Monday, November 9, 2009

2010 goals!

The year is coming to an end rather fast i think this year has been my biggest year in quite sometime.

Things i have achieved:

- Started Uni (deffered but plan to pick it up again in the future)
- Bought a new Car - ( Penni the Astra, poor Reggie the old pulsar died)
- Moved to the coast with my man (love the beach)
- Work in a job i love (GYM)
- On top of my teeth probs ( dodgy genetics )
- Made some awesome new friends!
- Competed (YAY- Finally)

So what are the plans for 2010....

-What id like to aim for is a deposit on a house, so lots of work and learning to budget better etc.
- Look into another educational course as i found Nursing was not for me thinking something along the lines of sports management/nutrition, maybe even complete Cert 4 in fitness, and more Les Mills modules.
- Work on competing in Sept thinking of having a go at a few different federations INBA the main one but also have a crack at ANB and maybe even NABBA/WFF depending on what i can do over the next 10 mths! Wow 10 mths Woohoo!
- Work on flexibility - A MUST!
- Happiness - finding a comfortable balance with play time and game on time!

7 weeks till xmas isn't it, times of celebration and embracing what the new year is about to bring upon us!

Enjoy the festive season and be sensible ( the choice is yours)

One class (step) down today one to go(jam), plus and upper body (power) training session and if im not to tired end the day with a Body Balance class!!!

Bring on MONDAY : )


  1. Wow, you very organised getting in early with your goals! Great goals :) Look forward to following you...

  2. What a year, but wow...what a year to come! You have some big, beautiful dreams there girl! Go for it, attack them all with that positive determination that you seem to have! Bring on Tuesday!

  3. What an awesome year you've had Hanni! Sounds like 2010 you'll be upping the ante. Lots of variety in your goals too. You look fantastic BTW! All the best for comp in 2010...looks like you've got off to a great head start to prepare you. And oh's to being a SEXY BITCH IN 2010! :P