Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Brighter side : )

Well this week i've been feeling much better after Sundays bunch of cookies, loads of tears and a reality check!!

Thing is i've been waiting for my mojo to return, but why would it??? Comp is almost 12mths away i need to bring it back! So I'm bringing it back..... Mojo = Over powering the mind hehe!!!

Went and watched my friend compete on the weekend on the Sunny coast in IFBB OMG sorry guys if you are a fan but i found it the most worst run show and the Judging hmm don't get me started there!!!
Even though i know its known to be a "non-natural" comp its still amazing seeing different structures of the female body, my friend i went to watch just did the switch from bodybuilding to her first figure, i thought she looked amazing and shone on stage, but i guess her figure was not what they were after on the day!

Im finding taking each day as it comes better, still having food prepared and planned a lil has kept me on track this week so going to try stay positive!

Sorry for the rararaing headspace lil confused at the moment!

Positive attitude positive results my moto of the week xoxo

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