Sunday, November 1, 2009

Caution.. caution! Unload about to happen!

Wow 6 weeks today since i stepped on stage and i'm seriously so disappointed in myself in how i've let myself go! I have never experienced the head games and mindsets i have been going through! I know this is normal but it has dug up a lot of old emotions and feelings which have spiraled me into a lot of emotional eating! What the hell is emotional eating...


Sad thing is i know this but why do i keep doing it??? Started with eating some treats and weight plateuing head set was " alright i can get away with this" so you know what i did i kept pushing it until what felt like i woke up one morning and BAAMM hello Fat Hannah!!!!

And you know what its all my fault no one forced me to eat that extra 4 biscuits no one said "Hannah quick tomorrow may never come eat everything in your path cos u may never enjoy it again" What the f**k is my excuse then??? There is no excuse... But i do know its NOW time to snap out of it! And only i can do that!!!!

I've had some great chats with Mick and his support has been amazing i could not of done comp with out him and now he is helping me with my next steps to get back on track and be HAPPY! Thats what i wanna be is HAPPY!
So starting from today i have a meal plan Mick has structured for me and a new program for training that i can't wait to start doing, Why wait for Monday hey.
Time to get my Mojo back and start being Happy!
Wish me luck on my next Journey.... Hanni and her Happiness!
Thanks for all your support and messages it's nice knowing you take the time to let me know how you guys experience and deal with similar situations!

And before i go a quick intro to my man Mick has just joined blogger land

Will try blog more often makes me feel bit more accountable think thats what else i need!
Will drop by again soon
See ya : )


  1. Hey hanni,
    I was in your exact shoes after my first comp last year, and sometimes i think the mind games post comp were far worse then the comp prep itself! But sounds like with your new food and training plan you'll be back on track in no time. Focus on eating for fuel 90% of the time and 10% for pleasure, cos ' a bodybuilder is for life, not just the season'. I'm sure you're still in rocking shape, so smile and stay positive girl.

    Chelle x
    p.s your photos look stunning!

  2. Hey Hanni, try not to be so hard on yourself babe. Post comp can be a very tough place mentally, physically but mostly emotionally. You have done it before and can do it again - and sounds to me like your mojo is on it's way back in hon. You will bounce back in no time! And in the harder times, just remember that comp prep and the aftermath takes quite some getting used to - we are all here for you!
    Vic x

  3. Hey Hanni, Love your new blog pics!! Glad you got help to put together a plan. I also agree that you can't be too hard on yourself - you will feel better with time. xx