who competed in The All Females last weekend you all shined like stars so wish i was there!

And for everyone else out there preping for your comps i hope all is going well! xx

1 comment:

  1. Hey Hanni, keep going, you'll bust through this plateau :) getting fitted for your suit is really motivating too!!